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Inside the Dolphins QB Competition
By on June 25, 2012 at 9:15 am

The Dolphins are one of the few teams that will have a true quarterback competition last well into training camp.

Each of the participants–Matt Moore, David Garrard and Ryan Tannehill–joined The Finsiders during last week’s three-day mini-camp to talk about the state of the quarterback competition.

For Moore, the incumbent, it’s almost as if his successful late-season run didn’t happen because he’ll need to impress a whole new coaching staff. Now, too, there are two new quarterbacks fighting for what was his spot. Moore said, though, no matter what the external perception may be, he has no ill will towards his fellow competitors.

“People want to make it out to be this soap opera in there, and it’s really not,” Moore said. “Guys are working hard. Ryan has been a great addition to the room, as well as David. They both bring a lot of things, so it’s been a great experience.”

So how early is too early to start focusing on a position battle? Well, in the age of Twitter and the 24/7 news cycle, it’s never too early, really. It certainly got attention in the off-season, even as players are trying to get a handle on Mike Sherman and Joe Philbin’s offense. Garrard, a Pro Bowl selection in 2009, said that he won’t be stopping to dwell on where he stands during this summer.

“Unless somebody tells me right now I’m the starter, I’m going to keep plugging away and keep giving them every reason to want to make me the starter,” said Garrard, who was in a similar position last off-season in Jacksonville. “That’s just how I do it.”

By adding Tannehill, a top-10 pick, the dynamic in the Dolphins’ quarterback meeting room changed, creating an even more wide-open competition for the starting spot. Most have assumed, given Tannehill’s relative inexperience at Texas A&M, that the Dolphins will choose to sit him, waiting until he has a better handle on the speed of the pro game. In the context of a quarterback competition, this could alleviate some of the burden that comes with being a first-round quarterback.

Tannehill said that being drafted so high won’t affect his approach in the short term.

“No, just go out and let it rip,” Tannehill said. “Competition is a great thing. It makes each position better, the more competition you have on a team. I’m just going out there every day and trying to compete.”

All of the focus, much of it media and fan-driven, can be the perfect recipe for unwanted distractions. It’s up to each individual to decide whether he prefers to subject himself to the constant analysis or avoid it altogether.

That’s the route Garrard said he has opted for–a complete embargo on quarterback-related hearsay. The only problem is not everyone at home has been on board.

“I can’t always get my wife to stay away from it,” Garrard joked. “It’s cool, though. (The media) have to have something to talk about.

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12 Responses to “Inside the Dolphins QB Competition”

  1. rayzanna says:

    What happened to Pat Devlin.

    Did they let him go. I thought he had the most potential, you know with taking his collage team to the nation championship. He had the highest completion % coming out of collage and only had 3 ints. I guess if you don’t get drafted at QB you don’t play in this league. That’s a shame. Moore SUCKS and Garrard never was NFL materiel.

  2. ufourya says:

    Wow. Where to begin?

    You are here on the Dolphins site. You look under ‘roster’ and find that #7 is still a Dolphin. The national championship he took his Delaware team to was for the Football Championship SUBDIVISION – Schools that connot generally compete with the big boys. Now that does not mean Devlin has no value, but he seems destined to be on the practice squad, not impressing the coaches enough at this stage to, once again, compete with the big boys.

    Moore sucks so much that he came out of last year rated 12th in the NFL regular season rankigs – ahead of Jay Cutler, Michael Vick, Cam Newton, Hasselbeck, Kolb, Flacco, Carson Palmer, Andy Dalton, and Mak Sanchez, among all the others who weren’t 1 through 11.

    Last time Garrard plyed in 2010, he was ranked 13th, and gained an invitation to the Pro Bowl.
    So even though he isn’t NFL ‘materiel’ (sic), he sported a 91 rating hat year and played with the really big boys.

    Please get a clue before posting. Thank you.

  3. PsychFugue says:

    Well ufourya, before you suggest rayzanna “get a clue before posting” – maybe you ought to take a little of your own sage advice.

    Delaware is no juggernaut, but neither is Texas A&M… before going to Delaware, Devlin was QB at Penn State, a bit better than Tannehill’s Texas A&M. Try and follow this logic… Devlin was far more impressive than Tannehill statistically, at a better school. The difference? Tannehill we drafted 8th overall, Devlin Ireland stole as an UFA. The “better move” is obvious.

    Why hasn’t Devlin beaten out Tannehill in camp you ask? One, it is NOT a legitimate QB competition as your media suggests. Our team, FO, and the coaching staff have no choice but to push Tannehill and give him the first team reps. To have Devlin beat out Tannehill “head to head” would be an embarassment to our organization.

    We as fans are being “spoon fed” what they want you to hear. Devlin won the ESPN QB challenge last year for accuracy and decision-making, he has all the tools needed for a WCO, as well as Tannehill. Their should be a “fair competition” for all, but “newsflash” there isn’t.

    I would just suggest you do a little critical-thinking yourself before you go personally attacking another posters legitimate viewpoint they expressed.

    I would also suggest the same of the Finsiders “reporting staff” as they continue to feed us the BS daily, in hopes to buttress our faith in the organization. Not all of us “buy it” but they need to get a clue as well. Everytime they leave out the FACT we have 4 QBs on our roster, they are showing disrespect for Devlin who Ireland thought highly enough of to give him a 3 year contract. I think it is embarassing such pathetic reporting is allowed to continue.

    WAKE UP FINSIDERS…!!! Show a modicum of decency in your reporting.

    • ufourya says:

      So you’re suggesting that someone who states ‘Moore sucks, Garrard was never NFL material’ and doesn’t know if his chanpion QB is still on the squad, has a lefitimate viewpoint? Where is the critical thinking in that?

      I repeat – Please get a clue. Thank you.

      I hope Devlin turns out to be the greatest QB the league has ever seen and does it playing for Miami, but suggesting that he is being unfairly held back by the coaches to promote Tannehill, sells the coaching staff short.

      As for the ‘Insiders’ – you might consider the fact that they are employees of the Miami Dolphins. Point me to the articles from the journalists at the Sentinel, Herald, or wherever who are taking the coaches to tadk for denying Devlin entrance to the competition.

  4. Robert says:

    Everyone is making legit points. I disagree that anyone at QB on our roster (as written) Sucks. I see Devlin and Tannehill having the same battle in a year or two, that Moore and Garrard are having now. If not, its because one of these Vets step up and get the job done. The other will be released or retired. Its a good situation for Devlin to keep a low Key right now. One or two of the guys in front of him will by dolphin fans standard, be a bust. Leaving Pat the best chance he is going to get in the NFL.

  5. rayzanna says:

    WOW, some of you guys can be played like a bad piano.

    I am well aware that Pat is still in the team. I CAN see the roster. Only the gullible…

    My point was that the finsiders did not even mention Devlin in the article. I continue to see this over and over on this web site. They seem to only want to push 3 QB s, and in my opinion (and I’m sure none of you really smart guys will agree with me on is this that these 3 QB s are no better then Devlin and I doubt they are as intelligent). And yes I understand that Devlin came from a subdivision school after leaving Penn State, not sure that really matters. Devlin could have played at any collage in the country that he wanted. He did pick Miami but U Miami coaching had there problems so he picked Penn State. It was Clarke’s turn to start at QB, just they way PS works. Seniority starts at QB there. Also, Paterno’s son recruited Darryl Clarke. Why would Devlin stay at PS for 5 yeas and play for 1. So he left.

    Everyone has there favorites and mine is Devlin. Now some of you should get out of the sun.

    • ufourya says:

      Can a great player be overlooked? Sure.

      I’ve got a hunch, however, that the coaches know a bit more about the relative merits of the QBs on the roster (I’m so delighted you found Devlin’s name on the list after a prompt) than rayz. The idea that Devlin is just as good as and even more intelligent than the other three has somehow escaped the attention of Philbin and the offensive staff, but rayzee here is the genius who can see what others can’t.

      By the way, you might want to look up the difference between ‘there’ and ‘their’, it’ll make you appear more competent. But I’ll know the truth, since I’m in the sun while others sit in darkness.


  6. rayzanna says:

    Sorry Robert… you understand where I’m coming from. My last comment was not directed at you.

  7. Goldkid6 says:

    I agree that Pat Devlin has been slighted as far as the Quarterback competition is concerned. Just remember a guy named Don Strock was often left out of the equation of quarterback competition and when his moment came to deliver he did just that. I still say Tannehill is a two to three year project regardless of his understanding of the offense. I also agree that Moore and Garrard are the focal points to get it done over the next two years, but as we know if you do not have a back capable of winning if we were to lose the top two guys you are just as dead in the water as not having anyone. Why do I suggest Tannehill is a two year project – well it will take him 1.5 seasons for the game to slow down for him. I live in Big 12 country and because of the spread offense the defenses presented are very slow pace compared to the SEC and ACC. Tannehill may look good one week playing the Jets, Bills, or the Patriots but in that second meeting he will get his hat handed to him. Also the dynamics of other AFC defenses is more rapid than in the AFC East. This was the major reason why Henne was a bust in Miami, those D-Coordinators went back to look at film on him in college and found the things that confused him which were exploited during his time in Miani. Granted having Brandon Marshall here didn’t help TMDB (throw me the damn ball), but his decision making (reading defenses ruse) combined with Brandon’s ineffective route running made him a ticking time bomb. Sorry for the Henne rant, but back to the subject at hand in life we all get opportunities to show our wares and Pat Devlin needs to make the most of his opportunity during training camp to emerge out of the draft shadow/big school vs small school image. Remember fellow fans winning a National Championship on any level is difficult the question is can you make the next step at the next level to separate yourself from your competition. I will always root for the small school guy because I myself went to a small school, but I have to keep it real 100 percent Pat Devlin and his agent needs to make sure Pat Devlin is measuring up at the next level.

  8. rsg55371 says:

    Explain to me, Why is Garrard even on our roster?

  9. rsg55371 says:

    Oh and just for the record I really want to see Tannehill start so his Rookie card goes up in value. 🙂

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