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New Dolphins Helmet To Feature White Facemask
By on April 18, 2013 at 11:30 am

ryansmallWith the unveiling of the latest evolution of the Dolphins’ logo and uniforms now just one week away, the team has confirmed one of the reported elements for the new look: white facemasks on the helmets.

Quarterback Ryan Tannehill recently participated in a photo shoot with the new gear and the team tweeted an image of Tannehill in his helmet, with the white facemask:


This will mark the first time in Dolphins history that the facemask will be white. For the first several years of the franchise’s existence, they were gray, while for most of recent history, they have been aqua.

The full unveiling of the new look will take place next Thursday night at 7pm, at a free event at Sun Life Stadium.

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34 Responses to “New Dolphins Helmet To Feature White Facemask”

  1. jbjacobs says:

    Disgusting logo. Disgraceful. Will not buy season tickets, nfl ticket, or any merchandise until this garbage is removed.

  2. Dolphins1996 says:

    If you hate the new logo, go to Facebook and “LIKE” the page “Dolphins Fans Against New Logo”

  3. alifka123 says:

    New logo sucks.

  4. Pete says:

    Well I like it. The old logo shows a gimmick dolphin with a helmet on (whats that about) jumping through what can only be described as a ‘circus hoop’. This has been replaced with a slim lined, powerful looking dolphin thrusting through a new hoop which is more like an explosion. Shows strength, determination and drive…. Something I hope they can replicate on the field!!

    Liking the new direction for this team. I remember what happened when the pats changed their

    • davila1313 says:

      It’s not a hoop or a explosion dumb ass it’s the sun.

      • Pete says:

        ‘Which is more like an explosion’ knob head

        • phins72 says:

          Hey! Pete the queer, fag bag what else do you want the phins to draft Manti Teo so you can say he looks “cute” in the new phins uniform. I bet you’ll buy his fathead poster as well and post it next to your bunk bed. Your wack dude this logo is garbage, its soft like you. Shows strength, determination and drive, what silly garbage is that man? A logo change doesn’t make a team better. Go away you gimmick pansy

          • davila1313 says:

            I think Pete might be lennay kekua. With a descriptions like Pete’s you must be a huge homo. That’s why we don’t jump out out seats with his rubbish. Glad 72 dolphins straighten this queer.

          • Driver3 says:

            If this “new” logo starts attracting all the homos I’m out of here.

          • davila1313 says:

            Pete’s the type of fan that makes us look sorry imagine his conversation with a raven fan lol.

            Ravens fan: my team won the Super Bowl it’s going to me tough to repeat but cant wait for the season to start.

            Pete: my teams logo is very flamboyant that could only be described as a beautiful rainbow or a twilight. We’re winning the Super Bowl because of our new logo.

            Pete’s makes us dolphin fans look sissy. Pete I’m sure you heard there’s alot of your kind in San Fran go root for them.

    • yingyang8653 says:

      I agree. At first I was disgusted by the logo, but it has grown on me and definitely seems more modern. No more dolphin with a cartoon face that could be a character in a children’s show. Simple and sleek. I hope they will replicate the sleekness and transform into a better team as well!

    • richy0630 says:

      wow dude that was a pretty gay way of saying that…but I like the logo better then the old cartoon fliper

    • kiick_csonka_morris says:

      The change of uniforms had nothing to do with making the Pats the team they are today, numb nuts. They started hiring great coaches who brought in the right players.

  5. Jack1453 says:

    I feel like I’m the only dolphins fan who likes the new logo.

  6. retro_flabber says:

    The new look is nice!!! I really do like it, it does look sharp, all who says other wise is a hater…..

    – ”Squib” Willie Johnson-Deascern

  7. retro_flabber says:

    p.s. Kyrie Irving rules!!!!!

  8. twizm50 says:

    its only a logo stop bitching.

  9. The Man says:

    The new logo is an offensive insult to our tradition. I’m not averse to modernizing it, but this is flaming gay. There is a much cooler version if you Google Dolphins Logo images and look for the thumbnail that has three pictures in it, one on a helmet, one on a sleeve, and one showing the new uniform on a guy wearing Reggie’s number 22. It’s very cool. It lost the helmet and was much more modern and aggressive looking. And it was absolutely in keeping with our tradition. This fiasco is the result of hiring people to run our organization who have no ties or history with our team. Go home, you carpet bagging pansies, and take that gay swoosh thing with you.

  10. richy0630 says:

    why so much hating on the logo its been acouple weeks and you still have nothing better to talk about with so much going on with the team. I liked the old one I like the new one and put a tutu on the dolphin ill still like it over every other logo because im a fan of the team not the logo. anyone who says changing the logo is an insult to tradition is probably some old people who still are stuck in the past watching dan marino replays anyway lol

  11. DFAB says:

    It appears that the majority of people I talk to think the new logo is ridiculous. I personally hate it. This thing looks so generic. It’s definitely in the top 3 worst NFL logos. This might be a good logo for a child to wear but not an adult. It’s more like a cartoon character and I don’t want to wear anything with this logo. What a huge marketing blunder. Who is the moron that approved this. The ownership doesn’t understand that winning fills the seats and not new logos or disco’s in the stadium. Wayne sold this team to the wrong owner.

    The white face mask is just like the Canes and it appears that the Fins are trying to be just like a college team. It’s very evident especially when I see the generic MIAMI painted in the endzone…..What ever happened to the nice script Dolphins???? It was 1000% better.

    Every change being made continues to lessen my interest.

  12. Rev2013 says:

    It the logo for Dolphin Airlines? Fly Dolphin, and leave your pride behind! I guess I will be wearing my old gear until it falls apart, then make my own iron transfers for tees and sweats.

  13. gbabione says:

    I didn’t find the image of the guy wearing Reggie’s number, but thought this one was cool;
    There are a lot of images of variances of the new logo. Are they all correct? There is 1 that is closer to the old logo that isn’t so bad, but the sleeker looking ones are gay. There are some where the only change is the helmet was removed. That wouldn’t been as bad of a change. It is still the Phins whether we like the logo or not.

  14. balling like hartline says:

    real fans will cut this pussy whining and deal with the dan logo

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