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Odrick T-Shirt Making News
By on March 27, 2013 at 3:51 pm

odrick-shirtWell, the wait is over. Or at least mostly over.

After weeks of rumors, the newest evolution of the Dolphins’ logo has been confirmed by the team.

Earlier this afternoon, defensive lineman Jared Odrick appeared at a community event, visiting with patients at Baptist Children’s Hospital and he was sporting a t-shirt with the brand-new logo.

While we now have official confirmation of what the logo looks like, we’re still waiting to see (or hear about) the new helmet and uniforms that the team is expected to unveil next month.

Odrick posted an additional photo on his Twitter feed:

Go to for your chance to win a t-shirt with the new logo on it.

View photos of Odrick with the new T-shirt as he visited kids at Baptist Children’s Hospital.

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62 Responses to “Odrick T-Shirt Making News”

  1. johnradio says:

    PLEASE tell me this is a horrible joke!!

  2. johnradio says:

    This is the most embarrassed I have been to be a Dolphins fan in over 36 years. IT DOESN’T EVEN LOOK LIKE A DOLPHIN! PLEASE if someone from the team office is reading this, please go look what people are say about this on And I hope you are as embarrassed as I am.

  3. amares says:

    No!No!No!No!No!No! don’t do it,, I will Not Buy That EVER..

  4. WallEG8r says:

    I have been a Fish Fan since 1970 when we lost to the Colts prior to our great years. This logo change reminds me of when the the NHL New York Islanders changed to Captain High-Liner or Billy Fish Sticks. I am definitely not a fan of this new logo. Hopefully this is a “just for paper” logo. This proves that the ownership is only thinks about how they look or who they are seen with, no concerns about history. Please send this logo to the fish market and not on the fotball field. It’s awful!

    • miamismonster says:

      It is very feminine and not representable to a football market. Who will they sell this too? Maybe buddies in Ross’s yacht club? I have been a die hard fins fan since 1990 and have not been so upset. Ever since Ross bought this franchise he has made poor decision after poor decision. This makes me hate my franchise as I will never wear this! Why would this be acceptable? has a ton of negative comments over this same subject. I am a designer and understand what sells and this will not sell to football fans. I’ve heard nothing but joke after joke about the color’s this team has and now we have a pathetically weak logo to go with the feminine colors. Wow!

      • Tannyfan10 says:

        This is a joke dude. The fact that you would hate on Stephen Ross is ridiculous! The man is funding a new renovation to the stadium so we can house the 50th Super Bowl. He brought in Philbin, he encouraged drafting Tannehill, he is helping to repair Ireland’s career and you’re bashing him. In a few years this team could be a perennial playoff contender so the last thing people will think about is the new logo. Come on guys this is stupid.

  5. dolfansam1 says:

    Mr Ross this is the UGLIEST logo I have seen. My five year old nephew could have done better. It looks like looks like an airplane not a dolphin. Maybe you can paint it green and sell it to the Jesters for a new logo. If it is a dolphin, it is doing a belly flop. It is not anything that stokes pride or fierceness. Thank you for making us the laughing stock of the NFL.

    • miamismonster says:

      It’s bad enough we get ripped for having orange and teal colors and now we have a feminine logo!!!! Who was the designer?????? Ross’s niece????

  6. RedBird says:

    As a huge Arizona Cardinals fan, I was pretty nervous when they changed their logo about five years ago. Now it’s a meaner looking tweety bird…

    But this dolphin looks pretty passive and tame … please don’t do this!

  7. rallytime says:

    Horrible!! The logo is the face of a team. The most identifiable characteristic much like a human’s face. After 40 years of support, I no longer recognize what was my team. Thanks Mr. Ross for taking a simple pleasure from me.

  8. dferrell721 says:

    If it’s not broke,don’t fix it !!!!!! The old logo is alot better than the new ones !!!!!!

  9. dferrell721 says:

    UGLY UGLY UGLY !!!!!!!!!!! OK I’M DONE !

  10. miamismonster says:

    They won’t even look back at their feedback and shove this crap stick into our mouths and leave us with a disgusting taste that this team has now become the biggest joke yet again. Teal and orange is laughable to most, now this supper feminine logo??? I wish I were a browns fan. I would seriously take the old logo back or another like this one
    and never winning another superbowl than look at this crappy logo!!! I hope we go 2-14 next season and Ross sells the team to someone with design sense!!!

  11. miamismonster says:

    I can’t even type I’m so mad!!!!

  12. miamismonster says:

    Take that shirt off Odrick you are a joke!!!! Burn it!

  13. miamismonster says:

    Bring Sporano back lol! I’d rather a losing season than this!!!

  14. miamismonster says:

    I am a designer who knows about target market and design strategies. What are you trying to sell??? This looks like a “Dolphin Show, next right at light” symbol….Why would you think that football fans would want to wear a feminine streamline dolphin on a jersey or hat? We are not all 75 year old yacht owners watching Mickelson putting on the 18th for our spare pleasures. This is a weak design and should be re-evaluated. You need to move in a new direction, of course, but why would a “belly flopping” dolphin be that direction???? That is where this franchise has been for the past decade or longer……belly flopped!

  15. miamismonster says:

    I hope the people of Miami do not show up for this! I know they will to see Wallace and the young LB’s but cmon….. I live in Pa and might hide my love for the Dolphins by wearing a Rapelisburger jersey! What a shame!!!! Maybe I’ll go to NY to boooooo the dolphins draft pick just because this logo is horrible!!!

  16. spdwy808 says:

    I am completely embarrassed to be Dolphins fan today. I’ve taken a lot of crap my whole life for being a Dolphins fan born and raised in Indianapolis, especially with the losing seasons and bad personnel decisions. I took it with a grain of salt because of my love for the team. I’ve even defended some of Stephen Ross’s decisions and moves that seems questionable at best. But now I’m truly ashamed. Joe Robbie is rolling over in his grave. This team logo is definitely feminine. It almost looks like a whale, and the “bend” upwards of the dolphin just looks unnatural and silly. I’m also unhappy that Ross is changing the colors back to a lighter aqua color. The darker teal we’ve had the past several years was a sharp color. If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. Ashamed!!!!

    • miamismonster says:

      Same here from Pennsylvania…. I always hear about how feminine (Gay) teal and orange colors are for a football team….Now we have a logo to match the femininity. They did a horrible job on this design and yes being a designer myself I can say that. The nose is not proportionate, the colors are very muted and lack saturation. there is no symbolic meaning other than feminine meets streamline belly flop. I know how to target a market and this targets a market in the 55+ range with a demographic of millionaire status. They usually like less saturated color and less strong elements in design. They made the sun fierce but forgot about the franchise name! or character.

      • Tannyfan10 says:

        Yo miamismonster, are you a designer or something? Man you keep telling us how awesome you are with designs but instead of posting CONSTRUCTIVE criticism you’ve just told us how much you hate the logo. Why don’t you try and tell us what you would have done with the new logo Mr. Designer?

  17. miamismonster says:

    I hope my one voice is enough to make them reconsider!!!!! I will take my time to redesign this logo!!! lol Cmon…..sometimes we all have to admit our mistakes and this should be changed soon!!!

  18. rallytime says:

    BOYCOTT, BOYCOTT, BOYCOTT!!! No apparel, tickets, tax initiative for stadium improvements.
    Strike Mr. Ross at what he craves. Ban together Dolphin Fans!!!!! Seriously!! Take a stand!

  19. miamismonster says:

    Should I still be angry that my 5 year old son wants to be a Steelers fan lol Wow I should jump on his band wagon!!!!!

  20. CanFinFan says:

    I have been a Dolphin fan for 25 years…I will NEVER, NEVER, NEVER, buy any item with this logo. I really hope this is some cruel joke – If not, this is truly embarrassing…

    • miamismonster says:

      I have been a fan for a little over 20 years and have seen a Dynamic franchise both on the field and behind the ownership and this is by far the biggest bust we have seen. I would take Culpepper over Brees, the second and third year of the Wildcat and probably another 13 qb busts over this new logo change!

  21. tfins1 says:

    looks way to happy, might have been able to pull it off if the team was winning. im not happy

    • miamismonster says:

      I agree, Winning would have helped this but we have been weak,,,,as weak as this design for too long. It is symbolic for too many wrong reasons. It’s weak and feminine, the fins are weak and have feminine colors. It is not bold, dynamic, masculine, aggressive, sleek, stylish or appealing in any sense.

  22. TXThrowdown says:

    I read Marino gave the new logo a big thumbs up. Dan a quick piece of advice “stick to designing your Isotoner Gloves because the new logo is crap”. Better go buy up all the old merchandise because I’m not wearing anything with this on it. I hope we start winning more than 8 games a year then all may be forgive…maybe this logo is really bad!!!

  23. zues2012 says:

    The new helmets and white face mask look good. No more orange stripe down the middle is a big plus. Check out the helmet.

  24. alderash says:

    This is not a logo for an NFL team. It should be on the bathroom door at Sea World or the baggage claim at Dolphins Airways.

  25. rallytime says:

    Poll also on South Florida Sun Sentinel. VOTE NO TO LOGO!

  26. amares says:

    Keep it coming real dolphins fans let them know we will band this logo!!!!!!’

  27. saluki93 says:

    First reaction is a resounding dislike. This is what struggling franchises do. They internally speak of it as a rebirth and try and garner support for the changes being made to personnel and claiming it to be moving forward. Typically its just desperation. I get it we’re stuck with this very non distinct logo that as one person said belongs at sea world.
    I could only hope that it could even be tweaked from its current rendition.
    What about simply turning the tail fin downward instead of upward….it mildly respects the older version, and just maybe the dolphin would not look as WEAK! Turn it down and just maybe turn up a little more support

    • rallytime says:

      Or just use the logo on Csonka’s helmet as a template. Why change? Other franchises changed and came back to original (Jets, Giants). Or never changed (Dallas, Bears, Browns, etc.).

  28. mrauda says:

    Is this the Dolphins “New Coke” moment?

  29. dolfan29 says:

    Let me start by saying I love change and welcome it…so I am not one to keep the old for the sake of keeping something. I am just stating my opinion that this logo has no personality and does not “to me” represent an NFL franchise. With that being said…..
    The only way to get a franchise to regress after a logo change is to NOT BUY THE MERCHANDISE! Thats the only place to really have your voice heard in this mess. The franchise although spending money this year (results TBD) has a shown a very strong pattern in poor decision making over the last few years.
    If you don’t buy the merchandise, they will take that as a resounding revolt agains the logo change and then make the financial decision to change again.

    • rallytime says:

      That is right. Do NOT buy merchandise. Also, could someone start web site similar to the “Fire Wannstedt” that was used a few years ago and allow us to organize our thoughts and frustration then submit that to Mr. Ross. Just thinking out loud. I’m really frustrated!

  30. Phin2BeOrnot2Be says:

    Dear Mr.Ross please take time out of your busy schedule to take a peek at this design and truly tell yourself if you like the new logo over this one and when you speak again during a press conference acknowledge that you have done so to convince me and my loyal fins fan that you have considered other designs and maybe you will say face. Keep up the good work see you in the SUPER BOWL this year not afraid to say so GO PHINS!!!

  31. rallytime says:

    Enough talk, time for action. Could a rally or picket of Dolphin HQ be arranged similar to the “Fire Jeff Ireland” protest except MUCH larger scale? Ross wants tax dollars. We want old logo (or ’72 logo would be better). Be creative and link these two and leverage our agenda.

  32. rallytime says:

    New York fans, show your displeasure at the Draft. Their “roll out” of the design would be a perfect time to shove it back in their face.

  33. rallytime says:

    UPDATE: Go to FACEBOOK! “Save the Miami Dolphins Logo”. Check it out! Put action to your words!

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