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Gadsden Thinks Dolphins Could Win AFC East
By on May 31, 2013 at 10:11 am

KellerThe days of running off a string of division titles are, for the most part, long gone, ended by, among other things, revenue sharing and a hard salary cap. Yet New England, led by Bill Belichick and Tom Brady, are coming into this season winners of 10 of the last 12 AFC East division titles.

It was a busy offseason in South Florida, though, with athletic pieces added both on offense and defense that could be just what the Dolphins needed to try to make a run at the division champs.

Will the talent swap help produce a different result?

Former Dolphins wide receiver Oronde Gadsden, who recently called in to The Finsiders, thinks the Dolphins should contend for a division title in 2013, especially a reshuffled offensive line gets some continuity.

“If you look at it on paper, we could win the AFC East,” Gadsden said. “I don’t know exactly what New England has. Obviously, on paper we’re going to look better than the Jets and Buffalo.”

The Mike Wallace addition was a big one; it puts some mystery back into an offense that had become too predictable the last couple of years. Now,  it’s feels reasonably safe to wonder whether this could be the year, a season where the Dolphins finally can begin to close the gap.

Whether that happens or not, NFL Network’s LaDanian Tomlinson, who played his final two seasons in the AFC East (2010-11 with the Jets), thinks the Dolphins’ offseason plan was sound, particularly the emphasis on adding players that can create mismatches and make it easier on a developing quarterback.

“These guys are going to be tough to deal with,” Tomlinson said in a recent interview with The Finsiders. “In that division, the AFC East, everybody obviously is looking up to New England. But you must score with New England, because you know they’re going to score points.

“What the Dolphins are doing, they know they have a very young quarterback in Ryan Tannehill and so they’re surrounding him with weapons, and I think they’re going in the right direction.”

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9 Responses to “Gadsden Thinks Dolphins Could Win AFC East”

  1. midwestfinfan says:

    A few years back, Chad Pennington showed that with a good QB play and a solid D, the Patriots could be dethroned, as the Dolphins did. Now, I think we have an even better D than then. We got faster in the off-season. Grimes is a shut-down CB. We’ve got guys now who can cover Gronk, assuming of course he recovers from his back surgery and plays at the same level. Now if Tannehill can get protection and find his receivers, we should be able to score.
    I think the Pats have the biggest question marks. They lost the top slot receiver in the NFL when Welker left. Gronk is having back surgery, something that never bodes well for athletes, so his health and effectiveness will be a big question mark. Brady can still fling the ball around, but if guys can’t get open, I have wonder how effective the Pats offense will actually be. I think the Dolphins can take them down, and I hope they do so.

  2. PatsFan says:

    Ah yes, if only Gronk was the only member of the Pats and
    the coaching staff was untested. It’s June so it’s time for
    Dolphins fans to dream. Good luck to all Dolphin fans this
    season. You will win the AFC East again, just not this
    season. Again.

    • midwestfinfan says:

      PatsFan, thanks for visiting Dolphins website. Obviously, you are worried or you wouldn’t come here. You have a lot of confidence in the Pats offense. Yes, Gronk isn’t the only weapon Brady has, but he and Welker have been Brady’s mains weapons the last few years. Oh yes, Welker will be catching passes from Peyton Manning this year. So who will replace him? And look at the Pats top WRs. They are old, in the latter part of their years. The faster, younger, more physical Dolphins DBs will easily cover them. So you think the Pats can make a living off running the ball? That hasn’t been their offense since Brady’s been there. I wouldn’t be to sure of your team. There is a reason they have to play the games.

  3. latenightroach says:

    I agree with Gadsden’s opinion of what could happen and the direction Miami is headed. No doubt NE is the team to beat and has been for a long time now. I’ll be the first to admit that I’m sick of that teams dominance for the last 10+ years, but I respect what they’ve accomplished. I was lucky to be around when Miami was a team once feared, so I know what it tastes like. Funny though, I’ve never stalked or posted on any of the Pats fan sites, but I don’t have a problem with fans of division rivals hanging around. With that being said….

    Welcome to the Finsiders, PatsFan. I hope you’re getting mentally prepared to seeing your team getting slaughtered by the Miami Dolphins in the very near future. Just like the days of old. Hehehe.

    Seriously though…I’m looking forward to seeing a good battle with NE this season and if the Dolphins can transform what they have on paper onto the field. In the end, at least when a Pat fan is around we can all agree that it’s really fun to beat the Jets.

    • PatsFan says:

      Thank You for your warm welcome to Finsiders. I visit most significant NFL team websites from time to time because in addition to a Pats fan, I am a football fan. Let me be clear, the Dolphins are the most competition NE faces in the AFC East, so of course I come to this web site to check it out. Nice to hear from you, “latenightroach”. I can remember when Patriots was something the Dolphins cleaned off their cleats and I am sorry a football God like Dan Marino never won a SB, but ahhhh, I did love to watch him play.

      A lot of players have come and gone from the Patriots while they have dominated the AFC East. The only constant has been coaching. Brady was out for a year and they still managed to win, if I remember right, 10 games that year?

      Maybe a winning team is about the system created by the coach?

      I am very jealous of Dolphins fans that they live far from most Jets fans. You don’t know how lucky you are.

  4. tbone188 says:

    I don’t believe it’s only in the recieving corps. Our OL will be better our DL will be better our linebackers are younger and better and our spec.teams are improving. This is all due to one thing- we have one of the best head coachs in the NFL, he will prove himself in the years to come. Just look at what he has done in a couple of years. Thank God I am not a Jets fan!

    • PatsFan says:

      Hi tbone188,
      It seems to only be necessary to have an decent receiving corps, if you have a great
      quarterback. They can make the average receivers look good.

      Here’s some strange Foxborough mathematics:
      Brady + Moss + Welker = zero championships.

      But great stats!

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