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Sam Madison Reacts to Vontae Davis Trade
By on August 26, 2012 at 3:33 pm

Third year corner Nolan Carroll will now be asked to step up in the Dolphins secondary.

Earlier this afternoon, the Dolphins traded CB Vontae Davis to the Colts for two undisclosed draft picks, one of which is a second round selection, according to Jay Glazer of FOX Sports, while the other is a conditional sixth round pick.

To get some insight on the trade, we reached out to former Dolphin Sam Madison, who said that “It just goes to show you in the NFL anything can happen.”

Madison has been impressed with Sean Smith this preseason, noting that Smith has been lined up against the opposition’s number-one receiver in each of the three preseason games of 2012.

With Smith and veteran Richard Marshall now looking like they’ll be the top corners in Miami, Madison said that we have to “look for Smith to be that number-one corner with Marshall right behind him.”

Of course, it’s the other guys on the roster who will really have to step up and Madison believes that a third-year player who has flown under the radar this year is one of the guys that helped make this trade possible.

“What really hammered this thing down was Nolan Carroll. Nobody really looked for him to come in and push for a starting job, but he’s been really solid.”

Madison also brought up another young guy who should be able to step up and contribute in the secondary.

“Even though they moved him to safety, Jimmy Wilson still has that cover speed to be able to drop down into the slot, so they still have some playmakers on this team and now these guys really have to step up.”

Stepping up is exactly what the other players in the secondary will have to do in 2012.

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98 Responses to “Sam Madison Reacts to Vontae Davis Trade”

  1. papasobey says:

    just goes to show me that this management has no clue and dont care about season ticket holder retention. i gave jeff ireland one more year and after this i will never renew. whos next jake long for a 3rd rounder. im embarased to be a season ticket holder and a fan

    • marc_dolphin says:

      Bro do you think we can get any worse good god we suck ass

    • footballknowhow says:

      Was Vontae your reason to be a season ticket holder?

    • phinfan4g63 says:

      Yea seriously…. Was Vontae the only reason you have season tickets? I think it was a good trade, i see possibly one more big trade going down soon for a reciever.

      • shastin schoelch says:

        if people are willing to jump ship soquick, you was never a true fins fan, so see u later. yes…the trade sucks. yes…management are a bunch of idiots. but i will still wear my fins shit with pride…get ready because we are going to stink for while. bt if you are a true fan…you will brace for the storm and not tuck your tail and run. we don’t need bandwagon riders. we are not going to trade for a receiver…that would be too smart. we are going to trade bush away for a pack of skittles and 2031 draft pick. like i said….get ready for ireland to eally screw this team up more than nick saban did years ago. the good new is, we won’t have to get let down in the play-offs!!!! go fins!!!!

    • FinFanInSATX says:

      I’ve read the comments against “papasobey” and some valid points are raised. However, I totally agree with him…the chief problem is General Manager Jeff Ireland! Ireland needs to be fired immediately by Mr. Ross! You insert a rookie QB (Ryan Tannehill) into a no-win situation trading WR Brandon Marshall who indirectly took pressure off the QB and RB Reggie Bush to help him get 1,000+ yards by preventing opposing defenses from lining 8 in the box against the running game! Now, Ireland has singlehandedly marginalized a #6 NFL defense and decent 2011-12 offense into irrelevancy! The defense could have been the only bright spot through the first 8 games of the season until an offensive identity could be obtained by Tannehill and the offense with Marshall, Bush and Bess! Instead, we the fans have to settle for nothing! Please Mr. Ross, get rid of Jeff Ireland now before you lose your complete fan base! To think I was going to celebrate my birthday in Houston and attend that game against the Texans…for what?!? To watch WR Andre Johnson singlehandedly shred this defense and the secondary?!? Get real and get a new GM Mr. Ross! We’ve had enough of Jeff Ireland and his shinanigans to the franchise that Shula, the 72 Phins and Marino built! I would’ve thought this would have been done considering the foolishness Ireland brought on himself with the Dez Bryant incident! No more Cowboy-rejects…get a GM who understands the Dolphins and South Florida…like Dan Marino!

  2. xdolphinsfan says:

    Your telling me I was planing to move my buisness to Miami relocate for the Dolphins…. Sure as hell not going to now!!! This was the last straw for me!! I’ll stay in Cali now go niners!! I’m done with the dolphins…

    • CalFinsFan says:

      Never heard of a “fan” who was down with two different teams. Must be just another mediocre fan at best. Good luck with your niners.

      • footballknowhow says:

        What’s your business that a football team directs your life in the way you are saying?

        • xdolphinsfan says:

          Computer buisness I can work from home anywhere my wife and I have talked about moving for years this year was really thinking about doing it,, I love Cali and what is keeping me here.. After another stupid dolphin trade really makes me think twice about Miami!!!

          • footballknowhow says:

            Tough choice, but if you see the Fins as just part of the Florida perks, then go for it. Hey you could go to three games a year, maybe less, maybe more, never get blacked out (TV) and enjoy the Florida lifestyle. Look at this way, at least your skin will benefit from the humidity.

    • CA_DolFan says:

      Be a true fan and be optimistic. I live in Cali and will be going to Candlestick on Dec. 9th as Dolphins Fan!!! The Vonte trade was awesome! If Davis didn’t get it after 3 years and Sean Smith did get it and Smith was drafter lower than Davis, than we did a great deal. Watching Hard Knocks showed me that Vonte is not a professional at his craft and anyone would love to be in his position. We didn’t let him go for nothing (2nd and 6th Rnd) and now we have ammo to go after an established receiver that will fit our system; (Wallace, Jones).



    • xdolphinsfan says:

      Dolphins should get Dante stalworth he is better then any of our recivers.. Better yet drop all our recivers and just pick up the best ones other teams cut then we will be in good shape

      • footballknowhow says:


        • xdolphinsfan says:

          Man u are fucking stupid I know u have never even put a football uniform pads ect. In your life!!!

          • xdolphinsfan says:

            I played d1 football ,, u wish u had skills to put on a uniform your a joke ass old man that sits on his computer all day!!! I wish u would line up on the other side of the field as me so I could lay your old ass out!! Would put u out of your misery !!! Put u in the grave!!! Lol

          • footballknowhow says:

            You are one angry dude. I have zero beef with you. Not only do I STILL play and COACH. Get your facts together before you spill that much animosity. By the way I’m 6.6 and a complete athlete.

          • xdolphinsfan says:

            I don’t have beef either,,, I coach as well my sons sports… I’m angry about the dolphins but feel u keep hatin on what I say,, why I like vonte chad and marshel players with aditude much like me… Just tough competitor , typical football coach work hard yell and scream lol,, 6’6 wish I had your heighth!lol I’m 6’1 but can still dunk đŸ™‚ when I try really really hard lol,, go dolphins I know I’m talking shit but u will still see me at pizza place watching them with the fam just won’t be making any trips to Miami for a game this season,,, I love the fact that Tanehill is the starter just need at least 1 good reciver on offense ..

          • footballknowhow says:

            I only started at you when you gave me everything in the book of who I am or not, why I like the Dolphins or not. You seem like a nice guy that is as angry as I am!!! I have a daughter and a son that are well equipped for the challenges in life which I’m sure your do too. I only hope that anything we do as parents reflect on the future… the Dolphins are a fun perk of life, but have nothing to do with how and why our children grow to have fu, including a Dolphin game here and there.

            Chad, Vantae and Marshall might have been good, but they are not gentlemen of the sport. They are selfish and selfish I’m sure that neither you or I want to teach our children to be.


          • footballknowhow says:

            I play and coach for a team in the Indoor Football League, line coach! All big dudes with potential! A couple of our guys are now being tested in the NFL. Good luck to them and their families!

      • footballknowhow says:

        By the way I don’t dunk, I slam it in.LOL

  3. marc_dolphin says:

    Omg wen will Steve Ross step up n take control of his team,Jeff Ireland doesn’t have a clue on wats he’s doing I will never renew my season tickets good thing I didn’t fall into the trap of renewing them this year!!!!!!!!! I’m officially searching for a new team

  4. LavinskyJr says:

    I just dont understand… dolphins are terrible at drafting and we just traded a starter for a 2nd round pick….. maybe we have a chance to get another merling, henne, or pat white. I was on board to keep Ireland until this year… time to go Jeff!!!

  5. LavinskyJr says:

    Also… the colts have some really good young recievers like that brazil guy…. why didnt we get one of them?

  6. Benny says:

    Jeff jerkoff nows he’s going to get fired so he’s getting rid of our starters so we get more shitty then we are so he don’t care what garbage this team has left !

  7. Benny says:

    Our secondary was suspect going into this season now every team nows just pass all over our Swiss cheese secondary !! Oo ya Jeff go fuck you’re self you piece of shit mofo I been a fan and season holder since the late 80’s now fuck you and this Mickey mouse organization ! Won’t be renewing ! Made my decision a lot easier ! You must of sucked off a lot of big bosses to get you’re position cause you are clueless now watch how the rest of this team response to you’re fucking stupidity everybody is gonna want out !

    • flabanker says:

      Nice language Benny. No one can possibly take you seriously when you use that type of gutter language. No class!

    • CA_DolFan says:

      I don’t want out! The Davis trade in my opinion was awesome! More ammo to get a WR we desperately need for Tannehill. If not we have ammo to move up in the draft next year. Philbin & Ireland are getting rid of the Diva’s and the party animals, and that is a good thing. Reminds me of Shula’s regime, where he didn’t take crap from nobody and all he wanted was football players, not Diva’s. Not one Super Star is going to win us a SuperBowl. When we had Vonte, did he take us to the promise land? No… What Brandon Marshall??

      Don’t renew your season tickets, but I know you’ll be watching because I’ve been a fan since 1980 as well and I’m a dedicated fan who doesn’t give up on their team, even when the chips are down, unlike some people. In Philbin I trust and Ireland I trust. I’ll have my opinions, but I would never change colors, never… Changing colors is for chumps and bandwagoners!!

      WIN, LOOSE, OR TIE… DOLPHINS TILL I DIE!!! (Since 1980)

  8. Duke says:

    Jeff Ireland is hell bent on desroying this team. I expected more damaging decision from him this season. Who’s next to the trading blocks? Reggie?? I’ve been a DolFan since the first day Shula became head coach, I’m seriously thinking of going back to the Colts….

    • flabanker says:

      Duke, 43 years as a Dolphin fan and you are going back to the Colts. Come on, be serious. Look what the Colts just did. Unceremoniously sending their greatest player ever to the scrap heap? And they dumped a bunch of starters too. Can you imagine Miami sending Marino on his way like that? No doubt we have had troubled times but it seemed at the time when each move was made it was a sound decision. Think about it. Every head coach move made sense at the time. Even the dreaded Nick Satan. Just off of a National Championship. He knew the talent of all the college players moving into the NFL. It just shows you how difficult it is to win in the NFL. Now that we get a good coach and first round draft choice QB on board you want to leave. You might have had a case if we still had Sparano.

    • LordDracula says:

      Being from up here in Baltimore I go to Washington Capitals games and conventions – I listen to what George Mcfee has to say how to build a team – you build a team with your own drafts – not buy or trade for other teams stars – you build your foundations at home – he made a mistake trading for Jagr – now the caps have some decent talent that the fans enjoy watching – they sell out constantly and the place just rocks – I miss the Orange Bowl and how the stadium coud win a game for the team – it was so loud and fun – the fins need a new GM who knows talent – why teams stick with losers that lose year in and year out makes no sense to me – football is about winning – winning brings excitement and revenue – if I were a owner and the team kept taking steps back I would keep firing gms until one kept showing improvement – so until the Dolphins get a few strong drafts – develop their own star players – then find a few veterans to piece in a few holes – then we will see – until then – its a long wait with Jeff Ireland at the helm !

  9. fins67 says:

    I had already made up my mind after last season NOT to renew my season tix..Believe me the organization made some valiant attempts to get me to reconsider and in truth, i did have many a second thought. The clincher ended up being the fact that i cannot sit thru even one more stupid “fins left-right” BS so until Opie is fired AND that idiotic chant is forever banned I am done. The most sickening thing is having to listen to Stockton, Moore, and Griese commentate a pre season game..Those three clowns could apparently spot a rainbow in the dead of night…As for sean smith and the rest of the secondary, they stand out as the worst secondary unit I can remember in 35 years of NFL football watching…F-U Ross, Opie, and even you too Dee for you three are the only guys to blame for this ridiculous atrocity of a franchise! Good luck Vontae, you had a rough start this pre season but you showed any knowledgeable fan of this game that you were only gonna get better and without you and Y-bell, we are simply a joke,.

    • flabanker says:

      fins67, You said it all: “Vontae….you had a rough start…. and you were only going to get better”. Like when? This guy is a first round draft choice in his fourth year. When do expect him to get better? He didn’t even show up to camp in shape. This shows no dedication. Vontae was not worth the money he was earning.

      • footballknowhow says:


      • sharkfin says:

        Can you name me one Dolphin that worth the money?

        • footballknowhow says:

          can you name an actor that is worth the money? There is a huge unbalance of income in the world and entertainment (football. movies, music, etc) seem to fork out money like it grows on trees. Think about it, are you worth 120,000 a year or are you worth 1,200,000? If the market pays it, the result is a huge dollar amount for those that are perceived as great entertainment. It’s an ugly fact of life.

        • fins67 says:

          correct dude (except for Bush and Long) and quite frankly…don’t think starting tanneyhill over Moore who went 6-3 and earned the respect of his teammates sits well with the vets. Yes, it’;s a new regime and we all want to see tanneyhill start but this to me is all about putting fans in seats and I think the players see that. Moore is not WORSE than last year so how does he lose his job to a kid who unlike Russel Wilson, or Luck or RGIII has not drawn anything more than “that kid’s got some potential” from anyone watching so far. I want to hope he is the future too but sticking him out there with no experience and no weapons game 1 and alienating vets shows me a disconnect. keep buying into this “new regime” stuff the reality is this team is in shambles.

      • fins67 says:

        Vontae i always thought could have been moved to safety and I’m sorry but corner is a position that takes 3-4 seasons to develop except for a few exceptions..have you watched smith give up on plays in the last two seasons like i have? When Bush/Long and dansby went in to talk to Philbin their point was this team will implode if you do not given them a chance to gel in the first place. How many picks have we had in both early and late rounds in the last 5 years?? Aside from Long, and Pouncey, there is not a single draft standout! How can that be on a team with limited talent? Guys like Odrick and Misi (forget about the White’s. henne’s, Turner’s) were 1st and 2nd rounders and they cannot even get noticed on a team where Nate Garner is your starting right tackle?? Really?!? Where would Misi or Odrick be on the Pats or the Saints or the Giants?? Where would Seam Smith be on the Packers or Bears?? They would all be freaking cut!! They would never have even been drafted earlier than the 5th or 6th rounds by any of those teams! Where has Ireland hit (do not count Long if you can’t hit on a #1 pick…) None of us know what happened with Vontae but I can tell you this, i’m not excited about trading a guy who I know can play this game for any draft pick in the hands of the asshole who couldn’;t build a team if you gave him 15 picks in the first round for 2 straight years….

    • footballknowhow says:

      fins67, why this anger? Stockton, Moore and Griese gave you many years of football enjoyment… since ’67, I presume. Don’t spend your money on this team, it is your choice! Don’t watch, don’t go and don’t aggravate yourself over something you have absolutely no control of. I have spent too many dollars on Directv and at the stadium….. but at the end of the day it has always been a treat to see the Dolphins win or loose… remember it’s entertainment!

      • fins67 says:

        true..they did. I also know they are paid by the fins but when fasano drops a pass to the chest (“well that one came in a little fast on him”…) and a guy catches a pass falling at the 2 and our safety’s instinct is to FIRST AVOID HIM AS HE IS ROLLING INTO THE ENDZONE and there is no comment of any kind is hard to accept.

  10. salukiphin says:

    Look at his stats from every year and where he ranked among other NFL starters. We didn’t lose an all-pro, we lost a guy that doesn’t like to try until his Granmommy calls to motivate him.

  11. xdolphinsfan says:

    Fuck u hommie I live in San Fran was an expression don’t have 2 teams just where I live don’t talk crap when u don’t know what’s going on!!! U know as well as all of us writting on here that the dolphins suck and won’t go over 500 this year!!

  12. xdolphinsfan says:

    Just won’t be waiting my money this year flying to Miami to watch a game!!

  13. footballknowhow says:

    My first reaction was like you all… What is happening!!!!!!!!!!! Then I though Why??? Vontae was a big plus for us, but think about it… New England always beat him, even the Jets, now after the fight with Smith he is not a Philbin player!!! His brother almost got shanked out of SF for his non-playing attitude. I believe it’s the right move. Now as far as Ireland is concerned, well I do not believe he is going anywhere else any time soon. Like him or not, he might be the guy that is slowly destroying the fins, but only the ownership will figure that out. Ross is not Jerry Jones, Ross brought in the W. Sisters, JLOW and Marc, now the ex, just for marketing purposes. Ross might realize at some point what football can be, and how truly it should be marketed, but only when he is surrounded by the right football people.

  14. footballknowhow says:

    I agree with all your comments about drafting, but let’s face it, we have had many heads at the helm for years and they all have had their opinions. It’s a fresh start, let’s give it shot and STOP WHATCHIN HBO to make an opinion of the NOW guys at the helm. Enjoy the show, but do not make an opinion of what the director of the show what’s to show, but what the players and coaches are going through. We are all people of reason, please don;t let your emotions of loosing make you change in any way because one day you will enjoy the process of what the team goes through for our enjoyment and win a SB for all of us.,

  15. footballknowhow says:


    1: a bunch of guys that play football (fans, players and coaches)
    2: a bunch of guys that like football (fans, players and coaches)
    3. a bunch of guys that leave football (fans, players and coaches)

    You cannot get upset at the always turning and very demanding business that can profit by winning or hiring by hiring the Hollywood poster child. It’s the excitement of all of the above, for a very short period of time.

    Think about it… we see the the games on tv or we actually go to the stadium… and it’s always about who you are enjoying of shouting at the tv for and with.

    • sharkfin says:

      Hey footballknowhow, so you are saying that poor folks can’t be a sport fans or in this case dolfans, and do you really know how a football team makes its money? just cuirous.

      • footballknowhow says:

        I did not say that. And yes, most of a team’s income comes from broadcasting dollars. A game is just like any other tv show you watch. There is a huge dollar difference between a game going network/international and a home game that is only watched by those that attend the game. When Denver got TBow, they made there money many times over and they where not that great of a team… but TBow was attractive to advertisers that wanted to spend millions to be part of the show with their commercials.

    • xdolphinsfan says:

      Football u seem like a joke!! What does Miami have u writing to back them up?? U must be young and havnt been a fan as long as us just over the bs here bad decision making,,, teams will pass all over Miami this year wait and see!! And if they don’t get Tanehill a receiver he is set up for failure !

      • footballknowhow says:

        xdolphinsfan, I might be joke to you, I might be older or even younger than what you think and I might be paid by Miami, or not, but if you carefully read what I’ve written you would see that in no way shape or form I’m backing up the brass in Miami. Just like you, it’s upsetting, but the facts are the facts…. IT’S A BUSINESS that neither you or I have any control over.

  16. Finz says:

    If I didnt know better, I would think that I was on the Dolphins Hate site! Whats this all about, we traded a 1st rounder that has drinking problems, poor work ethic, adhd and a bad attitude. He got burnt on big plays and when he did come up and make a tackle, he went out hurt. As for drafting, The old regime had influence over who was being drafted and that was the real reason for all the busts. Look at this years draft, a very good draft, look at the off season moves, P.Manning had his own agenda, M. Flynn is now a second string QB for seatle to a Rookie.(lets pay our back up 6 million) Chad Johnson had a bad attitude and was unstable, B Marshall had a terrible attitude and all of his drama needed to go.(he dropped 7 or 8 TD last year, what a joke). Our Head Coach is asking for his players to have character, not to be a character! I am excited for what is going on with the Dolphins and support the whole organization. Will they get everything right? No, but what organization does. I will say that we need receiver help, but I am positive that the 5 draft picks that we have in the first 40 picks of next year’s draft could be used for a trade this year. We have to be patient and let it all work itself out. Ross, Ireland and Philbin all want to win and win now!

    • footballknowhow says:

      Finz, like xdolphinsfan says about me, you are paid by Miami.. LOL. Finally someone with smarts! I agree with you, football is like baking, the right amount of ingredients, at the right temperature will give you the best pie… but ALWAYS BE PATIENT!

      • xdolphinsfan says:

        Some1 with smarts lol!!! Was going to say something nice but now u wanna talk shit!!!?? Are u even a dolphins fan??? Or just some gay guy trying to suck off some guys in a chat room lol

        • footballknowhow says:

          This should be pleasant conversation about the team, not your personal outlook on your own life!

        • footballknowhow says:

          I’m a finfan more than you can imagine… If you are a Dolphan, then stop calling yourself XDolphinsfan!!!!

          • xdolphinsfan says:

            Why? I put a x so my name can be dolphin fan lol x is a blank.. Your to old to realize that!! Get off your old ass and get outside!!! U need some sun light!!

          • footballknowhow says:

            You are pathetic and obviously cursing is the only way you can communicate. I hope that none of your computer skills affect the internet. X, you are a brilliant creative mind, of course X for Im not Dolphinsfan, I’m X Dolphinsfan. Do you even speak English?

    • deaners says:

      Finally, some one with a little common sense! I do agree with your last statement, that Ross, Ireland and Philbin want to win….but I dont think the team has the talent to win now. In any case, if anyone really belives that Ireland doesn’t care is a fool. The man’s reputation in front of all his peers is at stake. He desperately want’s to prove himself……

  17. LordDracula says:

    I have been a long time Miami fan since 1974 – I lived and breathed for this team – wow I sure do miss the days this team ruled the NFL. It was so easy to love football the way they executed the game – So many years went by and I thought old man Shula forgot how to coach because we could never win a big game when we needed one – now we are lucky to win a game anymore – I never thought in my life this team would ever be in the lower portion of the nfl or a laughing stock – but it is – trading top players to a divison team – a big no no in any sport – now Wes Welker is the man at wide reciever – a trade that should have never happened – when the Saints were the aints back in the day they traded top talent like Wes Chandler – Chuck Muncie and others that made other teams power houses – and they stayed the aints for a long time – now the Dolphins are doing the same thing – I don’t follow the game the way I once did – I don’t have Sunday ticket – I don’t buy Dolphins gear – I hurt that they have bad ownership and coaches – because if you had people who know football this team would win – being from Baltimore I could jump on the Ravens bandwagon – but my heart has always been Miami – so I’ll watch from afar knowing another season will be long and tormenting – Jeff Ireland you have no clue about football – you and Peter Angelos should have each others pictures on your office walls – because you could care less about the team and winning – and collect a check for being a first class loser !

    • footballknowhow says:

      Well put. This business model that the fins have adopted is what makes companies go belly-up. And guess what gang, there are NO bailouts in football… maybe the Dolphins will become the Wyoming Wild Cats, you never know.

    • BleedAquaandOrange says:

      Nicely said Lord. I remember sitting in the stands at Joe Robbie stadium and almost coming to tears listening to the fans chant “we want Jimmy” when coach Shula was having a bad run at the end of his career. It has been downhill for this team ever since. Wes Welker was the man in Miami, it didn’t take a trade for him to become the man. So many bad choice for this organization. In order to become an elite again, we need franchise ownership, managment and players—-ALL with heart that take pride in being OUR MIAMI DOLPHINS!!

  18. JORGAP says:

    I dont understand what this guy is thinking, but the owner of this team is he has something of pride, he NEED to KICK OUT Ireland he sucks

  19. xdolphinsfan says:

    Yes I agree Ireland sucks!!!!

  20. trilobyte says:

    It’s true that Vontae has all the talent to be a great corner but when you come to camp out of shape that shows a lack of respect to your team. This team needs players who are hungry to play. Enough with the big contracts and lack of effort, give me guys who have heart and talent that want to put on a show on Sundays. Do me a favor and trade Dansby that guy has yet to show he’s even at ankle level with Ray Lewis!

    • footballknowhow says:

      Very well put. Dansby came from a small market team… he was the head of the lion., now at Miami he is the tail of the lion cause other players are better than him. Maybe it’s the weather! Maybe it’s the fame and fortune. Players take things for granted when in the big leagues! Look at when TO went to Buffalo, he even said that he had never seen so many cameras in his life! Dansby suffers from the same “Star Power” as Vantae and Ocho did. Look at Long, humble future Hall of Famer.

  21. evan916 says:

    I’m die hard Dolphins fan, and I can’t agree more with the direction we’re going in. Davis is a bum, he’s lazy and he’s all about himself not the team. Do away with the team cancers Chad, Marshall, and Davis, and get draft picks, seems to me the Fins are taking a page out of the Patriots book. For all you “Dolphin fans” who are upset about this you must not watch the games, because if you did you would know how bad Davis really is.

  22. DolPhan77 says:

    I was upset at first. but then, really got to thinking about it. Like everyone I have an opinion and was going to write it just now until I realized it doesnt matter. There are people making decisions for this team that are not going to call me and ask. I will continue to complain at times but no matter, will still watch every game, cheer, and say ” had this, this and this not happened…we would have won.” lol. I’ll Look forward to the season every year, I’ll drive to Miami from the ATL twice a season for a home game, (already went to Charlotte) simply because I enjoy it, and love my Fins! and the game of football. Ill stop when i dont anymore..but Getting on here and blasting the team as if I simply know better than the people in the positions at the top makes no sense. Choose to watch, choose to not. Define yourself as a fan, do what you want, Im sure there are enough “sticking arounders” to keep the team going. I made it through the “one win season” “Saban And Wan…cant finish the name” lol…I can handle Vontae going.

    • footballknowhow says:

      Hey DolPhan77 you mirrored what I said, well done.

    • BleedAquaandOrange says:

      Bravo Dolphan77!! We made it through many of bad times. It breaks my heart knowing that my son’s middle school team could whip the Fins, lol, but I will always be a fan and nothing could make me jump ship! I have been a fan since I was born (’71) and although I live in South Carolina now, I proudly fly my Dolphin flags outside. I will follow along in CA_DolFan words:

  23. Dolphinbites says:

    I think that everybody wants a good team now vs. later, and when you trade or release vets like Chris Chambers, Brandon Marshall, Vontea Davis, Jason Taylor, Ronnie Brown, and ext., you have to show that their talent can be replaced. The Dolphin’s top office has not done this for years, so I agree that Jeff Ireland needs to go. He is over-all responsible for personel, and he has failed at his job for years. These young players need to be spectators until they can prove themselves worthy of this league. I have been a fan of the Fins for many years, and I will not switch to the 49ers because I live in Cali, come on!!! I am sick and tired of a coach being put in charge of this team, and before his second year is up, he is looking like “who sank my battleship”! I hope like all the other coach’s I have seen get the boot, that Philbin will turn this team around, but kicking your vets to the curve, and rolling the dice on some group of young talent, is not a good start.

    • footballknowhow says:

      it’s only a start. This is a new team all around. Do you truly believe that the SB was within reach with the vets we had and have? There is no way we can compete with even, as pathetic as it sounds, the Jets!!! Let’s all go on vacation and return in ten years to see them win.

  24. trilobyte says:

    Well now we have something else to worry about, Jake Long injured his knee!!!

  25. trilobyte says:

    No word yet on how bad the injury is but it doesnt look good.

  26. trilobyte says: just reported Longs injury is not serious…. That’s good news for Tannehill

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