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Reaction To Release of Chad Johnson
By on August 13, 2012 at 4:21 pm

The Miami Dolphins released a short statement on Sunday night announcing the termination of Chad Johnson’s contract, officially ending his homecoming in Miami after 61 days.

Here’s some of the Dolphins’ reaction to Johnson’s release:

Joe Philbin:

“Again, it was more a body of evidence from June 11th forward. When he came in on June 11th, we sat down and we talked and I was very clear as to the expectations of the program. It just didn’t work out. It’s more about the fit; in my gut I didn’t think the fit was going to be beneficial to either party moving forward, whether in the short-term or the long-term. That’s really what it was all about. It wasn’t about one specific thing; it just wasn’t going to work.

“It’s not about one person flexing his muscles and saying, ‘We’re doing this.’ It’s, again, it’s just about a fit and it didn’t feel like to me that this fit was going to be right for us as an organization or for Chad. It was time to move on. It is what it is. Again, it wasn’t done to send a message. It was done because it just didn’t feel right. That’s why it was done.”

Cam Wake:

“Well, that’s football. You’re always going to miss the guys you play with. But at the end of the day, your friends aren’t going to help you on the football field. We need football players, and he’s not on the football team right now so we’re moving forward.”

Sean Smith:

“I look at it more of as an opportunity for younger guys who may not have that big name to step up, like a Marlon Moore, Roberto Wallace, Julius Pruitt, just to name a few. Those guys have big shoes to fill and they’re looking forward to it.”

Reshad Jones: 

“This is a business and you’ve got to be a professional at all times. By that happening, I guess it did give guys a different outlook on how you should carry yourself.”

Karlos Dansby:

“The NFL, period, won’t stand for it. The shield is what we’re protecting at all times. We’ve got to man up and be accountable for our actions.”


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28 Responses to “Reaction To Release of Chad Johnson”

  1. DolphanPaul says:

    Chad was a great receiver once but he must understand that he works for an NFL company that has rules on the field and in public. No matter which team he’s on they represent The NFL So follow the rules or find another career.

    • hyoungii says:


  2. afroking says:

    I look @ it as a chance for Joe Philbin to make a name for himself. Joe knows that the woman that Chad johnson married was out for publicity. Look how she left Antionne Walker when he got broke. The only thing I blame Chad Johnson is his selection in the woman that he married. Can Joe Say he never had a domestic violence issue with his wife. Are you telling me Joe that if you have a spat with your wife, you should be dismissed as the Head Coach of the Dolphins. Once the Dolphins Start getting their butt kicked. By Releasing Chad and Brandon. Then we will call for your firing, because you made some off season moves that were not benefical to the team. Move over Miami…we have another Jack Delrio here…He wants his name in the spotlight and his ego will stand in the way of winning

    • dray29 says:

      How many rings do either one of those 2 head cases have?…… The answer is 0! You don’t win with distractions like them on your team

    • MikeFromNewEngland says:

      I dont agree with this entire post AfroKing, sorry. I think being an asst coach his entire career, Joe Philbin is setting a tone for the players that he’s not a pushover kind of guy for one, and has no problem cutting a veteran ex superstar. Secondly, I think by doing this he’s making some of the other players, both vets & rookies alike, think twice before acting the fool & disrespecting the organization. I agree with his decision totally, and stand by him. It’s the same thing BB would of done in New Eng. Or for that matter, many other coaches. I believe he did what was needed.
      About the wife part, I do agree. She is a gold digging nobody.

  3. afroking says:

    I want to be the First to call for Joe’s Firing….I’m telling you this guy will not make it in the NFL…Watch…the Dolphins wont win a game…David Garrard…Listen what I tell you…You have strikes against you….1 Ryan Tannehill wife is hotter than yours. Explain. the Dolphins needs an all American White QB. They are looking for another Dan Marino. David you experienced this in Jacksonville with the Rookie White QB coming into town. Your face was never on Billboards in Jacksonville like Gabbert’s is now. Jacksonville is a Racist city…Yes David you will get a few reps, but your not in the Dolphins Plan. Joe will cut you also. He wants to make a name for himself just like Delrio. David I’m a Big Fan of your’s but you should have spoken up about releasing top recievers that you need to keep your game up. You see the Jaguars never gave you recievers to throw too. Look how Gene Smith went out and got a big time reciever when your not there. They did not want you to advance. That’s what the Dolphins are doing…They don’t want you to have recievers to throw too. Your gonna run around trying to find someone to catch the ball and you wont have the talent to make you complete. That is why Brandon marshall and Chad Johnson is gone…You will be gone soon David…Your the only reason why I’m sticking with the dolphins.. I been a fan of the Dolphins since I was a child, but the ownership and Joe are stinking it up…

    • dray29 says:

      Your an idiot and a racist a$$ hole, look at the facts… Chad Johnson was a distraction and filbin doesn’t play that game, he is setting a tone and anybody who headbutts their wife has a problem, this has nothing to do with color or anything of such so save the b.s. to me it’s obvious you have no clue what you are talking about!

    • gcox says:

      Do you not understand how racist YOU are?? So you want to bring some justice to town by calling out all the racist moves people are making around you huh? All you are doing is perpetuating your own ignorance and hatred. Um…Garrard is injury prone (case in point this week’s knee surgery) and has only been a game manager at best. It was time to move on in Jacksonville and he will never “be the guy” anywhere else in this league because his best years are gone, that’s nature not racism. Until you learn to think objectively and stop blaming every thing you disagree with on racism, you will always be that ignorant fool in the back of the room sounding like an ignorant fool. I don’t have much hope for you though because you are projecting your own racism on everyone else so you feel justified in being a bigot. Probably never going to “get it”. Go ahead, find a new team, we don’t want bigots.

  4. lefty5555 says:


    You do not get Joe Philbin at all. That dude is as low profile as you can get. After watching one episode of hard knocks you can see what Johnson is all about. He is a tremendous athlete that lacks common sense and really self control.

    I think the headbutt was just one of the factors. The other is that his behavior is not something anyone should condone. He was told what was expected and did the opposite in the presser. He proved he wasn’t going to change by getting arrested. Adios. Thank you Joe Philbin! Obviously we have a man of character at the helm.

  5. phinfan4g63 says:

    Does anyone else agree that Afroking is an idiot!!!!

    • myrabs says:

      Without a Doubt! You go Joe Philbin…it is about time that these spoiled, “professional” players are held to standards the rest of the world should be held to. It is a difficult decision to make, and finally someone stood up and made it. These “professionals” must act as such, not privileged individuals because they can throw or catch a ball. The NFL, NBA, MLB must finally grow up and take a stand against poor actions and judgement

    • salerjo72 says:

      Afroking is not only an idiot but probably a Jets fan

  6. afroking says:

    I have been a fan since Bob Griese was QB…it’s the truth…you don’t win football games with good charcter guys…who wants to see a football player with a nice attuide. Why would you trade Brandon Marshall for drafts picks… Can you say racist acts…This man has not even been to court and Joe has already convicted him and released him. Did Chad Johnson have any problems in New England? I can assure you that if Ryan and his lady get into a fight, they wont fire him from the team. Let’s take a look @ Jones Drew from Jacksonville…the NFL’s leading rusher. They don’t want to pay him what he’s worth…you know why..because he’s black….Look at welker and the tight ends in New England..They got huge contracts…Brady Demanded it….The NFL is racist…that’s why the rookie’s have salary caps…..they are tired of seeing black men come in making so much money…They want to keep us down…So you white boys…just sit back and watch the dolphins lose this year, next year…until Joe is gone

    • rrlfb1998 says:

      Really, you’re a bigot…peeps like you will keep society in the racial trenches forever. footballknowhow put it perfectly…race is not a factor it’s about the facts. Know what you’re talking about before you spill your hatred on the internet and look like an idiot.

  7. footballknowhow says:

    Has anyone noticed the very large contracts that RG3 and Newton got? Has anyone noticed that more than 75% of NFL players are black. Has anyone noticed that all teams pay more in salaries to blacks than any other race? Has anyone noticed that there are more blacks in the Hall of Fame than any other race? Get off the racist horse and really see the facts. Anyone can speculate or have an opinion about why certain players are being fired, benched or never hired, but the facts are the facts.

  8. footballknowhow says:

    thank you:


    to afroking:

    Do you think that Chad Johnson should have hit his now ex-wife Evelyn Lozada? Was she demanding too much like Brady and never got what she wanted? Was she too soft like Drew and settled for less? What is it?
    NEVER EVER TOUCH A WOMAN would you agree?

    • afroking says:

      to footballknowhow says:

      Do you know the facts of the case? I’m just wondering…You seem to know that Chad hit his wife? All you know is what the police report says. Do you know anything about the Drama Queen woman who has been in many fights on Basketball Wives? She is a trouble maker. So STFU…A man is innocent until proven guilty. She wants to divorce the man because of an argument and come out as a spokesman against domestic violence, when she has been violent on National TV with other women…man give me a break

      • footballknowhow says:

        You seem to think it’s alright to hit a woman, rather than the evidence the police showed to arrest him. On top of it, if you believe a SCRIPTED TV SHOW as the truth you have allot to learn.

  9. footballknowhow says:

    thanks also to:


  10. footballknowhow says:

    One last thing to afroking.

    Like Sean Smith put it out… when someone like Chad, with that big fat weekly check is not a team player, then there are more opportunities for young black men to earn the money they deserve and MORE! And we are not talking minimum wage for the rest of your life!

  11. CHRIS1960 says:

    I see Dansby as the next one to go with his big mouth….

  12. footballknowhow says:

    By the way gang, I’m a personal friend of Welker’s and Brady’s. And Welker is a machine of commitment!!! And this sport is about committing to a corporate goal with pads and helmets. So mr. afroking, Brady did not fight for Welker, Welker fought for himself with both the Dolphins and the Patriots, unfortunately he is with THEM now.

    Mr. afroking, would you go down the center of a defense, exposing your life to some five white or black guy running 30 miles an hr towards your head?

    That it why he gets paid the big bucks! Not because of Brady.

  13. afroking says:

    Football…if brady wanted welker gone….do you think New England would of resigned him….I don’t think so…Don’t you agree?

    • footballknowhow says:

      Not at all. Trust me when I say that Brady had nothing to do with Welker’s stay. In professional sports every man is out for himself! Don’t give any power to the players, they have NONE!!! Look at all the horrible trades happening in the NBA. There is no TEAM loyalty anymore, at least not since you were a fan of the Fins when Griece played.

      Brady’s destiny will be the same as Montana’s, Moon’s, Manning’s and even RG3 and Luck when their time is over and they cannot put fan butts on the stadium seats. Marino was forced to retire… go figure.

      ALL NFL teams are corporations, it’s about their money, not the players. Like a friend of mine, ex Ram player once told me… if it wasn’t for my business degree that I had before I was drafted I would be flipping burgers after I retired. 99% of players that are not smart, will end up flipping burgers cause they thought they were ALL THAT when playing and their ego got in the way of reality.

  14. cooldeal007 says:

    “Afroking” is like the Martin Short character in the movie “Boomerang”, who thought pool was a racist game because the white ball kept trying to knock the black ball off the table!!!…funny stuff. Grow up Afroking, you need to learn to love your white brothers!

  15. cooldeal007 says:

    correction….”Martin Lawrence” (above)

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