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New Logo And Uniforms To Be Unveiled April 18th
By on March 18, 2013 at 11:25 am

Stephen Ross, Mike Dee,After a great deal of speculation regarding whether or not the Dolphins were changing their logo and uniforms for 2013 and beyond, it was confirmed by owner Steve Ross earlier this offseason that they would.

Since that time, the question has become when fans would get their first look at the new designs and now it appears we have an answer.

Team CEO Mike Dee tweeted today that the evolution will be unveiled one month from today, on Thursday, April 18th:

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14 Responses to “New Logo And Uniforms To Be Unveiled April 18th”

  1. says:

    I really hope that the new logos are not the ones that were floating around a few months ago. Those were UGLY and seemed to go BACK in time, instead of moving us forward!

  2. Kat444 says:

    Please, whatever you do, remove the helmet from the Dolphin!!! Everyone knows that the Miami Dolphins are a NFL team. The helmet is obsolete and silly.

  3. gregmiller says:

    the old ones aren’t bad but they need a change,as much as I lke the helmet on the dolphin
    its time to go

  4. iGero says:

    At this point we need some type of refresh. I am on the fence as to exactly what that is. But I really hope we get a navy(or dark blue) Jersey. either third or Home. Just my 2 cents.

  5. jbjacobs says:

    Leave the damn uniforms alone!!! Go plan and prepare to win us super bowls and leave our uniforms alone. The 1999 uniforms are the best so just stick to it, you’ve already pissed off many dolfans on how u run the team and now u want to change the uniforms?! leave them be. Go win. Get us some rings. Another marino would be nice and a shula.

  6. wtfdolpfan says:

    Honest to God. I have been a Dolphin fan for over 30 years and I have never seen such a calamity. I mean – leave the damn logo alone. Mr. Ross, who is telling you the logo needs to be changed. Where is the research? Have you contacted Jet fans? Are you a SECRET Jet fan? Please, please, please grow a set. Stop this madness. Everything so far has seemed legitimate. Please don’t mess this up. I have been so loyal to this franchise, but I have to tell you, the actions from the past few years makes me wonder. Please stop this. If you want MDSE sales, WIN. It’s that simple. I love the current logo and uniform. I mean, please. What I saw floating around on the internet is just plain and complete Emasculation of the heart of the team. PLEASE STOP THIS while there’s still hope. And by the way, no one cares if a “Celebrity” owns a piece of the Dolphins. We (as fans) will support the team if you make smart moves and WIN. It’s that simple.

  7. R says:

    please don’t screw this up!!! I don’t see the need to change our logo as it represents one of the most successful franchises and is known throughout the world. I’ve had people ask me for my dolphins cap while traveling in foreign countries. Our franchise does not need rebranding. period! It just need to WIN!!!! And season tickets sales, ratings and clothing sales will skyrocket. just ask the HEAT. I really hope these guys don’t screw this up…..but if recent history is any indication……this could get ugly….literally!

  8. TrevorC20 says:

    Please don’t make it anything thats been around the internet. Everything looks like a whale or a shark and there horrible. I get re doing it with time as they have done but no need to ruin something that is good already.

  9. In a perfect world, they would come up with a handful of different logos and let the fans decide….Logo and Unis were perfect. Changing Logos and Unis will not bring us a Championship! You may want to stock up on Phins gear now, in case this turns out bad!

  10. xrayd3 says:

    When you put lipstick on a pig, you still have the pig underneath it all. Change the logo? Why are we spending a single second on changing the logo – can we please use that time and energy to recruiting better players? Our draft history STINKS. That means we either pick terrible players, or we never coach up our players. COACHES NEED TO COACH BETTER! The GM needs to pick better players. We don’t need to change the picture of the fish on our helmets… And don’t argue with me over the fish comment, it’s a figure of speech.

  11. Rodney® says:

    Is this it?


  12. ggalli says:

    PLEASE tell us the leaked logo is NOT the new Dolphins logo. It seems to be almost unanimously disliked. A dolphin swimming against the sun makes no sense. The sunburst looks like it was done by a third grader. And the dolphin looks cross-eyed. The more I read, the more it seems legit. And the more sick to my stomach I get.

    I won’t spend a penny of my hard earned money on the lame look. Go back to the throwback. Or LEAVE IT ALONE.

    • There’s an article on SB Nation saying the most recent Logo Leak has been confirmed as the new Logo and that it will be unveiled April 25th. I’m not sure how much I believe that article as team CEO Mike Dee stated above that the Unveiling will be April 18th. Either way, all this anticipation is getting to me!

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