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Hard Knocks Recap #2
By on August 14, 2012 at 11:12 pm

As you would expect, tonight’s episode of “Hard Knocks” focused a good amount on former Dolphins WR Chad Johnson.

After a Friday night dropped pass and a Saturday night arrest, Johnson’s contract was terminated by the team on Sunday and the show was there to capture much of what was a very intense weekend in South Florida.

Things, began, though, on an even more serious note, as the show opened with the death of Philadelphia Eagles coach Andy Reid’s son. Joe Philbin, who lost a son in January, discusses the grief and the decision to make a run at the Dolphins job in the aftermath of the tragedy.

Other notes from episode two:

  • Offensive coordinator Mike Sherman was clearly unhappy with the play of some of the tight ends. In a meeting, he took aim at Les Brown, Michael Egnew and Charles Clay, going so far as telling Egnew that if he were the general manager, he would cut him. TE coach Dan Campbell meets with the group afterwards and tells them they must have thick skin and that they need to respond well.
  • We saw rookie QB Ryan Tannehill go through what I hope was some hazing, singing Bill Withers’ classic “Lean on Me” in front of the team. Had trouble with the high notes.
  • Other examples of rookie hazing were some absurd (and at times inappropriate) haircuts and removal of eyebrows.
  • We got to see a couple of snippets of Hall of Famer Bob Griese watching film of the quarterbacks with Philbin.
  • There was a neat interaction between Assistant GM Brian Gaine and WR Roberto Wallace, who was struggling at practice. Gaine tells him that he has all of the physical tools and just needs to figure out what’s missing.
  • Rookie WR Chris Hogan, who played lacrosse at Penn State and then one year of football at Monmouth, seems to always be getting open in practice. Because of this, Reggie Bush has taken to calling him “7-11.”
  • Offensive line coach Jim Turner throws on the video of the Dolphins Cheerleaders lip syncing the hit song “Call Me Maybe” to lighten the mood in the room.
  • We saw footage of head athletic trainer Kevin O’Neill giving Joe Philbin the news about David Garrard’s knee injury.
  • Next, it was onto the preseason opener on Friday night…Sherman was very unhappy with Johnson’s third down drop  and later, when Tannehill throws his first touchdown pass, Sherman reminds assistant QB coach Zac Taylor to save the ball for the rookie.
  • After the game, Philbin tells the team the game was a “starting point in a long season” and that it gives them an idea of where they’re at, with room for improvement.
  • About 48 minutes into the episode, we get to Johnson’s Saturday night arrest. There was footage of him in handcuffs that night but the most interesting stuff was from the next day. Philbin addresses the team in the morning and is later shown speaking with security head Stu Weinstein, who had spoken with Johnson. The conversation makes it pretty clear that Johnson knows he’s very likely to be cut.
  • In the meeting between Philbin and Johnson, Chad says “I let you down a little bit, a lot.” “I understand what you’re doing, you got the message across the day we met.” I apologize for embarrassing you, the organization and my teammates.” After Philbin tells Johnson that he thinks it best that they part ways, Johnson concludes with “Thank you for the opportunity, I enjoyed myself…I appreciate it, thank you for the chance.”

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9 Responses to “Hard Knocks Recap #2”

  1. cj007 says:

    I think Philbin is awesome. Class act.

  2. SimonTheBarber says:

    I think joe philbin didn’t have to prove himself… I understand he was doing his job but how couldn’t he see how much he has changed chad… The thing is , is that he mad his choice too soon when NOBODY truly knows what really happened with him & his wife and I noticed philbin said he wasnt a fit. I thought he was a perfect fit. I also understand he dropped several passes but he wasn’t the only one making mistakes as you all could see. I just think that there was a lot of pressure seeing hard knocks was there & it was also a fresh new start for Johnson & he had high expectations, that all just puts a lot of weight on a single athlete. All I know is that he deserves a second chance because for all we kno that wasn’t his fault.. And Johnson’s presence on that team would’ve also solved the whole filling in the stadium on gameday so I think we need Chad Johnson back on the Miami Dolphins

    • phinfan4g63 says:

      Philbin did not make his choice based onwhat happened with the arrest, that was just the final straw so to speak. It was a mixture of everthing. His shenanigans when doing interviews, easy passes dropped. He was brought in to be a leader for the younger guys, keep a good face for the Miami Dolphins organization, and to contribute to the Miami Dolphins team. He did none of that! I admit i was optimistic about Johnson as well, but he just did not prove to me he was going to be a good contibutor.

  3. hennemaggot says:

    The team needs to keep winning to fill the stadium,
    Again. Chaf Johnson alone isn’t going
    To fill it. He clearly has issues , and wouldn’t
    Bev good overall for the team .yes the need
    To improve the wide receivers , but he wasn’t
    Really going to do much anyhow . Better
    To go on without him an envelop the younger
    Guys , I think Roberto Wallace and Marlon Moore and
    Gates will benefit from it.We couldn’t fill a stadium
    Last year either with Brandon Marshall
    Another locker room cancer.

  4. hanktofa says:

    My thoughts on Philbin is that he handled Chad too loosely. During the first episode of Hard Knocks when he was explaining to Chad about the cursing he was talking to him like he was scared to hurt Chad’s feelings. You’re the coach, and that means you lead with a BIG STICK(pause) forget the stepping softly. Chad knew what the Dolphins needed out of him, and I think Hard Knocks didn’t help him keep his focus. Another note from episode 1, why didnt Philbin just ick Chad out the meeting once we opened the door? it’s a coaches meeting and he let Chad demand a chair, sit and then asked him to leave. Philbin needs to grab his junk and tell it like it is. He gotta handle these athletes now a days because they play for the cash/fame and not to be the greatest. With that being said, LET’S GO FINS!!!! REGGIE BUSH LEADING RUSHER & MVP!!!!!!

  5. rayzanna says:

    Glad they got rid of Chad Ocho Dooshbag. He was a cancer on this ream

  6. Dutch says:

    I don’t get HBO or Hard Knocks but I agree that Philbin should have been more assertive with Johnson when he came in the coaches meeting. Set the boundaries and let him know who the boss is. The decision to dump him did seem a bit hasty, but he screwed up royally and had not been showing any class before that either so we need to respect the organization decision and move on with to the young guys. It’s looking to be a tough season, but keeping a positive outlook.

  7. mapeye24 says:

    ok, lets get our priority’s right, some people talk as though these player’s are familly member’s. this is a sport that we love, we love the dolphin’s,these player’s will not come to your funeral they wont come to your birthday party,as long as they represent the >>miami dolphin’s and earn there pay, like we do every day at work, ill love them, the time come’s,they dont,i wont,and when player’s like dan marino,dupper,clayton and i could go on but i think you get the jist of what im sayng,earn my respect by showing loyalty to my dolphin’s then ill put them in my happy thought’s of my dolphin’s. philbin is to this point, earning it, go miami >>>dolphin’s

  8. jamespinkerton81 says:

    It’s difficult to see any player let go, but it was necessary for the Dolphins to progress as a team. Chad Johnson didn’t look on his game and Philbin had to do what’s right for the organization. I missed the first airing of this episode, but I recorded it on my Dish Hopper. I’ve been able to keep up with Hard Knocks and my other favorite shows with more than enough room on my DVR. My coworkers at Dish think that Chad Johnson will sign on with another team, but it could be difficult for someone else to take a chance on him. At least Ocho Cinco left the organization as a professional!

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