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New Dolphins Draft Hats Now Available Online (AGAIN)
By on April 8, 2013 at 2:51 pm

Dolphins capDefensive end Jared Odrick made it official last week when he showed of the team’s new logo — the Miami Dolphins have a new look for a new era.

Now, it’s your chance to represent.

The first round of new Dolphins apparel is now available online, with the release of Dolphins’ 2013 New Era draft caps (Hat #1, Hat 2, Hat 3).

Update: These hats are now back in stock after being temporarily sold out. We apologize for the inconvenience.

If you are in South Florida, more new merchandise, including hats, t-shirts and hooded sweatshirts, are now in stock and avaliable at the Sun Life Stadium Pro Shop and Davie Pro Shop.

Store Hours

Sun Life Stadium Pro Shop:

Monday-Friday (8:30 am – 5:30 pm)

Saturday (10 am – 2 pm)

Davie Pro Shop

Monday-Friday (10 am – 6 pm)

Saturday (10 am – 2 pm)

Check out the thoughts of Dolphin legends Dan Marino and Don Shula on the team’s Logo Evolution

See what Dolphins CEO Mike Dee had to say about the logo


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27 Responses to “New Dolphins Draft Hats Now Available Online (AGAIN)”

  1. JimA13 says:

    YIKES…had such a great opportunity to create something special and they took the easy way out. sad

  2. mcrunner34 says:

    Wow…those are bad…there was such a great opportunity to do something creative and somebody stole the logo from Sea World.

  3. Sandy French says:

    You guys misspelled a word in the first paragraph, oops 🙂 , otherwise Go FINS!!! :)…LOVE the new Hat

  4. TheCoachBoris says:

    What is the correct shade of aqua that Mia is going with? They said they are going back to the 70s bluish aqua which is what is on Odrick’s tshirt. This hat has the early 90s aqua shading and the logo on this websites front page still has the modern greenish shade of aqua.

  5. ggalli says:

    WOW, that is U.G.L.Y !

  6. dolfan29 says:

    Now that is just God Awful!!

  7. dmontes13 says:

    I HATE the new logo and will NEVER buy or wear ANYTHING with the new logo. It is horrible. It has no character, It looks like any other boring logo. When my wife saw it, she started laughing and said it looks like the..uh “male organ”. Nice going idiots, you did a horrible job and should have left the logo alone. Embarrassing!!

  8. The Man says:

    This logo is completely disrespectful of our tradition. It’s offensive on so many levels. I’m not opposed to tweaking the logo to modernize it, but this is awful. There was another version that preserved the traditional dolphin, lost the helmet, and had an aggressive modern look. You can find it when you google dolphins logos. It apparently had some traction as it’s shown as a patch on a jersey, on the side of a helmet, and as a full uniform with a player wearing number 22–no reference to Reggie. It looks very cool and would have been widely accepted. But this crap these carpetbaggers gave us is insulting. It’s like they’re actively trying to destroy the franchise and punish the fan base. Just disgusting. Boycott it.

  9. dolfan29 says:

    The only way to have our voices heard against the new logo is with our wallets. They like any business have put numbers down of anticpated sales for new logo items and liscensed product. If and when they don’t come close to hitting those numbers, only then will they know they made a big mistake with this design. I think they already know it…but we all know nothing can be done now…at least not till next season!

  10. sbunney says:

    I agree with dolphan29. Dont buy a thing with the newlogo on it and they’ll get the message

  11. Wah Wah Wah!! Wow, you all sound like a bunch of spoiled kids who aren’t getting their way!! Holy mother-of-all-that-is-mighty!! Be more productive and complain about issues that actually have an effect on your life, not a f*@&$#* sports logo!

  12. BigPhinja says:

    Not only is the logo awful, the designs on these hats suck.

  13. Driver3 says:

    I’ve had a week to digest this “new” logo and I just realized that it still sucks.

  14. dpuente530 says:

    I’m no fan of the logo but can you guys please stop moaning and complaining about it. Just move on and get it over with. People care more about the damn logo than seeing this team make it to playoffs. Smh

  15. 13Miami says:

    In wish these hats would go away! (Again)!! Horrible logo. It’s embarrassing! I wonder how much money this cost Mr Ross.

  16. ckrollage says:

    The logo on the hat doesn’t even look right, the colors are wrong. I’m not a fan of the logo, I would have been fine with the loss of the helmet, but that’s another issue. At least have the logo on the hat look like the one that has been released, it is all one color, it doesn’t pop at all, getting lost in the words.

  17. shula12 says:

    I been a fan since 1969,I seen other teams chance logo,s,and have been proud of the little changes the fins have made.Who came up with that logo.Take the 1972 season away from the team and they will know how a true Dolphin Fan feels about changeing the logo,get rid of it , don’t change perfection.

  18. shula12 says:

    And by the way I have a right to moan,that said people can buy what they wish,but not this family.

  19. rustyspider says:

    They should have gotten rid of some of the GM’s and such and kept the old logo !

  20. xenunite says:

    I just want to cry and scream!!!!!!!!!! Its sacrilegious to mess with the logo!!!!!!! What is wrong with the supporters of this junk?????????? I’m sticking to my old school and that will never change. My son hates it and he’s 14. I didn’t even influence him on that. he said its a Frieking Whale!!!!!!!!!!!

    • PhinPhan77 says:

      First off the word is freaking. Secondly even if it did look like a whale or a sea world logo, like others have said, it would be because it resembles an Orca. The Orca is a killer whale, which is actually a Dolphin, get educated.

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