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Shula, Marino Weigh In On New Logo
By on March 27, 2013 at 7:50 pm

2013Dolphins_avatar_new2.jpgWith all of the buzz surrounding the evolution of the Dolphins logo, a couple of heavyweights from the franchise’s past decided to weigh in on the future look of the team.

Hall-of-Fame quarterback Dan Marino revealed that he was in on the development of the logo and clearly likes the forward-thinking direction of the design:

Additionally, the winningest coach of all time, Don Shula, wrote about enjoying one of the more traditional aspects of the new design, its colors:

PHOTOS: Jared Odrick wears a t-shirt with the new logo as he visits kids at Baptist Children’s Hospital.

Learn more about the history of Dolphins logos and uniforms here.

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134 Responses to “Shula, Marino Weigh In On New Logo”

  1. jepurv says:

    C’mon guys. really? I love you both more than life itself but THIS logo? The man with the iron jaw? Dan the Man? . . . . .REALLY??

    What do you guys think of the fan reaction? Do you think that there may be something to it?

  2. jepurv says:

    Sorry that I am so outspoken and intense about this issue. I have laughed, screamed, hated, loved, and cried (melodramatic, I know) with this team for most of my life. I care. Maybe too much.

    • finfromday1 says:

      I also have been with this time most of my life and as long as they have been around. Through thick and thin stiil cher them on, but the logo makes me cringe. Who thought this up and why??? A couple of my friends saw it and asked my how I likd the new “whale” logo. WHALE logo?! Please change it, please.

  3. badattitude600 says:

    are you kidding? i would rather have nothing on the helmet they should have given the fans a vote

  4. BrentGorcie says:

    Horrible. Just flat out horrible. Looks like a wanna-be Marlins style logo. Very trendy “south beach” style. Nothing tough or original about it. You want a tough logo? Go back to the vintage 70’s logos and be the first professional team to bring in a flat-black helmet and jersey like many NCAA teams do. THAT would be bada$$. Seriously.

  5. miamismonster says:

    This is a joke! I’ve watched Shula and Marino since I was 6 years old and have had the nfl ticket for close to ten years and now have to look at this feminine, weak, muted, logo with zero interest, hierarchy and marketability. The fans have spoken and Marino and Shula must be Drunk!!!! Go to to see if the majority of fans like it lol this is pathetic!!!!
    Maybe this logo would be better????? Repost it across the world in order to shut down this slap in the face!

    • blue90 says:

      The logo you keep linking on here looks like something a 14 year old sketched on the back of his homework. Is it angry because someone gave it really stubby fins? Seriously, it looks like it has the marine mammal version of t-Rex arms. And why on earth is it posessed? I can see it on a div 2 college team but not a pro team.

  6. miamismonster says:

    Obviously the home web page has minimal responses because people are tired of looking at Ross’s Circus!!!! this is just another huge mistake! I feel like there are only about 25 people viewing their site and comments are all negative!!! lol wow!!!

  7. cydonia says:

    I guess we’ll have to live with it. I’ll NEVER understand why they didn’t go with 1972 retro version. That uniform was Class! All Shula could say is, ‘glad they kept the colors’, more or less. Marino and Shula are still very active with Dolphins. Of course they’re gonna support this publicly. Could you imagine if either of those two icons spoke out against it?

  8. miamismonster says:

    They should speak out against it!

  9. miamismonster says:

    We are fans of them and we are speaking out! They probably still feel that the dolphins have the class and leadership of the 70’s and 80’s…..the 90’s were still great but that was 20 30 40 years ago….This team for the past 10-15 has been a joke and has become an even bigger one with this laughable edition to the brand of Ross!

  10. miamismonster says:

    The sun is not even consistent radially….What’s that about? Shows the designer has no idea how to use the program in order to make a consistent sun ray design!

  11. Todd671 says:

    Wow…really?! Been working on that logo for some years,and thats honestly the best our designers could come up with? All the reviews on the news on how hardly anyone liked it,and they continued to move with it? Guess the fans dont have much of a say here…maybe it wil show when they try to see it on merchandise…Ill just continue to wear my old logo stuff! Totally weak design! ijs

  12. miamismonster says:

    The sun is not consistent radially! The tone is soft and the design as a whole has been called weak! Sounds about right. Ross’s brand of the dolphins now has a logo to go with their inconsistency, soft and weak management, ownership and coaching! Are they branding a football team or a side project at sea world. Maybe a retirement home for ex miami dolphin cheerleaders??? Seriously weak logo design, coming from a designer!

  13. alderash says:

    Absolutely disgusted! Had such high hopes for a new killer design. Won’t be wearing ANYTHING with this new logo.

    • miamismonster says:

      That seems to be what a ton of fans are saying. I have littered these sites with serious outcry over this annoyance. I hate it! I know I am only one fan but I have seen almost 1000 posts of negative comments on and a almost 100% negativity on here and I just do not understand why this is the choice they made! I am not wearing this girly logo. This is not a football logo!!!!

  14. miamismonster says:

    I have enjoyed one handed catches by Orande Gadsden, FG after Fg attempts made by Mare and have stood up to those who called the Teal and Orange many homosexual names, but after this I have to say I am seriously disappointed in the direction this franchise took today. I wish I would wake up to see a better design. Wow!!! Shame is our name, miami football is our game!!!

  15. sjcsoflorida says:

    Epic Fail. Dan and Don are drinking too much of the Steven Ross juice to endorse this logo change. It looks like generic clipart at best and is a sad rebuking of the fans yet again. The Fins leaked his logo several months ago and the response was overwhelmingly negative as are the comments on the Dolphins Facebook page. If Ross has a shred of respect for those he expects to fill the seas and buy team merchandise, recall this design IMMEDIATELY! In fairness to change, I saw other proposals that were not such a horrid and dramatic departure from the current and past logos . At least reconsider other designs before making this change final

  16. Todd671 says:

    What really pisses me off is that the fans make up for much of the economic production they bring in…one would think,before making something final,that they would get the publics/fans view on it…at least if it was a mix review,they could go with it…but they had this on the news a couple of times,as well as on some forums,and not one person I heard/read had anything positive to say about it!

  17. miamismonster says:

    To think I was thinking about buying a Mike Wallace jersey!!! Luckily I have my Wake jersey with a strong logo on it!

  18. miamismonster says:

    Does this logo look familiar???? Dannell Ellerbe has it as an icon on his Twitter!!!! Change it to this please!!!!!

  19. footballknowhow says:

    Here is the deal. It’s a dolphin!!!! and there is nothing dangerous about a dolphin… so live with it or become a Raider. I know that as much as you hate the logo you will be wearing it ASAP, so stop B’esing yourselves… get with the program!

  20. footballknowhow says:

    For all you ignomorons out there, 75% of ALL football merchandise is bought by women!!!

    • mrauda says:

      But women have good taste and this logo is distasteful. The new logo is more in style with an insurance company. Think Pacific Life…

    • cydonia says:

      ???What are you talking about?

      • mrauda says:

        Sorry I meant tasteless. I talking about the fact that the new logo looks more in tune with a life insurance company logo than a football team. I gave the example of Pacific Life Insurance which uses a whale in its logo (google it). Bottom line this new logo sucks and should be recalled before it hits stores.

  21. mrauda says:

    I wil always root for my Dolphins, but the new logo is an epic fail. I hereby publicly declare that I will not buy any merchandise featuring the new logo. Please either keep the original or go with the redpindesign logo. Mr.Ross please listen to the fans on this issue.

    • Driver3 says:

      I’ll also not be buying anything with this junk logo on it. Should of left well enough alone or had fan imput with some ideas. Still will root for the team, but say “no” to the logo.

  22. Scaner says:

    Dolphin is longer, more forward facing and lost it’s helmet. Not really all that different though. To be honest, it could be a turd jumping rope with a cowboy hat on, as long as they win!

  23. Fins2theLeft says:

    I have the Dolphins up there with the Steelers, Cowboys, and Raiders as teams that should never change their logo. Nonetheless, if the team wins, all will be forgotten. I hope it grows on me. Go Dolphins.

    • blue90 says:

      This is the dolphins 5th logo. The “never changing” boat sailed 30 years ago. I personally like the logo but have to admit I hated the rough draft at first. Like any change you need to give it time.

  24. dolfan29 says:

    Let me start by saying I love change and welcome it…so I am not one to keep the old for the sake of keeping something. I am just stating my opinion that this logo has no personality and does not “to me” represent an NFL franchise. With that being said…..
    The only way to get a franchise to regress after a logo change is to NOT BUY THE MERCHANDISE! Thats the only place to really have your voice heard in this mess. The franchise although spending money this year (results TBD) has a shown a very strong pattern in poor decision making over the last few years.
    If you don’t buy the merchandise, they will take that as a resounding revolt agains the logo change and then make the financial decision to change again

  25. jepurv says:

    Ok, with my initial emotional response out of the way (sorry about that), here is my more rational constructive criticism of the new logo.

    1) I love the new sunburst. It pops and has the kind of flare that I think previous versions lacked, bringing the sun to the fore even as it remains in the background.

    2) I like the return to so-called “traditional” color-shades while retaining the blue that was added in the 90s. I think that it all works very well together.

    3) My main criticisms are of the Dolphins shape and bodily trajectory.
    a) I am not fond of the up-turned tail for reasons I have mentioned in previous
    posts (represents falling, floating, leisure, calmness; things that I think run

  26. jepurv says:

    counter to a football mentality.

    After closer scrutiny and in studying the image and considering your intended message, I can see what Dee, Ross, and designer(s) may have been after. Perhaps they were thinking about presenting the idea of movement from a horizontal movement to an up-ward trajectory (about to break the surface and propel through the air, the moment right before the dolphin jumps). I get it, even if I don’t like the implementation.

    b) I don’t like the shape of the dolphin. I looks a little blunted at the torso and head. Not sure if there are any implied messages here as far as what the image is intended to impart upon its wearer. Intelligence perhaps? Strength maybe? Either way, I think the implementation is a bit off for my tastes and I would have gone through a few more iterations before making it final.

    So as you can see, I take images very seriously and consider them significant discursive (and embodied when players have them attached to their bodies during games) mechanisms that can have a profound impact on the psychology of both fans and players (as well as opposing teams).

    • jepurv says:

      I wonder if you guys reached out to scholars who work in the area of images and conveying messages through material culture? If not, that may have had some payoff in the areas that I mention above.

    • NYDolfan28 says:

      This shape indicates nothing.

      Where’s the power in the Dolphin?
      Where’s the character?

      The Dolphin floats in space. It doesn’t aspire to do anything, it just floats along…kinda like the Dolphins the last 11 years.

      The floating in space is PERFECT for a team whose record ranges from 1-15 to 9-7.

      You know why people get aquariums? They’re relaxing.
      Watching this Dolphin swim…it’s relaxing. Watching a sea mammal swim effortlessly through the water. Ahhhhh…..

      Me….I’m DONE….D-O-N-E

      • NYDolfan28 says:

        And you notice…it still retains a little..not a lot, but a little of the spirit of that Dolphins Stadium logo…the striping effect feels the same. The faceless, mindless head. In the end, Ross got something not unlike that logo.

        This is a logo for a cruise ship…swim with the Dolphins….a hotel….stationery….etc. Not a football team and CERTAINLY NOT ANYTHING IN MY WARDROBE!

        You broke it. You bought it.

  27. rdmiles3000 says:

    Love my dolphins, hate the new logo. Seriously!!

    If you were going to make a change, really make a change. This is just a differently version of what exists – a lateral move at best.

    Please bring back the previous logo!!!!

  28. MikeCip84 says:

    Hey Dan,

    How much did they pay you to say this? This logo is complete trash and you as well as STEPHEN ROSS know it. People have been saying it over and over again and i’m not sure if you are understanding the gravity of the situation here but WE ARE NOT BUYING THIS LOGO. WE ARE YOUR FANS, YOU PLEASE US, NOT YOURSELF. Scrap the logo or lose money.

    Dolphins fan forever, doesnt mean I need to throw my money at someone that doesnt make me happy. I’ll go do that the strip club.

  29. bullsEye-aka-Kent says:

    If you notice neither said it looks good. Marino said glad to see a finished product and Shula said glad it has the same colors. Neither of them can come out and just say “AWWW That looks like CRAP!”

    It is simply a way to get fans to buy new merchandise just like the ‘alternate’ 3rd color jerseys. I wish they’d just come out and say it instead of playing all the silly PR games.

  30. crackdog65 says:

    Ross just needs to go. He just wants to be Hollywood. Get someone that wants to have a winning football team and is serious about it. This new logo SUCKS just like him!

  31. NYDolfan28 says:

    Huh…my original comment is no longer on the board. It was clean and professional. Wonder why it’s not here?????

    To summarize:

    40 years a Dolphins fan and that’s it. I’m done. It’s not getting to 41.
    I am BEYOND disappointed at yet another tone deaf move by the organization.

    This logo is among the lamest in NFL history. It’s not exciting enough for the non-traditional fans who like bling. And it’s too far from the original to make traditionalists happy. I am cringing at the thought of what Nike has concocted on the uniform front. The comments from Mike Dee make me believe that it’ll be some abomination between Seattle and Denver…sharp stripes on the pants or the helmets or up the torso under the arm pits, piping…some tilted numbers…maybe little Dolphins fins on the collar….I can’t imagine what this will all look like and quite frankly, I don’t care. Like I said: I’M DONE. The slap in the face from logo doesn’t require a second slap.

    Why guys? I want to know why you couldn’t tweak the original shape? Remove the helmet, I don’t care. Make it look like it’s been chromed out, I don’t care. BUT KEEP THE SHAPE THE SAME!

    The formula for selling merchandise and being relevant nationally and locally is simple: WIN. Cultivate superstars like Marino.

    STOP OVER-THINKING things like brand and bling and clubs and orange carpets.

    The stadium is empty because of this “brand”, this proud franchise has been mis-managed since the late 90’s.

    HAS ANYTHING THIS REGIME HAS CONCOCTED WORKED SO FAR? I think we see the answer in the sea of orange seats every Sunday.

    Anyone see New York Islanders fish sticks uniform here? Can you see the parallels between the teams?

    Shula = Arbour
    Griese, Csonka, Kiick, etc. = Potvin, Bossy, Trottier, etc.
    Three Super Bowls in a row, two wins = Four Stanley Cups
    This logo = 90’s Gorton’s Fish Sticks logo
    Aqua-orange = Aqua, orange, silver and blue.
    Both teams have been non-factors for a long time.

    The Isles fish sticks uniform lasted two seasons, I think.
    Anyone want to make a prediction if there’s another parallel here?

    BTW, I’m not sure, but I think Ross might’ve been a minority owner on the Isles at one point during the particular era.

    • RacerX says:

      I said the same thing after the Fisher and Manning blunders last off-season, and I said them very publicly on message boards. One Joe Philben and Ryan Tannehill later, I am satisfied again. Give the logo a chance. Certainly THAT is not going to be what divorces you from this team after 40 years???

  32. Castor Troy says:

    at least I can buy the old stuff at a discount now…you started off well with a great free agency signings…and then this downer! how about a fan vote of some kind? we are the fans that love our team. you know the ones that will buy your product. A great way to make less money is not having your fans involed. The Seahawks did it years ago with a vote on wheather to keep the classic Silver helmet with updated logo or the new blue helmet. It was complely decided by the fans. Come on Ross!!

  33. Castor Troy says:

    Also….just to add it looks like Aqua Fresh toothpaste…or a Ocean Cruise liner…I could be ok with the logo if you just put him back in the iconic arching motion.

  34. porpise says:

    really guys are you kidding??? this is not a logo it is a joke. I have been a fan since 72 and I promise I will not wear that logo or buy any jackets shirts etc. with that horrible logo. Dan and Don I love you both but this logo is terrible. I love the dolphins even though they lose alot any more, but this logo will just add insult to injury. PLEASE PLEASE do not go with this terrible logo. I”d like to know when you polled the fans I never saw or was asked how I felt. There are plenty of fans here where I live and the feeling is the same noone likes it. Please I’m sick of hearing the dolphins called fish and this logo just seems to reinforce that statement. Listen to the fans PLEASE!!!

  35. jepurv says:

    New Dolphins Fight Song!!! (goes with the logo)

    Play it after TDs!!

  36. rpdm13 says:

    Go back to the 1972 dolphin logo with some color enhancement this logo looks like a advertisement to sea world. i’m with the majority won’t buy new, thankfully I have apparel pre 2013

  37. dolfan29 says:

    Let me start by saying I love change and welcome it…so I am not one to keep the old for the sake of keeping something. I am just stating my opinion that this logo has no personality and does not “to me” represent an NFL franchise. With that being said…..
    The only way to get a franchise to regress after a logo change is to NOT BUY THE MERCHANDISE! Thats the only place to really have your voice heard in this mess. The franchise although spending money this year (results TBD) has a shown a very strong pattern in poor decision making over the last few years.
    If you don’t buy the merchandise, they will take that as a resounding revolt agains the logo change and then make the financial decision to change again.

  38. AJ says:

    40 year die hard fan and I am not Happy with this logo it STINKS ! NYC fan club broke this logo many months ago and people hated it ..So Mike Dee said they took poles on it so fans could put in there opinion WHAT POLES Mike ??? that is bull… True diehard fan’s hate, it my wife doesn’t even like it ! All the designers in the World and this is the Best you can Do HORRIBLE

  39. MarshButcher says:

    STUPID,STUPID,STUPID!!!. The Dolphins can have the best looking uniforms in the NFL,now they’ll look like something out of a saturday morning cartoon! Even the last logo wasn’t that great. It’s time they go back to the original logo….that was a classic. And ditch the white facemasks while you are at it! This is so disgusting!!!!

  40. AJ says:

    And the 50 % of the fans that said they liked it on ESPN are the opposing fans making fun of it

  41. AquaLeds says:

    that logo is ugly…Im a fan from 1967.. Thank God I have alot of the old Jersey’s

  42. thalle says:

    The Dolphins new logo is the worst sports logo I have ever seen. And I have seen and designed several in my career, both college and pro. Where is the attitude? Who is your audience? The 28 year old soccer mom and her two tween daughters? This one needs to go back to the drawing board.

  43. amares says:

    NOT ever going to BUY IT ever,,,, I am being laughed at. @work>

  44. All Porpoise Fan says:

    LAME!!!!!!!!!!!! I have yet to meet a single sports fan that likes that logo! That is the gayest sports logo I have ever seen. (Next to the Marlins Logo) I am surprised the dolphin is not jumping over a rainbow. Football logos should be tough and aggressive, not docile and weak!

    • RacerX says:

      Sports PLAYERS should be tough and agressive. The logo represents the team, city, etc. I don’t know of a player in the NFL, except maybe Mark Sanchez, who would run from an opponent because of what is on his helmet. The Saints, Steelers, Giants, Packers, Colts– all recent Super Bowl winners– have non-agressive” logos. The Dolphins’ OLD logo was non-agressive. (A smiling cartoon dolphin?) This new logo of the Dolphins shows a Dolphin. Swimming. Which is what Dolphins do. They’re not aqua and blue, and there is no sun under water where they swim. All of the elements of this logo represent the team, city, etc. The Bills, Jets, Browns, Steelers, Texans, Chiefs, Cowboys, Giants, Bears, Packers, Saints, and 49ers ALL have logos that represent something other than the mascot (it is not the actual mascot) and not a one of them are menacing in any way. And I’d argue that only 7 or 8 of the others are agressive in any way.

      I laugh at the people who make fun of the Dolphin mascot in general. Dolphins have been observed to rape, murder, and even kill baby Dolphins in the wild. How are you going to represent that on a helmet? This new logo is sleek, stylish, and will look good on a uniform, which is what it is supposed to do. I like it, but I am much more excited about the return to the original colors. To me that’s the worse thing that’s happened to the uniforms over the years.

      • blue90 says:

        Finally someone on here talking sense!

        RacerX, you are my new hero

      • NYDolfan28 says:

        RacerX: Huh, an interesting response. You sound like someone planted here to softly erxplain the party line. The PR campaign behind this has been so amateur that something ike that would not surprise me.

        Oh, we went back to the original colors? Really? THAT’S what you’re buying?

        They could’ve tinkered with the logo and MAINTAINED THE SHAPE of the logo. This logo is so weak it’s not even worthy of a minor league baseball or hockey team.

        The Dolphins floats. Dolphins are powerful creatures when they burst out of the water, TOWARD the sun, ASCENDING TO HEIGHTS so they pass in front of the sun. Not this…oh, might be going up, I might be going down…nah, I’m just swimming around….maybe a TUNA will show up…oh yeah, one came and went (and thanks for messing the team up, BTW Tuna).

        You asked me in an earlier post if the logo would be a breaking point on 40 years of fandom. Tha answer is yes because this is just another poorly executed and thoughout move by ownership.

        You really think Nike leaked this?
        You really think Odrick HAPPENED to be at a CHILDREN’S hopstial with the new t-shirt at the same time by accident?
        Seriously. Such transparently bad PR. And then the somewhat forced confessions from Marino and Shula. Their statements read like Soviet confessions.

        And the excuse of “we went back to the old colors” it’s a herring (there’s a marine reference for you). The uniforms are going to be such an abomination that that’s all that will be left of our heritage. I have a sinking feeling that the white facemasks will lead us to a non-white helmet. OMG, if they end up with aqua helmets.

        This is a descent from being an elite, respected organization to being a buffoonish laughingstock all intedned to “reset” the last 11 years of incompetence while creating a false boost in sales. I mean, seriosuly, you’re going to wear that logo on a t-shirt as a family crest that identifies you as a memboer of our tribe?

        I mean, they should’ve renamed the team the Miami Flamingos and dressed them in hot pink.

        In the end, this will all blow up…the free agents, the logo…everything. And then we’ll see what happens amid the wreckage. We’ll see what the leadership does then.

        • RacerX says:

          Nope, just a 30 year fan who supports this team. This isn’t the end of the world, and I just hate to see people react SO negatively, anonymously. You are right about the PR campaign, but what do you do in the age of computers? They should have just done it without ever saying anything. But I guess word would have leaked anyway. From the very DAY they announced there would be a new logo, people began creating their own. That only loaned itself to dissapointment on the one finally created after seeing hundreds on the Internet. And now the very vocal anti-logo people are reacting. I personally did not like the red-eyed helmetless minnow that many people rave about, but to each his own. As I stated, I do not think this logo will cause this team to lose any more games they would have lost with last year’s logo. I have confidence in Philben and the moves being made. I am a glass-half-full kind of guy.

          I guess the thing that really irks me is to see all of this anger and venom being spewed and we have yet to see any actual helmet, uniform, ANYthing! Everyone hates something they haven’t seen. They’ve only seen part of the full package.- on a hastily made t-shirt.

          I’m sure you still won’t see it my way, but I bet we can agree on one thing. Ryan Tannehill’s wife will still look hot wearing the new logo!

          • NYDolfan28 says:

            I agree with you: Logos do not win or lose football games.

            HOWEVER, what this logo represents is the poor judgement and tone deafness of the leadership of this organization. And that poor judgement will manifest itself all the way down to the on the field product.

            — Fans love the old fight song, but the owner hates it? Screw the fans!
            — 1 pm games give us an advantage in the heat? But the owner doesn’t want to schvitz! He’d hold ’em at 4 pm if he could (thank God the NFL prevails here).
            — Fans want retro uniforms? Screw ’em! They don’t know what they’re talking about! It’s time for a “re-brand”!!!!!! And we’ll throw them the old “throwback” bone to sell even MORE MERCH!

            This isn’t about the fans! It’s their way or the highway! In other words they think: Those suckers will love us no matter what we serve them.

            The combination of the logo backlash combined with the stadium upgrade initiative and the current free agent signings are three massive gambles on the part of management…and they’ve chosen to do it all in one fell swoop.

            Winning will make people forget about the logo. It might not drive merch sales of this logo, but it will get people back in the stadium.

            They have to play their cards right in terms of what they say to get public funds to upgrade the stadium.

            And they had better signed the right people. Frankly, I find massive FA acquisitions a big risk because you can’t be right on all your signings, just like you can’t be right on all your draft picks. Problem is that FA signings that go wrong can have cap consequences.

            So…three big issues that will make or break this team for the next 10 years.

            Given the leadership’s track record, would YOU be willing to bet that they’re suddenly going to go 3-for-3?

  45. cyberflea says:

    Absolutely pathetic! It looks like a floundering fish begging for mercy after it got punched in the face. It’s amazing that Dolphins management didn’t see the poll in the Miami Herald showing 80% of the fan base hating this god awful logo. I will never buy team merchandise as long as the Dolphins wear this sorry thing. I’ll wear my old stuff. What a joke!

  46. rallytime says:

    Enough talk, time for action. Could a rally or picket of Dolphin HQ be arranged similar to the “Fire Jeff Ireland” protest except MUCH larger scale? Ross wants tax dollars. We want old logo (or ’72 logo would be better). Be creative and link these two and leverage our agenda.

  47. blue90 says:

    The reason a lot of you hate the new logo is because of the emotional ties and sentimental attachment to the old logo. When I saw the rough draft version of this leaked months ago I didn’t like it at first either but it grew on me. And truth is its a better logo.

    I live in Scotland and as a result, know a lot of people who aren’t Nfl fans. I asked them which they liked better, the old or the new. They were more or less seeing both with fresh eyes and all of them said the new one was better.

    Give the new logo a chance and it’ll grow on you. After all, I remember this exact same backlash when the logo was changed in 1997.

    • AJ says:

      Scotland lol .. no wonder, you wear that logo in New York you will get stabbed and then shot.

      • AJ says:

        I would not wear that logo to a rock fight it’s GAY

      • blue90 says:

        By idiotic jets fans? I guess that’s possible.

        But are you really telling me that if this were an expansion team you wouldn’t pick this new logo over a cartoon dolphin in a helmet? Get real. The old logo was all the things you guys say about this one but you can’t see it because youre blinded by sentimentality.

  48. PhinPhan says:

    Has someone started a website yet strictly devoted to the overwhelmingly negative opinion we fans have of this new logo? If not someone should… How can Dee claim fans have helped develop and/or approved of this logo? Has he not read ANY of the rants from Dolphins fans all over the internet? This logo is terrible, plain and simple… Is there any chance this is a cruel April-fools joke?

    I’d love to get Mike on the phone and have him try and convince me that he’s not delusional.

    As a matter of fact I challenge him to talk to me face to face and explain his point of view to me.

    I’m a rational adult, I’ve been a die hard Dolphins fan for over 40 years, I pride myself at being able to see the big picture.

    Mike, I triple dog dare you to step up to this challenge! If you can convince me that I’m wrong and your right, I’ll make it my personal crusade to defend the changes you’ve made and do whatever I can to convince the rest of my fellow Phins fans that these changes were just what this franchise needed!

    • NYDolfan28 says:

      You have to understand something simple here…as a fan you DO have control.
      You vote with your feet.
      In other words…you don’t show up at games and you don’t purchase goods.
      That’s how you ultimately get what you want in any sport.

      And this is pa oint in my earlier notes: All of this ham-handedness is an attempt to make up for the 11 years of failure. The decline started on Huizenga’s watch. Ross has taken the reigns and has just made too many unforced errors in trying to raise the profile of this team. All they had to do was increase scouting, increase spending in a few areas and create a specific culture and game plan (which Philbin seems to have finally brought in).

      The leadership of this team is pressing. They are desperate to fill the stadium, which was amazingly empty most games last year. They are trying to put a contender on the field while getting public money for stadium upgrades (the decline of the stadium is in step with the organization overall).

      AND…they are fighting for relevance vs. the Heat. The Dolphins used to be undisputed KINGS in Miami and they aren’t any longer. If you’re an NFL owner who spent a billion bucks to purchase a sports team, you want to tbe most loved in your town. A little tiny NBA team that’s probably a couple of hundred million short in value is held with higher passion and regard????

      Yeah, Ouch….a billion bucks.

  49. blue90 says:

    Want to see a truly bad logo? Let me introduce you to the ipswich cardinals of the British league.,or.&bvm=bv.44442042,d.ZWU&biw=768&bih=928&um=1&ie=UTF-8&tbm=isch&source=og&sa=N&tab=wi&ei=XD1XUfzxHszMPbSSgbAO#biv=i%7C2%3Bd%7CuVj2TbSCXHam4M%3A

    For some reason the felt the best image to reflect the town of Ipswich and the cardinal name was a constipated bishop in knee high boots squatting over a football. I think they were going for an old school patriots look.

    Of course the logo has no bearing on how good a team they are.

  50. dolfanmja64 says:

    The design looks too”corporate” and does not represent football at all – my daughter created her own version and it looks way better and meaner than this one – I was hoping for a kick ass logo but we got a sissy one.

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