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Reports of a Head Coaching Decision, 1/20/12
By on January 20, 2012 at 7:09 pm

The Finsiders react to the reports from various media outlets stating that Joe Philbin will be named as the 10th head coach in Miami Dolphins history. Make sure to listen for analysis on Philbin from former Dolphin Pro Bowlers Keith Sims and Sam Madison.


For more analysis on Joe Philbin, check out our podcast with Bob McGinn of the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

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7 Responses to “Reports of a Head Coaching Decision, 1/20/12”

  1. Robert says:

    Best possible Hire!! WOW IM EXCITED!!! Go ahead and use words like “low key” “didnt call the plays” whatever!……This guy is a winner, and has only ever excelled in every position or title he has held. When the one loss packers team of this past season had to game plan the offence without him, Things were quite different on the field come game time. Oh, but he dont call the plays, so cant blame him! lol! We just got the best possible new head coach out there! I jab at Ross and Irland just as much as anyone, but the two stooges (my friendly term for them) GOT THE JOB DONE!!!! I’m so pumped for all the fans that question this move and all the fans that did not! Things just got way better for the Miami Dolphins!! YES!!!!

  2. FinFanInSATX says:

    Wow, finally some good news for the Fins! Outside of Cowher, Philbin is the best hire for the Fins. Now Mr. Ross truly clean house…get rid of Jeff Ireland! Tony Sparano was not the problem…Jeff Ireland is! Get your GM in there to go with Coach Philbin. Perhaps the Fins can lure QB Matt Flynn and WR Donald Driver down here to provide the offensive stability at the QB position to help Coach Philbin transition his methods to South Florida. Meanwhile, use our #1 pick for other teams to trade up and grab for more picks, or grab RB Trent Richardson or the TE from Stanford if you stay at #9. This will continue to push Reggie Bush and Anthony Fasano to produce. I also hope the Fins are able to keep Coach Todd Bowles…he did a great job!

  3. dolphan313 says:

    Matt Flynn? Seriously? Remember how well Feeley for us after he looked good for the Eagles? How about Scott Mitchell with Detroit after he left Miami? It’s easy to do well in a really good offense. No thanks, on Flynn. And Donald Driver? Didn’t he just get his AARP card?

    With #1 pick I would like a QB or an OL. I’m good with Matt Moore for now, but we have to groom a successor the future.

    Yes, I’m sorry to see Sparano and the coordinators go. They were doing well, finishing 6-3, and now we have to start all over again.

  4. mrfinfan438 says:

    This year Fin-Fans lets try keep our stadium crowd noisy and loud to really shake the place and get that excitement back and be ranked as one of the toughest stadiums to play in. AGREE?? PASS-ON

  5. dm1dolphan says:

    I have to agree with dolphan313 about Flynn. How can anyone be excited about the prospect of bringing in a quarterback who did nothing in college, was drafted in the 7th round and sat on the sidelines for 4 years as a backup and has only two career starts.
    If Flynn was that good don’t you think someone would have made a play for him long before he became a free agent? It would have been cheaper. Now, with so many teams thinking he’s starter material he comes with a higher price tag. Why?

  6. dm1dolphan says:

    Philbin is an impressive hire. People in this league talk about a “high football IQ” all of the time and he’s got one of the highest. If you listen to his interview from the scouting combine last year and hear him talk about goals they set for the offense like completing 70% of passes thrown, int’s under 10 for the year, sacks given up in the 20’s you begin to understand the type of standards he will bring with him and expect from the team.
    One thing I would bet on and that is I don’t think there is any way he’s going to allow the team to go into the season lacking conditioning like they did last year. It wasn’t until about the 8th game of the season that you could see the conditioning was finally showing up on the field.
    Things like that can’t happen if your team is going to be ready to play out of the gate. Doubt very much if it ever happens as long as Philbin is the coach. I don’t think he would tolerate it.

  7. Matt says:

    dm1dolphan says “How can anyone be excited about the prospect of bringing in a quarterback who did nothing in college, was drafted in the 7th round and sat on the sidelines for 4 years as a backup and has only two career starts.”

    First off, he led LSU to a national championship in college, secondly 7th round draft picks can be good (tom brady) and lastly, Aaron Rodgers also sat for a few years with no starts before he got the reigns.

    No one made an offer on him because he hadn’t had his record setting performance yet and he was still a little bit of an unknown. Now that he has proven himself a little bit, he more attractive. By the way, last time I checked Miami doesnt exactly have a high standard in place for qbs right now.

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