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Sherman: Tannehill Will Be The Most Improved QB From Year 1 to Year 2
By on May 1, 2013 at 11:21 am

Sherm-TannehillThings move a million miles an hour for a rookie, because, well, he’s not exactly sure what to expect. It’s all new — the city (in most cases), contract negotiations, the priorities.

Experience is as important to an NFL player as it is to a guy working a nine-to-five job. Did you feel the same way on your first day on the job, at school, etc. as you did on the hundredth?

So, when a player starts logging some serious game reps, you might begin seeing some earned confidence, both on and off the field.

As he enters his second season, Ryan Tannehill may be in line for one of those year-to-year jumps. Mike Sherman seems to think so, at least. The Dolphins offensive coordinator — and Tannehill’s college head coach — sat down with The Finsiders to discuss how the offseason additions could affect Tannehill and the Dolphins offense as a whole.

“This young man will be the most improved quarterback in the National Football League from year one to year two this year – I promise you that,” Sherman said. “He’s working extremely hard.”

Experience — Tannehill started just 19 games at the college level — made Tannehill more of an unknown than his fellow draft classmates, perhaps. Andrew Luck, drafted No. 1 by the Colts, made 38 career college starts; Robert Griffin III started 40 games at Baylor; Russell Wilson, at North Carolina State and Wisconsin, started an amazing 50 games.

Though it wasn’t necessarily the initial plan this time last year, starting Tannehill the entire 2012 season gives him a leg up going into this year, Sherman said. Compare the wide-eyed rookie to the guy that’s walking around the Dolphins’ facility these days, and it’s night and day. Learning the speed of the game won’t be an issue this offseason — he can just go out and play.

“I thought he had a good rookie year for what we asked him to do,” Sherman said. “Now, with us building up some more weaponry around him, I think he’ll be even better this upcoming year. So we’re excited to get on the field and start practicing, OTA’ s and mini-camp, and see where we’re at.”

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17 Responses to “Sherman: Tannehill Will Be The Most Improved QB From Year 1 to Year 2”

  1. The Man says:

    …which is why I argued against everybody last year to start him in his rookie year. Everybody said “he’s too raw, only has 19 games under his belt, let him stand there on the sidelines and learn”. Morons. Why? So he can come back the following year and still have only 19 games under his belt but at that point have gone an entire year without playing under live fire? Idiots. Just admit you’re wrong.

  2. midwestfinfan says:

    @The Man, I wrote last year that Tannehill should start all along, and I’m glad he did. I just hope he has enough time to do well this year. Report is the Dolphins are looking for a LT this week, inviting players from the NFL trash heap to come in and workout for the staff. To be honest, when they traded up to the #3 pick, I really thought they were going after OT Johnson, and was shocked when they took Jordan, who has durability issues, only had 5 sacks his senior season in a pass happy conference, and in all likelihood will be only a 3rd down pass rushing specialist. It seems strange to use such a high pick for only a part-time player. Also, word is the second round pick Taylor, has high blood pressure and damaged kidneys, which were functioning at only 42% at the combine. Doesn’t sound like he’s too far from dialysis to me, which would be the end of his career. The rest of the draft seemed good to me, but I’m still scratching my head over the first two picks.

    • BrazilFinFan says:

      first of all what durability issues? did you just make that up or have you been listening to Jon Gruden to much? and secondly the reason he had so few sacks is because he played all over the place, covering TEs and even Wide Receivers….his versatility is what made him such an attractive pick…and look at his frame, you dont think they can polish him up, beef him up…i daresay he might pick up sveral techniques practicing and playing alongside the best passrusher in the game, also the fact that Wake will be still be getting most of the atttention……. dont be so jaded the kid hasnt even played a down is the time to be positive, optimistic…..

      Taylor’s kideny issue concerns me though, but i really doubt they would have taken him if it was that bad…stop nitpicking brah….FINS UP!

      • midwestfinfan says:

        Yes, he did cover receivers in college, to the tune of 2 passes defensed and no INTs. That’s not good coverage skills, and I don’t think he was drafted to play in coverage. However, you are right, they will beef him up, work on his technique, and hopefully get him to be a great defender against the run, something he didn’t face much in college. So perhaps in 3 – 4 years, he will be a special player. As for durability issues, those come from various scouting reports. However, they may not be an issue with more weight and strength conditioning.

    • Oavery says:

      Just so you know, 42% kidney functioning is far, far from dialysis. He will not feel a thing from being at a 42% level.

      The docs have to just put him on effective control of his hypertension and he will be fine for his whole career with the Dolphins. Longer term hypertension is a lifelong disease you just have to manage – very manageable but because it causes no symptoms until it does irrevocable damage, it is something you have to be diligent about.

  3. Bahamafan says:

    Hey why don’t you guys pull for another team !!!! there are 31 more in the league!!! I’ve never seen so many negative comments from so called fans about the team that they pull for from any other Teams site in the league. let the guys play and sit back and watch, Jordan’s going to have all of you wearing his jersey the first game of the season, He’s everything you want in a DE/LB.

  4. professorlou says:

    I was one of the biggest detractors of this kid coming out of college because I thought his accuracy was terrible but even I thought he didn’t do too bad in his rookie season. When you think about the fact that he had 13 int’s in 6 games and he threw none in 9 of his games it wasn’t all that bad of a rookie season. Considering that 6 of those came in two games put’s things in their proper perspective. Philbin coached Rodgers at GB and set goals for him to reach. I think Tannehill’s comp% easily surpasses 60% this year and he lowers his int’s to around 10 as well as doubles his td output to 25 at a minimum. He threw for 3,300 yds last year and that’s with missing most of the Jets game so he could easily have a 4,000 yd season this year especially when you consider the weapons he has to work with.
    With Dion Sims on the line blocking the running game should benefit but the passing game will benefit as well. I believe MillerTime will get at least 1,200 yds rushing this year and that will help the passing game. This team is about to turn the corner. Part of the reason is the talent and part of it is that the head coach knows what to do to get his guys ready to play.

  5. midwestfinfan says:

    @Bahamafan, I’ve been a Dolphin fan from the very first day they played. That doesn’t mean I have to agree with everything management does. I understand their thinking in the draft, they went for speed, speed, and more speed, which was a great way to approach the draft. All I’m saying from a logical point of view, if you let Jake Long go because of durability/health issues, why do you use your first two picks of the draft getting guys with durability/health issues? Right now, Tannehill will only be as good as his protection. I hope we don’t trade for Albert, he’s not worth $9.8 million a year. Of all the FAs we’re looking at, Winston is the only one I would even remotely consider. But I would prefer the give the kid out of Tennessee that they drafted a shot at being our starting LT. He’s fast, has good technique, and after all isn’t that why they drafted him? As for Jordan, I hope you are right that he becomes a great DE, but he’s got a long ways to go based on his college career. I know they took a gamble with their first two picks. If they work out, Ireland will look like a genius. If they don’t, he’ll look like he doesn’t what he’s doing in the draft. I think he did a great job last year in the draft, but I still have concerns about our first two picks this year. That doesn’t mean I’m not rooting for them. I truly hope Taylor can overcome his blood pressure and kidney problems, because those two health problems can cut your life very short. I wish the best for him. And all Dolphin fans should be praying for him and pulling for him to overcome his health problems.

    • Oavery says:

      I have also been a Dolphins fan from Day One. My take on:
      1. Tannehill – has all the physical tools and the mental tools. He will improve and will emerge as the solution to our post-Marino drought of good QB play.
      2. The FA – brilliantly done. Ireland proved his worth. Brought in tons of talented and exited expensive players not worth the money they demanded.
      3. The Draft – You spend your picks on the players you think bring the most value. Ireland did. I like the picks. We got much faster, better athletes. In general Ireland selected great athletes whose main limitations were ones of training and experience not ability (much like Tannehill) – that makes for a great future.
      4. The OL – Obviously Ireland and Philbin (who know much more about what they have and the potential alternatives that you or I) are not exercised about it. Ireland knows he wants to bring in another alternative but he also knew that he did not want to blow a #3 pick filling a position that did not require a #3 pick. It is easily the case that they are confident that Martin could handle the left and Jerry or Yeatman or any of the many available choices could handle the right. REMEMBER – in this draft a lot of teams drafted high pick offensive lineman – that means they will be releasing a lot of veteran starters.

      1. For the last dozen years our challenge has been one of having enough talent to compete and good enough coaching to compete. The talent problem is basically solved. On offense and defense we have players good enough to play against anybody. There are individual positions that could use tweaking but basically our talent if fine AND young AND because it is young it will naturally improve as the rookies and 1 and 2 year players get experience.
      2. The new challenge is see if Ireland was as good at picking coaching talent in Philbin, Sherman and Coyle as he was in picking players. They face a formidable challenge. They have a group of very young and versatile players. The good thing is that they can on offense and defense present many fronts and situational faces and present a bewildering array of challenges to their opponents. The challenge is that this requires a complex playbook and coaching up a bunch of young players with variations in intelligence to be able to learn the plays and work as a team.
      3. It is a new day in Miami. The Jets are damaged, they can suck eggs. Buffalo cannot compete. The Patriots are very good but after we start seeing routine Brady sandwiches with Jordan on one side, Wake on the other side and Brady as the meat in the middle, the Patriots will start to see the handwriting on the wall for the end of their dominance.

      It is our time.

      • midwestfinfan says:

        I basically agree with you. Ireland did do a great job in FA. He also did a great job in last year’s draft. Overall, he obviously consulted with Philbin and realized the Dolphins had to get faster in all aspects of the game. So he went out and drafted speed and position, which was very smart.
        As for the division, I disagree. Jets have been broken since Namath retired. Coaches are clueless and they usually are clueless when it comes to the draft. However, they seemed to do well in this draft. Buffalo is trying to turn things around, and they did well in the draft. But, the Pats made some questionable draft picks, and they are getting older, Brady in particular. I think their days at the top are numbered. I really expect a dogfight between Miami and New England for the top spot this year. I’m hoping the Dolphins come out on top.

  6. Dolphanphan says:

    Kiss of death: Mike Sherman thinks Tannehill will improve. Isn’t Sherman the guy who got fired from Green Bay after going 4-12? And got fired from Texas A&M because he couldn’t win a bowl game? Isn’t Sherman the genius who gave the Arizona Cardinals a free win by calling a pass play with 2:40 left when we had the ball in Cards’ territory, the lead, and the momentum in our running game? Is he the same Mike Sherman who hired his own son-in-law to be our QB coach? The same guy who’s never won a championship at any level? Given all those negatives, it becomes quite clear that Sherman’s only qualification for the job is that he’s old college friends with Joe Philbin. So forgive us when no one cares what Mike Sherman has to say about Tannehill. Sherman has never proven that his opinion matters.

    • catzan says:

      Good…the plan the Fins seem to be following rides on Sherman and Tannehill continuing to grow professionally. This season has tons of upside and considering that what EVERYONE was clamoring for, a talented WR, has been obtained…Tannehill should absolutely improve. My question lies with the running game…still unsure of Miller being the guy. Now, if hte passing game does get dynamic…that may make running easier…

    • midwestfinfan says:

      You’re right, Sherman never won a title as a head coach. But he’s not the head coach in Miami. However, he has produced some the most potent offensives and is the architect of the modern West Coast Offense, used by the majority of NFL teams. Also he was instrumental in the development of Brett Favre as QB and Matt Schaub early in his career with Houston. Sherman was hired to produce a potent offense. He knows offense and he knows QBs. As long as he stays focused on what he knows, he will do well. BTW, since you don’t like the Dolphins coaching staff, why don’t you go root for another team.

  7. professorlou says:

    Taylor’s kidney issues are something that are very easily taken care of with therapeutic doses of Vitamin C. The issues were caused by medication which can be reversed with vitamin therapy. Vitamin C is something that cleanses the kidneys and will help to reverse the damage done.

  8. The Man says:

    Alright, enough about all that. What about that we changed our color to seafoam and tried to claim it’s really old school aqua? It’s not. We’ve never been seafoam. And the swoosh thing logo? Lordy. What we need is a concerted grass roots effort to get our logo and uniforms back to old school hetero.

  9. midwestfinfan says:

    I’d like to the Dolphins sign Eric Winston to a one year contract while they develop draft pick Dallas Thomas at the LT position. Need to protect Tannehill’s backside, or will face a long season on the offensive side of the ball. Right now, LT is the only position I have concerns about.

  10. midwestfinfan says:

    I need some help. I am able to post comments here on the finsiders articles, but now with the updated website, I am unable to post any comments on the Dolphin website articles. Everytime I click the post comment through my yahoo account and sign in nothing happens. Can anyone tell me how to post comments on the Dolphin website articles?

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