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REPORT: Vontae Davis Traded to Indianapolis
By on August 26, 2012 at 2:23 pm

FOX Sports insider and NFL Network contributor Jay Glazer is reporting that the Dolphins have traded cornerback Vontae Davis to the Indianapolis Colts  for a second round draft pick:


Davis had lost his starting job to veteran Richard Marshall during training camp this year, appearing third on the depth chart and mainly coming onto the field in nickel situations, with Marshall moving inside to the slot and Davis playing the corner opposite Sean Smith.

Originally a first round pick (25th overall) by Miami in 2009, Davis has started 36 games in three seasons for the Dolphins, collecting nine interceptions, one of which was returned for a touchdown.

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17 Responses to “REPORT: Vontae Davis Traded to Indianapolis”

  1. davidblum7 says:

    Horrible trade! Does nothing for us this year! SHould have kept Vontae. We need to start holding out for more when we deal with these other GM’s. We’re too easy!

    • xdolphinsfan says:

      What the hell are u guys doing to the Dolphins??!!!!!! U have lost me as a fan!!!!! No more bs with this stupid team!!! Ireland can eat a &$@? U wanna get rid of our most explosive defense player best receiver Now I hear of rumers of getting rid of bush too?? Ireland is trying to make the Dolphins the worst team plain and simple!!!! I’ve been a fan sence 1983 when we drafted Marino no more I’m done with the idiots in this organization !!!! I get nfl Sunday ticket every year just to watch the dolphins play cuz I Live in Cali,,, go to every game when they come to this town I’m going to burn ever dolphin memribilia I have!!!!!! I’m over this team!!!! Fuck Ireland!!!! Hope u burn in hell!!!!! Fill sorry for u that are still dolphins fans time to find a new team,, as long as Ireland is in charge they will never make playoffs!!!!

    • vafinfan says:

      David 3 years of under achieving and were getting what will be a low second round and a sixth sounds like a good trade for a back up corner

  2. geofdolfan says:

    no respect for the fans…pee-wee team this year, owner saving money, goodbye marshall,davis and everyone we loved to Watch. it sucks to be a season ticket holder…big time! hate this owner!!!

    • ykain1524 says:

      yall trippen we need dat 2nd round pick the draft next year is full of WR n corner i cant lie we should have made them throw reggie wayne or a anothere vet reciever in but it str8 shit yall act like marshall was great when he was here imean how you make kyle orton a pro bowl qb but cant even make henne look good for every good catch marshall have he had hella drops

  3. fins5429 says:

    This is an abolute terible trade. Vontae Davis, when motivated, is a top-tier cornerback. This is evidenced by his history. The fact that he was having maturity issues, which I’m assuming is the reason that he dropped on the depth chart, shows more a lack of ability to motivate players from the coach. When coach Sporano had a problem with Davis, he benched him, after which point Davis straightened up.
    Davis was the dolphins most talented defensive player. This was a terrible move.

  4. incrediblewill says:

    Omg, this team is turning to a church choir. No type of Physical players on the team this GM and HC are strewing the fins with no lube. Vonte Davis was the best all around corner, when it comes to tackling and being physical he was the man, and if I’m not mistaking he is a younger player than Marshall c’mon man. Don’t be surprise if we become the Key West dolphins. And mr.Ross your leadership will have your games blackout every week. Damn a rebuild, I think I talk for all the fans we tired of waiting…….

  5. DolphanPaul says:

    I Liked the way Vontae played and think this is another huge mistake by upper management. INY will be very happy with the play of Davis and this is shown by the high draft pick given. Most NFL Teams offer 4th and 5th picks for castoffs. They understand Miami made a mistake trading a starter.

  6. xdolphinsfan says:

    Y’all trippin huh ?? Homie u don’t know shit about football!!! Marshel dropping passes?? He made or offense better!! Even with his drops!! Defenses would double even triple team him only reasons other recivers would get open look at are recivers now is any1 open?? Where is that go to guy?? As for vonte I bet money he gets 6 plus interceptions and makes pro bowl this year!! Trade a first round pick for only a second when u know he is a beast at that position!!! Dolphins have no balls and can’t handle any players!!! Chad jonhson would have helped our team but of course got rid of him too!!! We don’t have 1 playmaker on offense,, no offense Reggie bush.. U have shown us nothing

  7. South Bergen Phin Phan says:

    What a joke. Now we are weak at receiver and cornerback, among other things. Dump Ireland.

  8. equinetim says:

    Well, here we go again. New season, new coach, new qb, same old load of crap. Three pres-season games, three losses, and Ross and Ireland disbanding the team, again, instead of rebuilding. These bunch of idiots just get better, it reall, really does. They just do not care about this franchise or its fans. Ross and Ireland are scum and the sooner they are both out of Miami the better. There would be two words I would delight in saying to both of them, the first of which would be extremely rude, the second one being off.

  9. JBDolphin78 says:

    I’m glad to see that most people are as pissed about this as I am, especially after the bogus Marshal trade. I wish I had something reassuring to say to everyone to keep believing that we’ll be good again one day but really all I can think is that this is just another BS situation. And to add more fuel to the fire…don’t forget that we got rid of our leading tackler Yeremiah Bell earlier this year too!!!

  10. Shay says:

    I’m going to wait and see what these picks turn into, but down the road if they don’t help us NOW, it’s a horrible move… the NFL isn’t Sunday school, give this “character issues” crap a rest. we’ve now dealt our most explosive offensive and defensive players for 3 2nd round pics

  11. Marino101 says:

    man i so agree with every body on here u guys are so right, but im not switching teams ill hang in till the dark cloud called JEFF IRELAND is gone!!!!I dont get what the owner sees about this guy (HE IS TRASH) Parcells is gone so should he i think i remember them as a pair, ones gone so goes the other. AN i didnt hear about a Bush trade but if this is true, man are we the laughing stalk of football, im tiered of being put down by other nfl lovers cause im a Dolphins fan give us a Reason PLEASE!!! Forget draft picks i see others rebuilding an it aint in the draft man, free agents are a bonus, we dont have time to do this every three years, lets do something an stop givein all the other teams ower star player for nothing this crap makes me sick! not every draft pick is a star, i thought we were rollin with Matt Moore so homeboy Tannehill can learn, u have no game plan NONE the only person Ireland is fooling is himself, thats what we need some more busts out of the draft or did he forget that does happen! some of the tallent were giveing away for free is not replaceable,we may get one or two good players out the draft, what a joke!!! well better get my paper bag ready for this year!

  12. Marino420 says:

    It does get very frustrating when we have a franchise with this great history and have no upper exec’s that really seem to want to bring a winning culture back to South Florida. However, I cannot ever see myself turning on them. I only wish that somehow Marino would get involved in an executive position like Elway. He could only bring good to the team and be serious about a championship he never had. All we can do is be hopeful and watch the season progress, We’ll have to be patient though with the new coaching staff and the young players. Lets not lose hope over what we see in pre-season. And remember, losing Vontae is not the end of the world, he’s only one guy,we had one of the best in the history of the game in Dan Marino and still couldnt get it done.

  13. DolphanPaul says:

    How about Stallworth being signed as a WR a he was released by NE

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