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Shula, Marino Weigh In On New Logo
By on March 27, 2013 at 7:50 pm

2013Dolphins_avatar_new2.jpgWith all of the buzz surrounding the evolution of the Dolphins logo, a couple of heavyweights from the franchise’s past decided to weigh in on the future look of the team.

Hall-of-Fame quarterback Dan Marino revealed that he was in on the development of the logo and clearly likes the forward-thinking direction of the design:

Additionally, the winningest coach of all time, Don Shula, wrote about enjoying one of the more traditional aspects of the new design, its colors:

PHOTOS: Jared Odrick wears a t-shirt with the new logo as he visits kids at Baptist Children’s Hospital.

Learn more about the history of Dolphins logos and uniforms here.

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134 Responses to “Shula, Marino Weigh In On New Logo”

  1. joeandrene says:

    As much as I like Dan Marino and Don Shula I think they got this all wrong. This new LOGO looks like brokeback dolphins to me. I saw many more LOGOs that were more deserving for the new LOGO.

  2. wjmilde13 says:

    Hey front office. LET THE FANS HAVE A VOICE. Let us make the choice. We will make a statement, you can count on that. I will not buy any merchandise with that cheap dolphin on it. This is not a football team logo, it looks more like a cheap motel dolphin logo. Dolphin Motel, “rooms available”.
    Seriously, guys you will look back in two years and realize that the fans have made their point when your selling over stock in all the Walmarts.

  3. Harmsway says:

    They can’t really say they hate it, can they? Whelp, I can! #terribad logos

  4. jepurv says:

    Did they remove all of the previous posts?

    Anyway, here is something I posted on a fansite concerning the logo.

  5. dhenr04 says:

    I like the new logo and feel all the haters is not a true fan at all. We have a new owner, team, and coach. Why not a new logo. I sugest all you haters fine a new team that you do like the logo.

    • finfromday1 says:

      A logo does not make a team, however I do not like the looks of the new logo and I can not believe you can call those of us who do not like it “true fans”. I have cheered this team on for as long as they have been in existence, through winning and losing. I have endured uncounted years of hearing how I should find “a real team”. I live in PA and the Steeler and Raven fans have had many a “good joke” at my expense. FAN I AM FAN I WILL BE. logo or not I just won’t buy anything with the new logo. By the way the latest from my buddies is “how do I like the new whale logo?” Give you a hint of what ourfellow NFL fans think of the logo?

    • FinsFan54 says:

      I disagree, just b/c we may no like the logo, doesn’t take away from how much of a fan we are. I’ve been a fan for 28 years now, that won’t change! I think the new logo is horrible though. Won’t be buying any new hats, shirts or jerseys. I won’t wear something I don’t like

  6. rallytime says:

    With all of the negative posts, does anyone think change will actually occur? The Finsiders poll (I think) indicates approval of new logo while the South Fla. Sun Sentinel shows a 68% disapproval rate. Please comment if you have an opinion.

    • Driver3 says:

      I’m one of the 68% disapproving. Will change occur? Uncertian. I thought I read somewhere recently that the 49ers tried to change a logo a few decades back and it didn’t sit well with the fans and they went back. But I don’t know if its true. As for us Dolphin fans the powers that be would have to be aware of what seems to be a high dissention about this logo. Many sites I’ve visited think it is horrific from a Dolphins fan perspective, and a “haha, your new logo is lame” from fans of other teams. If they are in touch with their fan base they should realize there is a problem here. If I was selling a product that was not well received I would be concerned. But we’re not dealing with normal people here. The other question is it already to late? Has to new merchandise already been made? And is it too expensive to go back? Who is going to pay for unuseable items? When Ochocinco changed his name a few years back the NFL didn’t allow it because jerseys with Johnson on the back were already made. Remember the NFL is about making money. And that is where a message could be sent and heard. If all these new jerseys and memorablila sit around the fans shops, don’t sell, then that should be a big red flag that the natives aren’t happy. And probably our only hope. I will not myself buy anything with this new logo. I’m not against change, just something so drastic, unappealing, and un-Miami Dolphin. The helmet gone, OK. But I think our current logo could of been just tweaked a little with a great result. I will still be a Dolfan and cheer them to victory and on, but I’ll just be wearing my “old” stuff. I’ve been a fan for 40 years and not going to change now. We have a great outlook (player wise) but this logo issue surely dampened the excitement a bit for me. I’d like a logo with more of a traditional look and style. So we’ll see what happens.

      • PhinPhan says:

        Funny, I read your statement after I went on a rant about the same things. I couldn’t agree with you more. For what it’s worth I’ll still go to every game I can afford to go to. Living so far away and having a family to support makes that much more difficult than it used to be, but if I can swing it I will (wearing my vintage apparel of course.

  7. sbunney says:

    The only way to get the message through to them is by not buying anthing with the new logo on it. Hit them in the wallet and it will change.

  8. jmpyatt says:

    I’ve been a loyal Dolphins fan since the perfect season and always will be. No logo issue will ever change that. It would have been respectable to us fans, however, if they had included us in this process. I became a fan as a young child because I happen to like and respect dolphins (the mammal) and the team that existed then was pretty darn good – 72/73. The dolphin is a very intelligent creature and a helper of us humans. They enjoy routine bouts of play and sport. If you don’t like the mammal you probably don’t like the team. Although the new logo does look a bit inferior as compared to other NFL team logos, it does capture the sleek and elegant essence of the dolphin. I will learn to like it. If you’re a real Dol-Fan it will grow on you too.

    • PhinPhan says:

      I respectfully disagree with your statement “if you’re a real Dol-Fan it will grow on you too”. I’ve been a die hard fan since I was brought in to this world in 1971. My mom has told me stories about how as a baby I would sit in front of the TV when the Dolphins were on, fixated on the screen she believed because of the colors of their uniforms. My earliest memories are of being obsessed with this team. I have lived in Wisconsin since 1991, and ALWAYS worn my teams colors with pride. I have been to every game they’ve played against the packers here in Wisconsin, and several in Chicago and Minneapolis. For the past 10 years I’ve made it a point to get to Miami once a year for a home game, I’ve shelled out the extra money for field passes. Since Don and Dan left I’ve endured constant harassment from Packer fans about how terrible our team is (mostly good natured ribbing), and I’ve never even considered jumping ship. As a matter of fact I take great pride in the fact that no matter how bad we may be getting beat I watch intently in full support of my team until the last second ticks away.

      I do not care for the new logo at all, it’s hideous and I do not see any possible way it will grow on me. I will still support my team no matter what, except for buying any products that support the new logo. My wife has never understood how I absolutely have to new jerseys,hats,shorts,sweatshirts, etc. every season. She’ll be at a loss for words when I tell her I’ve got enough clothing to last the rest of my life (lol).

      for what it’s worth I agreed with the rest of your statement…

      • Driver3 says:

        I totally understand where your comming from PhinPhan. I”ve been a Dolphins fan my whole life and the only team I’ve been a fan of. I’ve lived in Ohio for 30 years and I’m stuck with Browns Bengals, and Lion fans. Unfortunately I don’t have the resources to go to Miami and see a game but I always wanted to. I did get to see Marino in “95 in Cincinnatti and had a great time. They’ve played in Detroit and Cleveland but those aren’t the kind of places you go if your not a fan of the home team. So, I look forward to being able to see my team on TV when they are on. I am considering getting the NFL Ticket so I can see all the games this year. I will always be a fan just not a fan of the logo. I’ve too have enough “old” stuff to last for a while and can only hope they come to their senses and change their mind on this aweful logo.

  9. rallytime says:

    If the idea of a different logo had not been proposed, were you guys satisfied with what we had? Or if the ’72 logo had been suggested, how would you have reacted?

  10. rallytime says:

    UPDATE: Go to FACEBOOK! “Save the Miami Dolphins Logo”. Check it out! Put action to your words!

  11. rustyspider says:

    Love ya Dan and Don but i think you are wrong about the new logo. It is horrible.

  12. jbjacobs says:

    This logo is disgusting. New owner=ruining the team and ruining our tradition. Listen to the FANS WE HATE THIS CHANGE! When Obama demanded change, he didn’t demand this garbage!


  13. shula12 says:

    shula and dan,just one thing,the logo sucks.can’t change perfection.been a fan for 44 years.dan wasn,t even in school,have fun watching and pulling for the team,buy all that logo junk you want.

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