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Dee Confirms Logo Evolution
By on March 29, 2013 at 3:02 am

032713_MD_Facebook_profile_new_sloganAfter reports surfaced late Tuesday and early Wednesday with what was said to be the Dolphins’ new logo, Mike Dee confirmed the news on Wednesday and said the organization would begin a 30-day rollout of its new identity.

The Dolphins CEO spoke to The Finsiders on Wednesday about the new logo and the process that led to the change.

“We have made the decision to, in advance of what we originally intended, to have the logo itself…make its way out,” Dee said. “It was featured today in a number of different places, including our own Jared Odrick (who) was down at Baptist Hospital and he caught wind of it and wanted to wear the new stuff.” (And Odrick did wear a t-shirt which he tweeted out as you can see here.

The new logo, which still includes navy and white accents, will remain aqua and orange, though the colors will return to the hues worn by the ’70s and ’80s teams. Also, for the first time in franchise history, the Dolphins’ facemask will be white, joining the Kansas City Chiefs as the only other team to go with white — the facemasks had previously been gray and then aqua.

“We’re excited to show the rest of what we’ve done, including the uniforms, which we think are going to be jaw-dropping when they come out on April 25.”

Many wondered, even as more information became public, whether this was a spur of the moment decision. But the logo evolution isn’t something that just came about in the past few months. The organization first started the evolution in 2010, Dee said, and began to solicit fan input. The process was delayed a year because of the NFL’s outfitter switch from Reebok to Nike, but the new look is ready for the 2013 season.

“It’s really been three years in the making, with a lot of fan feedback and dialogue in the mix of that,” Dee said. “So the cake is coming out of the oven, so to speak, in the middle of a lot of things going on at the moment. That makes it exciting and fun for us.”

Dan Marino and Don Shula’s thoughts on the new logo here

PHOTOS: Jared Odrick wearing a t-shirt with new logo while visiting kids at Baptist Children’s Hospital in Kendall.

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147 Responses to “Dee Confirms Logo Evolution”

  1. Todd671 says:

    Really?! Thats got to be the dumbest logo ever..this is the best we could come up with? Good luck on selling the new merchandise.

    • fins1966 says:

      Original colors look good but the logo sucks. If they say they used fan feedback to help come up with the design id like to see who those fans are. They sure arent on this site or the website. Go back to the throwback uniforms of the 70’s. Does anybody complain the cowboys have always had a star on their helmet? Does anybody want to see the browns with an emblem on their helmet, what about the steelers, 49rs or saints? They stay the same because their classic logos. I hate the Jets and Bills but they went back to throwback uniforms with old logo’s and they look good. I’ll continue to wear the old stuff and hopefully nobody buys the new ones.

    • eddie05 says:

      We are going to be the laughing stock in the NFL. The weakest logo ever.It’s to south beachy if you know what I mean. Why don’t you give the players tutu’s to match their new helmet. C’mon really…..I’ve been a dolfan for 39 years I’ve teared and screamed, I’ve gotten into fights at the stadium and now i’m freaking crying and disappointed with this sorry you know what logo. I can’t believe this…….YUK, BARF, and just plain SHOOT ME.

      • eddie05 says:

        OHH! By the way, I guess last year is the last time I bought a Dolphin jersey. For the home opener everybody at the stadium should wear the old jerseys and a BAG OVER THEIR HEAD. Now that will be great maybe that will make you change that crappy logo………………….

        • Driver3 says:

          I got one better yet. Everyone wear a nice white T-shirt with the big Ellerbe twitter pic on the front (or old logo) and “Ross must go” on the back. I mean the guy already doesn’t know how to be a NFL owner then goes and pisses off all the fans with this new logo.

        • blue90 says:

          Wow what a great idea. Instead of starting the season by supporting our team, we’ll do the exact opposite! That’ll help the team do well. Gosh the dolphins are lucky to have such great fans.

          It never ceases to amaze me how ridiculous our fan base is.

          Even if you don’t like it, it’s a logo! It’s not a massive price hike, it’s not Ross moving the team, it’s a graphic illustration of a dolphin. Put bags over your head and complain IF the season goes poorly, don’t come out on week one like that.

    • AJ says:

      HORRIBLE ! Looks like you spent a day at Sea World if you would even think about wearing a hat like that coming from a 40 year die hard fan Ross you are Killing this franchise

    • leathrnek says:

      Hi, I have been a dolphins fan from Carolina since i have had memory some 40 years ago. One of the things I was proud of was the undefeated team and the second was when we were told they are wearing throwbacks for a game and you had to stare for awhile to be sure. I will always be a dolphins fan but now I will only support them with my heart and not my wallet, have just got off the phone and cancelled my sunday ticket so I don’t have to watch them wear this gay pride logo, no offense to anyone. Tradition means something to me, but now it is all about the money and trying to sell stuff. Want to sell us a shirt or hat it is real easy WIN. Changing the logo to a cheap cruise ship design only ensures I won’t be buying nor wearing anything with the new logo.Thanks

    • marqdelmonte says:

      Hate the new logo! Normally I buy a new item of Dolphins gear each season. I WILL NOT be buying ANYTHING with this logo!!!!

    • pspiranha says:

      Sorry, but I don’t care for it. Of course Marino and Schula will support it, I believe they are both still on the payroll.

      Leave the logo alone and get some more football talent.

  2. alderash says:

    I’m at a loss for words regarding how much I dislike the new logo. I saw many fan and amateur designs that were better executed. I simply can’t wear anything with that logo – I’d be thoroughly embarrassed.

  3. miamismonster says:

    Yea. Bad enough we were all probably defending the feminine teal and orange colors now a feminine, soft logo to go with it. Wow!!!! Thanks for making us a joke Dee, Dan, Shula and Ross……

  4. buckeyedolphinfan says:

    Hope they’re planning to continue selling merch with the “old” logo. Liked some of the other designs i saw, but was really hoping it would look similar to what Boise St. did with the bronco on their helmets

    • footballknowhow says:

      Hold on, let’s be serious here, how many of you own merchandise with the older really ugly logos! At least this one the dolphin is moving forward. They kept the colors so be it, but this logo surely beats the past two.

  5. sjcsoflorida says:

    More like a 30 day “steam rolling” of the fans with this horrid logo choice

    Of course I would never stop being a Fins fan due to a logo change; ( case in point, I endured the worst logo change ever as a NY Islander fan with the infamous fisherman disgrace, but that’s another story ) however, I will not buy ANYTHING sporting this nightmare of a design. More importantly, the initial reviews of this logo months ago were overwhelmingly negative, yet the arrogance of Mr Ross and the management team prevails yet again

    • footballknowhow says:

      You mean that if your wife gives you a shirt with this logo you will burn it?

      • sjcsoflorida says:

        No worries there, the Mrs. knows better than to buy it because she agrees with me that it is awful.

        • miamismonster says:

          My wife hates it too! lol This is the only guy on here defending it no worries. He will probably win the free t shirt the franchise is giving to one lucky fan! lmao

        • footballknowhow says:

          funny thing is that you and wife will still either go to the games, see them on tv, listen in on the radio, web the shit out of what is happening as the new fins kick patriot ass… so once again, will you on not wear this logo on your socks a soon as we win a SB?

      • sjcsoflorida says:

        You are either
        A. Mr. Ross
        B. GM Ireland
        C. The designer of the logo
        D. Jets fan trying to stir up Fins fans.

        All above said in jest as this log fiasco is not important in the big scheme of life i know this is going to happen whether I like it or not so will proudly wear my OLD jerseys and root for the Fins as I have for over 35 years. Enjoy the new gear, as is your choice.

        • footballknowhow says:

          I’ll take A, B and C any day… big bucks baby. NFL is a business. Bottom line, you can wear anything you want once we win a SB again. No joke. This logo might not be the best but it sure beats the last one. A team makes a logo, a logo does not make a team.

      • miamismonster says:

        I would burn it faster than Mike Wallace can RUN!!! It’s weak and pathetic. Take a design course!!!!

      • mrauda says:

        I would hope she kept the receipt.

  6. Todd671 says:

    I guess you can only post once here,as I had a couple remarks and all deleted…good thing NFL.COM and Facebook (miamidolphins) lets you post and reply on other peoples comments….was much more remarks there anyways on this logo. Dee must be monitoring this thread. lol

  7. footballknowhow says:

    I will bet on it when the day comes that we win a SB, you will wear this logo or even get a huge tattoo!!!

  8. Todd671 says:

    lol,dont bet too high…I got plenty of recent miami logo shirts,and im sure theyll be more to stock up on cheap in stores…as for the new merchandise,I will not…and a tattoo…a big LOL. Ill support my team,and if they win a SB that would be awesome…but doesnt mean Ill go buy a shirt or hat cause of it…like i said,got plenty of shirts/hats with recent logo and sure i could find others on ebay if needed in the future.

    • footballknowhow says:

      PLease tell me you are not saying the the last logo is better

      • Todd671 says:

        um…well if we were to change to this,then yeah…it is. But,I would be lying if I said its tired…been looking forward to a new,retro/modern logo…something with somewhat of an attitude. Really,this new logo looks like it gave no artistic thought….it does honestly look like something you would see at an aquarium related establishment…not on a helmet of a rough sport.

        • footballknowhow says:

          I agree it could have been much “stronger”… BUT, we are a Florida team that gets many, many, many, many tourists, has a worldwide fan base that would love to get their hand on this… cause it represent Florida and the smartest mammal. It might not be the best effort, but business is business. And yes it’s a rough sport, but we are still dolphins… nothing rough about the animal… yet at least this logo says… smart and moving forward… that is what I see in this logo.

          • miamismonster says:

            It is a football brand though that they need to market, not Ross! First the orange carpet was a bust and hopefully this will too!!! I’m sorry but there is an overwhelming hate towards this. We are not a market that wants a sleek Global design for a brand we want a football logo. If we were an elite franchise this would look good possibly. We are weak and this is weak, we are inconsistent and these moves are all inconsistent stretches!!! It is not what our franchise was, this is Ross’s mark and it is another blunder!

          • PhilyDrake says:

            buy the sound of your gibberish we better win a SB to Keep New fans coming in the door to keep funding the team. but instead the logo scares them away with something they don’t like. i feel like its a boat companies logo. what tourist would want to wear that back to their home country??? unless they actually went on a boat ride to see actual dolphins. if they want something NFL they probably rather buy a cowboy jersey then advertise a boat company or an Aquarium. get real!! there was no creativity to this logo!..

          • footballknowhow says:


          • footballknowhow says:

            Do you know how much money the corporation makes at the door? Do you know how much money the corporation makes from merchandising? Do you know how much money the corporation makes from national and international tv, radio, internet and mobil sales… especially if it’s the SB? It’s thousands of millions. Neither you or I, or the 50 thousand fans that will make it to game will compare to showing yet “STUPID UGLY LOGO” we don’t like.

        • footballknowhow says:

          The Ravens logo is good example of what a winning team does for an ugly ass logo… now everyone and their mother around the world will wear that ugly bird on their chest… point is they won the SB!!!!! Frisco has a better logo, they did not win, so why wear a looser. A winning team makes a logo, a logo never makes a team.

        • mac_kissack says:

          If you talk of attitude, maybe you don’t know dolphins are worst enemy of sharks.
          They beat them to death with their heads against the shark’s stomachs.
          Nice they are these dolphins but brave enough too.

        • blue90 says:

          It’s a cartoon dolphin in a helmet! If the roles were reversed and the team was going from this to the last one you would be complaining just as much. If you don’t think so then you are deluded

  9. mikelouis says:

    the new logo is excellent. those of you who are saying negative things about it are complete and utterly clueless. it rocks and you do not. please become jets or patriot fans because you clearly lack the sense of class and history that it takes to be a true dolphins fan. the new logo does a great job of capturing the great south florida football culture within a sleek, modern design. if you can’t comprehend this, then you truly suck. once again, the new logo is awesome, and if you don’t like it, then it is 100% guarenteed that you unequivicolly have idea what the hell you’re talking about.

    • Todd671 says:

      Well three are ALOT of clueless people out there then…there are only a handfull of posts here about it…Now,go to NFL.COM and the miami dolphins facebook page and count those remarks….1000’s…and just about every one is negative.

      • Todd671 says:

        Im a 41 yr old florida NATIVE bud…and nothing about that logo distinctively captures what you speak of,no more or less,then the recent logo….so i believe your the clueless one.

    • mrauda says:

      Just cause we hate the logo doesn’t mean we hate the team!

    • LifelongFinsFan says:

      I like it too. What we’re witnessing is the predictable reaction to change. There’s always an initial resistance to anything new and unfamiliar. ALWAYS. There’s nothing wrong with the new logo. It’s just not the old logo.

      • blue90 says:

        100% agree. I remember the same such reaction the last time we changed the logo in 1997. People said it was “too cartoony”. The broncos had a similar reaction to their logo change back then too. 2 superbowls later and broncos fans loved it.

        This new one should look great on a helmet I think.

  10. Driver3 says:

    3 years to come up with this junk. Very disappointed in this decision. I was looking for something more along the lines of Ellerbes twitter pic. This looks like it should be on a Carnival Cruise ship. Won’t be buying anything with this “logo”. Dolphins dropped the ball again.

  11. footballknowhow says:

    What would you have ALL wanted to see???????

  12. mikelouis says:

    it makes sense that you would believe that i’m clueless, because clueless people believe the opposite of what is true. further more the retro (70’s 80’s) colors / minimalist design distinctively captures the history of the club more so than the previous cartoonish design.
    so, once again, you are completely wrong and i believe the south florida sun has effected your ability to clearly reason, Todd.

    • Todd671 says:

      ok Mike…well your one of thousands that like it. Usually,if it was put to a vote,you would have lost…obviously you havent seen all the replies this had gotten on NFL.COM. But,you have the right to your opinion….just the I’s have it.

  13. mikelouis says:

    however, you are correct about one thing, todd. there are thousands of clueless people out there.

    • Todd671 says:

      Sorry…I guess we all just dont measure up to you. I forgot that a majority vote doesnt prevail here…obviously,since they never listened to the public view on it when it was televised,on the news,when it was originally leaked.

  14. mikelouis says:

    by the way, todd. you suck, todd.

  15. mikelouis says:

    if i voted against justin beiber i would lose, too. but you’re probably a justin beiber fan, todd.

  16. jnmbsu2005 says:

    Think its time to become a free agent as a fan and go with a new team. I just cant stick up for this franchise anymore. Been a fan for 31yrs…my excuses are use up and I have nothing to explain why any NFL franchise would go with a horrible logo as this one. I have a feeling the new uniforms are going to insult my Csonka and Griese jerseys as well.

  17. mikelouis says:

    if put it to a vote, i’m sure that thousands would vote that Todd sucks.

  18. mikelouis says:

    good. go be a fan of another team you weak pile of trash. the true dolphin fans dont want you.

  19. mikelouis says:

    its been immature criticism since the moment you logged on, todd.

  20. mikelouis says:

    there is no god, todd. once again, you prove yourself clueless.

  21. mikelouis says:

    really, debating with this guy is too easy.

  22. mikelouis says:

    the new logo rocks, folks.

  23. mikelouis says:

    if you wanna be a jesus freak like todd, then go be a teblow fan.

  24. dlbonder says:

    I LOVE it. Was at the first game and a huge fan. Stop whining. Look at it next to the Phin with a helmet…C’MONMAN. Its awesome . Cant wait to buy the new stuff, and btw….the new team is taking shape too. Just win baby .

  25. PhilyDrake says:

    I’ll still Sport it! but seriously Design Team there is nothing winning the people over. no creativity. the dolphin is prone to concussions now. and you made the star spikier. big whoop. boat company logo it is. and how could u let it leak out! or is this a Prank?

    • footballknowhow says:

      Not every fan lives in Florida, so stop looking at the boats and look at the team that might be… and the logo will grow on you… just like the last two ugly logos and uniforms we had. I’m all about winning and wearing the colors with honor as bad as they might be.

    • blue90 says:

      He may get more concussions but his blow hole isn’t covered any more so at least he can breathe :-p

  26. footballknowhow says:

    Let’s see the bright side… WE THE FINS HAVE THE UGLIEST LOGO IN THE NFL, but WE ARE CHAMPIONS!!!! Hey it happened many years ago when winning and now it is time to prove once again that a logo does not make a team!!!!!!

  27. PhilyDrake says:

    I’m happy with our team and its directions its going. i feel really great about our players and new additions. also the new stadium coming soon. but we don’t have to have “the ugliest logo in the NFL” footballknowhow. all the people want is an evolved look for the team. it looks the same as the last one.. if not more generic. the dolphin could’ve been a dark Gray with a teal, Orange and white to accent it. I do like the new sun. BAM new DARK GRAY optional jersey or pant color. NOT raider gray.. I’m talking Gun metal Gray. 🙂

  28. WholeEffinShow says:

    please don’t use this logo it is UGLYYYYYYYY please vote at this link against it please let the miami dolphins fan base be heard because apparently they aren’t listening to us
    VOTE NO:

  29. saluki93 says:

    I know i posted this under another article but still stand by my comments.

    First reaction is a resounding dislike. This is what struggling franchises do. They internally speak of it as a rebirth and try and garner support for the changes being made to personnel and claiming it to be moving forward. Typically its just desperation. I get it we’re stuck with this very non distinct logo that as one person said belongs at sea world.
    I could only hope that it could even be tweaked from its current rendition.
    What about simply turning the tail fin downward instead of upward….it mildly respects the older version, and just maybe the dolphin would not look as WEAK! Turn it down and just maybe turn up a “little” more support…maybe?

    • blue90 says:

      This article includes a video that shows dolphins in attack mode…the swim like the new logo shows. It’s not weak, it’s strong. You just need to look at again and see what it represents.

      My first reaction was like yours, I wanted the tail pointed down but the more I think about it the more I like it this way. The old logo looked static on the helmet, this will look more like its moving forward. Sort of like the pats and Seahawks logo do..starting at the back of the helmet and going towards the front.

      • dolfan29 says:

        Hey Blue, I appreciate your position and anyone else that likes the new logo. Thats why there’s chocolate and vanilla.
        I did read that article and with all respect it still did not change my opinion of the new logo. Great a real dolphin when attacking has a similar body position…but at the same time seems like a pretty big stretch as to relating it to the new logo. No one though is arguing the real reason for the change….MONEY and an owner desperate to try and generate buzz about the team. Started with selling bits and pieces of the team to famous people that has no real benefit to a football franchise. Season ticket sales were lacking and our stadium was half full last year! He’s given Ireland permission to spend money (tbd where that actually gets the team now and into the future).
        The logo is perceptually WEAK with no strong characteristics that stand out. But I guess I can carry around my Ipad and show everyone “no seriously thats what a dolphin really looks like”.
        Since when does a logo have to be real and not morphed into something more fun or as some say cartoon like. Cowboys/Star, Redskins/Redskin indian, Vikings/horns and the list goes on. When you think about it…most logos are cartooned because there a logo and suppose to be fun…not an ad for a wildlife foundation.

  30. sbunney says:

    Logo sucks. enough said

  31. AndyR. says:

    Not impressed at all!!!! I really hope the uniforms help this very weak logo. Let’s put our efforts towards fixing the win column. Man that doesn’t look like a pro teams logo.

  32. rdmiles3000 says:

    I won’t be buying anything with the new logo.

  33. rdmiles3000 says:

    We’ve had too many years of subpar play and about the only thing that we had was our history. This is like a slap in the face to everyone who has remained loyal as the team has struggled.

  34. NYDolfan28 says:

    I’m done. 40 years of being a Dolphins fan and I’m done.
    This organization continues to just be tone deaf. You guys just keep getting it wrong and getting it wrong.

    I’m gonna guess the uniforms are going to be a Nike nightmare. I cannot imagine what they’ve cooked up.

    Let me explain something to the team: The logo matters. It matters because it’s an ID for all of us as Dolphins fans. You want to sell more merch? You want the Dolphins to be relevant and on national TV (so Mr. Ross can avoid his 1 pm games)?

    It’s pretty easy guys: WIN!

    You want to sell jerseys? Cultivate another Marino.

    This logo is too lame for those folks who want something sexy.
    It’s so far from the original that it’s going to tick traditionalists off.
    It didn’t have to be this way. The logo could’ve been tweaked while maintaining the original shape.

    But…good luck…I am officially rooting against my own team because this has gotten so out of hand.

    The fall from NFL royalty to court jester is now complete.

    • rallytime says:

      I feel the same. I too have been a fan for 40 years. Coaches and players come and go but the logo remains ( or at least did). Still remain for some, ie, Cowboys, Steelers, Browns, etc. Ross screwed up the Harbough search when he still had Sporano. He admitted he had things to learn as an owner. I guess he still does. Go speak with Mr Rooney at Pittsburgh or the owner of the Giants. I’m not getting any younger.

    • LifelongFinsFan says:

      You’re not fooling anyone…you were never a real fan.

    • blue90 says:

      You’re rooting against your team because of a logo you haven’t even given a chance?

      The reason nobody ever mentions dolphins fans amongst the best fans in the league is that people keep coming out with things like this. I bet you were one of the idiots chanting for Kyle Orton 2 years ago. I also bet this isn’t the first time you’ve announced you’re ‘done’ being a dolphins fan. You think it makes it sound like you’re passionate, what it actually sounds like is that you’re an attention whore who’s desperate for a reason to switch to supporting new England.

  35. blakem says:

    Does Ross hate the Dolphins that much?????

  36. Castor Troy says:

    at least I can buy the old stuff at a discount now…you started off well with a great free agency signings…and then this downer! how about a fan vote of some kind? we are the fans that love our team. you know the ones that will buy your product. A great way to make less money is not having your fans involed. The Seahawks did it years ago with a vote on wheather to keep the classic Silver helmet with updated logo or the new blue helmet. It was completly decided by the fans!!!

  37. jepurv says:

    April fools?

  38. mcdolfan13 says:

    This is criminal… This logo sucks!!! Why would you have to change a logo? The cowboys, packers, 49ers, bears…. They haven’t had to change theirs and they are still selling merchandise. Maybe if more effort was put into putting a competitive product out we wouldn’t have to reinvent tradition.

    • blue90 says:

      1. You and I have a much different definition of the word criminal.

      2. This is our 5th logo, so it’s abit late to never change it

      3. The 4 teams you mentioned have very basic logos that don’t look dated. Ours was beginning to.

      4. This offseason we have added Wallace, ellerbe, wheeler, Keller, Gibson and now grimes. To me that sounds like we are putting more effort into “putting a competitive product out”

  39. 1FinFan82 says:

    If…..and thats a big IF they win the Superbowl then that logo will be a little better to look at. Mr. Ross if you are going to change then go balls out and start a new era with some boldness with the FANS vote. You know the people who contribute to the front office paychecks and fill in the empty orange seats. Love Shula’s and Marino’s opinions on a whole lotta stuff….but not on this. I live in the L.A. area without a team and i dont think any team will be here soon, but if the front office keeps running the team like this with probably J-Lo’s and Gloria’s input on the design, you soon will be out of a team. I will be more than happy to be a season ticket holder for the Los Angeles Dolphins.

  40. PhinPhan says:

    Seems I’m not the only one out there disappointed with the new logo… I do love the idea of going back to aqua and orange, and I’ve even come to terms with the fact that there IS a new logo, but why does it look like the sign pointing to the dolphin aquarium at SeaWorld??? I agree with some that boycotting the new merchandise is a thought I’ve considered it myself, but I just don’t know if I can. I’ve been a die-hard fan my whole life (40+ years), and couldn’t turn my back on this franchise if I tried, I’ve even been living in the land of the “cheese heads” for almost 20 years now and I’ve never even considered converting. What I truly don’t believe is that this logo was approved by fans, come on the overwhelming sentiment from us is not good… Maybe it will grow on me? Either way I’ll continue to bleed aqua and orange until the day I die. Thanks for letting me vent.

    P.S. White facemasks? on white helmets? does anyone have more details in regards to our new helmets?

    • ggalli says:

      I couldn’t agree more. I’m still hoping we all get punk’d on April 1st and see a different logo. But I fear that’s not happening and we’re stuck with this. I just read every post here. And I think there were three people who like the new logo. Out of 78 posts! (One guy who clearly designed this turd.) I’ve also read 100’s of more comments on every forum with this topic. And the resounding majority don’t like this logo. I realize we will never have full agreement. But it shouldn’t be this skewed.

      I’m anxious to see the new uniforms and helmets. To see if they salvage the “re-branding”. If they put “curvey/Swoopy” stripes on the jerseys and pants. I’m going to puke in my mouth. Again. Please keep the stripping traditional! And white masks on white helmets? I just don’t know. But we’ll have to wait a month to find out. I’ll be voting with my wallet and continuing to buy the throwback stuff. You know. The real throwback stuff. From the 70’s and 80’s.

      I remember when owners paid attention to their loyal fans.

  41. TheAttitude says:

    Hate it. Looks like we’ll be the “Shamufins”. Going to buy the old logo merch at clearance prices and wait until backlash brings the next change.

  42. FinFromBegin says:

    I saw it on Odrick’s shirt and it looked like an airplane ascending.

    With the “M” off the logo I guess that clears the way for relocating the team to another city some day.

  43. AJ says:

    The only fan’s that will buying this will be same sex marriage people the flamers on south beach and maybe some woman ..My wife doesn’t even like it

  44. FinFrenZy5 says:

    WHY does our new logo look like A MAXI PAD AD!!!!!!!! WHAT?????

  45. LifelongFinsFan says:

    Lots of negativity surrounding the new logo. I’ve been a Fins fan for 40+ years now, and I generally hate messing with tradition, but I’m actually OK with this. Yes, I have an intense sentimental bond with the old logo, and always will, but let’s be honest…it was dated and showing it’s age. And that little helmet was well….kinda silly. I think this logo is a bold step forward. Change is always hard to accept at first, and I believe that’s the root of most of the negativity. After a year or two (especially if the Fins start WINNING again), fans will grow to like it.

  46. ggordillo88 says:

    Not a fan of the logo. I hope this is not a done deal or perhaps an early April Fools joke!!!

  47. cporrazzo says:

    Never should have changed the logo. Hopefully we as fans really do have a say because I am sure there are many more who would agree that this new logo is HORRIBLE!!!!!!!!!!! Way to ruin yet another part of my favorite team

  48. thalle says:

    The Dolphins new logo is the worst sports logo I have ever seen. And I have seen and designed several in my career, both college and pro. Where is the attitude? Who is your audience? The 28 year old soccer mom and her two tween daughters? This one needs to go back to the drawing board.

  49. ShanCan says:

    Well, I was kicking myself in the butt for ordering a Tannehill Jersey last year because of the new style coming. I guess it safe to say that I will remain wearing it next season. This logo is the softest look for an NFL team. This is the best we could come up with. MAN!! You straightened his back out and called it good, really, c’mon mannnn. Horrible design, HORRIBLE!!!!!!!!!! Go back to the drawing boards if you want to sell any jerseys. Or I’m sure my daughter can come up with something by tonight, let me know. GEEEZ!

  50. dtje2000 says:

    I feel like the Dolphins organization has an identity crisis. This is my eighth year as a Florida resident and we became season ticket holders as soon as we arrived. I have watched the organization focus their attention on celebs, with cameras spending more time panning the crowd to show off who’s in attendance than focusing on football replays and related. When the stadium was Landshark stadium, we ended up with a remade Buffet song as our fight song. I cringe every time the “fins” swim around the light ribbon with the Jaws music behind it. Last year it seemed the original song was played only after the extra point and the ridiculous fins-to-the-left song all other times. The organization seems hell-bent on making the world see us as cool and trendy South Beach party folks. I just want to watch good football, for crying out loud. As for the new logo? Just another attempt in the never ending quest to reinvent themselves. Don’t get me started on the “perfect season”…I’m beginning to regard it as the perfect curse. I shall continue to be the avid fan and support the Dolphins team…but I really wish the organization would get their priorities straight.

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