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2013 Mock Draft Roundup 4.0
By on April 9, 2013 at 1:33 pm
FSU CB Xavier Rhodes continues to be a popular pick at #12 in many mock drafts.

FSU CB Xavier Rhodes continues to be a popular pick at #12 in many mock drafts.

With the start of the 2013 NFL Draft now less than three weeks away, time for the latest roundup of mock drafts from around the web.

This edition is very Dolphin-centric, as we took selections from all three local papers as well as picks from several fan sites. Keep in mind, some/many of these will be updated before the 25th, but these are some of the latest projections and predictions concerning Miami and the #12 pick:

Armando Salguero, Miami Herald: Desmond Trufant, CB, Washington

The Dolphins need a cornerback. They lost two three-year starters since the beginning of 2012 and have no real replacements right now. I don’t buy the Dimitri Patterson talk for one minute. Cornerback is also an elite position so I don’t mind upgrading with such a high pick.

Omar Kelly, South Florida Sun-Sentinel: Xavier Rhodes, CB, Florida State

Dolphins need a young, athletic, rangy CB, and Rhodes fits Jeff Ireland’s prototype.

Ben Volin, Palm Beach Post: Ezekiel Ansah, DE, BYU

All the elite OTs are gone and while TE Tyler Eifert is tempting, there’s good value in later rounds. So we land on Ansah, a freakish pass rusher who provides good size opposite Cam Wake.

 Brian Catanzaro, Tyler Eifert, TE, Notre Dame

Someone please explain this to me: why is Tyler Eifert good enough to be a #15-20 pick, but not a #12 pick? Eifert would add a physical seam threat dimension to an offense playing small-ball in the redzone with RB Lamar Miller, WR Mike Wallace, WR Brian Hartline, and TE Dustin Keller. He’ll be a full 3 inches taller than any WR or TE who lines up in the redzone.

Kevin Nogle, Xavier Rhodes, CB, Florida State

The Brent Grimes signing by the Dolphins has me reconsidering my idea of the team preferring De-smond Trufant over Rhodes in this spot. Rhodes adds a couple of inches over Trufant, and 20 pounds. Despite the team going to a zone scheme this year, Rhodes’ size and coverage capabilities in a man-on-man scenario cannot be ignored. In the end, I think that could get Rhodes the nod.

Chad Pullen, Tavon Austin, WR, West Virginia

Completely against the grain and everything GM Jeff Ireland has ever done. This roster, this offseason with extra picks available in the mid rounds, Ireland can go for the homerun and add elite speed to an offense that has been adding elite speed recently. Suddenly, Tannehill would have every weapon he could ever ask for at his disposal with the electric Austin and some additional picks in the next two rounds. The future of this team is being built around Tannehill, it’s time to stock up on young offensive talent to give him the tools he’ll need to be successful over a long period, not just the 2013 season.

Daniel Eliesen, Tyler Eifert, TE, Notre Dame

With Lane Johnson and Dee Milllner both most likely being off the board, I think the Dolphins continue with the trend of trying to find Ryan Tannehill weapons. Eifert is a tight end that can help spread the field and brings another pass catcher to this offense. With Dustin Keller brought in on just a 1 year contract coming off and injury the Dolphins could look to adding 2 TE packages adding a new aspect to this offense. While corner back is need, after Millner no CB really warrants being taken in the top 15 and I believe Ireland’s faith in the guys on the roster currently is very understated.

Tony Simmons, Tavon Austin, WR, West Virginia

Tavon Austin is probably the most explosive offensive player in this draft, and he would give the Dolphins…a player that can take it to the house any time he touches the ball from the slot WR position.

Brian Miller, Tank Carradine, DE, Florida State

Many will see this as a reach, but the closer we get to the draft the more Carradine’s name is coming up. People are putting the tape on to view Werner, Manuel and Rhodes but Carradine is jumping off the film. Werner may be a better rounded player, but Carradine has more athleticism and more upside. I have been talking him up all year as I thought he was better than Werner and many are starting to think he could be the best pass rusher in this class. This will all depend on how his workout is on April 20 as he tore his ACL late in the season. If he looks good then you will start seeing his name in many mocks, but let it be known I was the first…LOL I think Miami will do everything they can to trade out of this spot as they can get similar value all the way down to around #25. However don’t look for Carradine to make it past #19 and the Giants, rumor is they like him a lot ( I could also see NO taking him at #15), and he reminds me of Justin Tuck.

Austin John, Xavier Rhodes, CB, Florida State

The film shows a CB that has the size and skills to be a Pro Bowl caliber cover-corner in the NFL. Don’t be sour about Sean Smith, Rhodes is NOT Sean Smith. Rhodes is much more refined CB that happens to have elite size. Miami’s defensive coordinator Kevin Coyle is a notoriously known around the league as a CB magician. If given this physical prospect the sky is the limit of Xavier Rhodes. Grimes 1-yr deal does not necessarily make Miami better in the immediate future, but the thought of Grimes and Rhodes is much more impressive starting duo than D.Patterson and Nolan Carroll. Rhodes provides stability and potential in a depleted secondary. Miami needs playmakers, they paid to have them on offense; now they need them in the secondary.

Mel Kiper, Jr. of ESPN Projects the Pick at #12

2013 Draft Prospect Profiles

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13 Responses to “2013 Mock Draft Roundup 4.0”

  1. professorlou says:

    Rhodes can’t play zone, Trufant can’t tackle, Carradine could be had in the 2nd rd so it’s a waste of a first round pick, Eifert is a reach as well and would be ok if there’s a trade down and while Austin is very dynamic he represents an injury risk because of his size. Cordarelle Patterson is another explosive, dynamic receiver who could be used in a number of ways in the offense but he is somewhat of a risk also. So, two players make sense in the first round if Ireland chooses to stay at #12 and they are Jonathan Cooper and Kenny Vaccaro.

    • Sguardjr says:

      Again professorlou do you just write stuff to argue even though most of what you say is untrue and has no statistical basis. Lets start with Rholdes can’t play zone, he is actually a very average CB in zone, he is better suited for press, but he still played zone and was very effective at it. He is much better at zone or press not as good at off man, Scouts Inc has him as a above average in zone play, so again no basis for you saying he can’t do it, just kind of pulling it out of your ass.
      Now as for Tufant can’t tackle, again if you go to Scouts Inc they say he struggles to get off blocks, but is a very solid tacklers.”He submarines RB and also shows good body control in the open field and is reliable as an open field tackler.”
      You make a lot of absolutes in your statements and you make them without any proof or backing and it makes you look very uninformed. I wish you wouldn’t do that and you definitely don’t need to attack Ben Volin who does this for a living and actually studies the players, where as I have no idea where you get you info from. Also if you disagree with all of Ben Volin’s statements why do you read his articles, you obviously care what he has to say because you read and then commented on his articles.

      • professorlou says:

        Watch the tape on Rhodes and Trufant. Rhodes struggles tremendously with zone coverage. He’s very good at press but in zone he isn’t the same player and saying he’s average in zone means that he’s not a good fit for this defense. Why would you choose a guy who’s average in zone if that’s what you play?
        If you watch the tape on Trufant you’re going to see that he’s very good in coverage, especially ZONE, however he struggles with tackling. I’m not talking about getting off blocks. I’m talking about coming up in run support where he misses a guy completely or he just can’t make the tackle. He doesn’t wrap up well at all. I liked his moxey at the Senior Bowl practice where he wanted to go up against Wheaton when Wheaton called him out but that’s about it. His tackling skills need major improvement if he’s going to make it in the NFL. He’s definitely not worth a #12.
        Any questions?

      • professorlou says:

        Also, if you want to put things in perspective there are players who are a much better fit at corner for this team than Rhodes. Guys like Jordan Poyer, Robert Alford and probably the best of the bunch is Leon McFadden. All three of these guys are great at zone and man coverage and can tackle much better than Trufant. So, again, why would you waste a #12 on a guy with questionable zone coverage skills when you can get what you need in the 2nd or even 3rd rd.
        Ireland would be better suited to just take Cooper if he’s there at #12, shore up the line and get a guy who’s a bonafide blue chipper at his position.

      • professorlou says:

        Gee, sounds like I hit a nerve.

      • professorlou says:


        Bottom Line
        Rhodes thrives in physical press coverage, something very few college players can put on their resume. At time his tackling technique is questionable, but Rhodes will make his living locking up boundary receivers with a balanced and strong jam followed up by enough speed to stick in their hip pocket. Just don’t ask him to play in zone, because Rhodes shows tight movements when forced to pass receivers to a separate area. His game is somewhat scheme dependent, but expect Rhodes to be selected in the first 50 picks.

  2. professorlou says:

    What Ben Volin fails to realize is that Olivier Vernon is every bit the freakish athlete that Ansah is and already has one year of pro experience. If Ben did his homework and compared Vernon’s combine results to that of Ansah he would see that Vernon bested him in every category including the bench press where Vernon bested Ansah by 10 reps. Now, who’s the freakish athlete?

    • Sguardjr says:

      What combine results are u looking at, Ansah beat Vernon at almost everything and most weren’t even close
      Vernon Ezekiel
      40 time: 4.73 4.56 (huge difference speed wise)
      20 yard: 2.70 2.66 (again not a huge difference but beat him)
      10 yard: 1.63 1.62
      3 Cone: 7.39 7.11 (another huge difference)
      20 shuttle: 4.50 4.26 (another huge difference)
      Exact same vertical leap
      SO really you just embarrassed yourself trying to call out Ben Volin, when you obviously did no research and was just making stuff up. Ansah is a athletic freak that Olivier Vernon isn’t even in the same class as. So maybe you should do your homework because you got an F based on what you wrote Professorlou

      • professorlou says:

        It’s pretty interesting that you left out the fact that Vernon bested Ansah by 10 (that’s 10) reps in the bench press and also bested Ansah in the broad jump. Vernon’s actual 40 yd time was a 4.64 which means there really is no difference in their times. The 3 cone drill times and the 20 yd shuttle times again you’re splitting hairs with less than 3 tenths of a second in one and less than 2 tenths of a second in another. The only embarrasement here is the fact that people like Ben and others have consistently pulled out of their ass calling Ansah a freakish athlete when Vernon is every bit as good as Ansah at the combine in most categories and simply blows Ansah away with the bench press, 31 reps vs 21 reps and also blows away Ansah in the broad jump. Vernon would have been a first round pick if not for missing time in his senior year and you know it.
        The problem with these people who are supposed to know what they are talking about is they ride the latest wave of hype and with Ansah it’s all hype. All you have to do is look at the tape to find that out.
        Why would anyone want to replace Vernon with a guy who’s nothing more than a one year wonder and has proven nothing? He had 4.5 sacks! Is that great production as a pass rusher? Plus, he lined up rushing the passer mostly over the right tackle. So explain to me how the guy is this “freakish” athlete everyone is talking about. Vernon had a great year for a guy who played part time. 31 tackles, 3.5 sacks, 2 ff, recovered a blocked punt for a td, and blocked a field goal in the same game.
        Everyone is too quick to write this kid off and I’m telling you that Ansah is NOT going to replace Vernon in the lineup. Not going to happen.

    • professorlou says:

      For the record, I was talking about Ziggy long before any of the Miami media were talking about him and long before he showcased his skills at the combine. I also did the same with Margus Hunt, long before he was considered an early 2nd rd pick. I’m still predicting that Le’Veon Bell will go much earlier than his 4th rd projection. I still say that the better of the two tight ends coming out of Stanford is Levine Toilolo and Malliciah Goodman is much better than his 4th rd projection. I also think that UCF standouts Latavius Murray and Kemal Ishmael are going to be two of the steals of this draft for the teams that choose them and linebacker Craig Wilkins of Old Dominion is one of the biggest sleepers in the draft.
      It’s easy to run with the pack and pick guys like Rhodes, Ansah and others who everyone else is touting but I don’t ever see anyone sticking their necks out like I do and put some names of lesser known players out there.

  3. professorlou says:

    If Ireland wants to take a corner who can play lights out in Coyle’s zone defense, Leon McFadden is the guy. He could cover a gnat.

  4. professorlou says:

    Jonathan Cooper
    Jordan Poyer
    Markus Wheaton
    Vance McDonald
    Le’Veon Bell
    Leon McFadden
    Don Jones
    Chris Faulk
    Craig Wilkins
    Lanear Sampson
    Ja’Gared Davis

    UDFA: Theo Goins, Latavius Murray, Levine Toilolo, Michael Clay

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