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REPORTS: Chad Johnson Cut by Dolphins (UPDATED)
By on August 12, 2012 at 9:02 pm

One night after his arrest and just two nights after his first (preseason) game in a Dolphins uniform, reports indicate that WR Chad Johnson has been cut by the team.

FOX Sports’ Jay Glazer was the first to report, tweeting the following:

That initial news has since been confirmed by several South Florida news outlets and Armando Salguero of the Miami Herald adds that the decision to cut Johnson was solely that of coach Joe Philbin.

Johnson was targeted once in his Dolphins debut on Friday night and was unable to catch a third down pass from QB Matt Moore.

On last Tuesday’s premiere of HBO’s “Hard Knocks,” Johnson was shown on the receiving end of a conversation about self-representation from Philbin after a profanity-laced address to the media.

The 34-year old signed with Miami as a free agent on June 11th of this year.

*UPDATE: At 9:16pm, the Dolphins sent out the following statement: “The Miami Dolphins have terminated the contract of WR Chad Johnson, the team announced today.”

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13 Responses to “REPORTS: Chad Johnson Cut by Dolphins (UPDATED)”

  1. mapeye24 says:

    more proof this team is headed in the right direction, chad i hope nothin but the best for you.

  2. cj007 says:

    Nothing personal. Philbin was given no choice. This is how you transform into an organization to be respected. The repercussions of repeatedly stupid decisions should apply to all professions. Football players should not get moron passes. I like this team holding people accountable. No more excuses. Just play football or go away.

    • 35cows says:

      Not when you don’t stand behind your players. Innocent until proven guilty. Just drop a player less then 24hrs. Without a story or conviction. I don’t want to be apart of that organization. Yes hold them accountable! BUT only if they are GUILTY.

      • K B says:

        Most likely, he was warned before they agreed to sign him. Hopefully, they’ll provide more insight by covering the meeting (between Philbin and CJ after he was released from jail) on Hard Knocks.

  3. 35cows says:

    First of all how dare you guys and that fucking retard of a head coach philbin it’s obvious he didn’t want nor like chad on the team because he was waiting for a reason and that reason does not have a truth behind it, chad is a great person and a great player. Never got in trouble nor on field or off field of that matter. And for him to make a QUICK decision like that is cruel. Yes if he IS guilty then YES do what u gots to do for the team. Innocent until proven guilty. I didnt see ANYONE talking this much trash when Ben Roethlisberger was accused of raping two women, or Cedric benson who almost beat his roommate to death, Chris Henry been arrested like 5 times(gun charges,drugs etc). Or micheal tuner who was in the same boat as chad. And the list goes on…..I really hate the dolphins for that quick trigger move and HATE philbin for letting him go, at least wait or an outcome. Bad judgment. Chad was there best WR. They should have at least stayed by him until proven guilty. We all are humans, we all make mistakes and YES if your guilty then u should pay for your crimes. But he is not guilty of that crime. LOST MAJOR RESPECT FOR THE DOLPHINS!!!!! Find a better head coach that makes the right choice at the RIGHT time. Chad keep ya head up! Brush off the negatively and let God handle the rest! Stay bless.

    • K B says:

      I would agree with you if he wasn’t warned. I’m speculating, but he was probably warned about distractions before he was signed. The Dolphins was one of the few teams to give him this chance. Chad is one of my favorite players, but this is a business, and the Dolphins don’t owe him anything. His first bad decision was marryng her in the first place. There should be a pic of her in the dictionary illustrating Drama Queen. He should have stayed away from her until training camp was over. I wish him luck with another team, but the last thing the Dolphins need is more drama.

      • 35cows says:

        Your right. And the first mistake was getting with that women. And it is a business, but I felt like they should of waited. And the GM don’t want no players to even get a DUI, which is stupid. That’s why u run away the great players. Like when we had a chance to get randy moss but no he had a record and thought he was gonna bring trouble. But at the end ur right. Best of luck with chad he finds a team.

  4. KeeganKK says:

    While this may seem precipitated, Chad “intellect of a 12 year old” Johnson brings Far too much unneeded and stressful tension to a team which needs ultimate focus. I am SOOO happy he is finally off my team and i never have to hear about him again. I would give any receiver, Roberto, Edmund, B.J., a chance to maybe start or see more time, over delaying the inevitable firing, and “coming up with a solution” in dealing with this failure.

  5. KeeganKK says:

    35cows: It seems you are more of a chad and a “fair chance” fan, than a Dolphin’s fan. Chad MAY have maybe worked out as a receiver for maybe 1 year. Look at all the attention and commotion just temporarily signing him to the team has brought? You have rookie linebackers answering stupid questions from reporters about Chad Johnson’s nail polish! I don’t care about his nails or chad, and either do his new teammates. Lastly, this isnt a court of law boss, its just football. NO ONE has to wait for fair, or wait for facts, or “innocent until proven guilty”. You’re blurring a criminal justice system with a NFL team workplace, and a strict one at that. Philbin in the man for firing that moron before he could cause more undue hardship. I am glad you are so upset, let your frustration wash over you and please stop cheering for the dolphins 35cows, find another team.

    • ottobell22 says:

      Couldn’t have put it any better KeeganKK!

    • 35cows says:

      Never have been a dolphin fan!!!, never will. CHIEFS FAN BABY!! Just a chad fan cuz I’m from Miami and I’ve meet in a few times and he is a great person. just because I don’t like the GM, And how they operate their business. It’s there football team not mines and they what they please but I would never wish bad upon no one. I don’t think he’s a moron -__- he really is a cool dude. I just hope someone picks him up

  6. mapeye24 says:

    KeeganKK, VERY WELL SAID and 35cows we wont miss you , go dolphins

    • 35cows says:

      Lol still….IM NOT A DOLPHIN FAN!!! Been a chief fan since Derrick Thomas. And I really hope dolphins go 0-16 lol and that’s even before chad got cut. But I did wanted chad and wake to have a good season. Was the best two players on the team cuz bush sucks and CB’s are retarded lol…just saying ????

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