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Friday Nights Starting QB Will Be…
By on August 16, 2012 at 6:31 pm

Will it be Matt Moore or Ryan Tannehill getting the first snaps in Charlotte?

Very fairly, the big question for tomorrow night’s preseason game at Carolina is: Who will be the Dolphins’ starting quarterback?

We don’t know the answer yet, but it could certainly go either way. Below are reasons why it could either be Matt Moore or Ryan Tannehill

The case for Matt Moore…

…He’s the veteran who led the Fins to a 6-3 record in their last nine games in 2011. He began the preseason second on the depth chart behind now-injured David Garrard and got the start last week against Tampa Bay. In the Bucs game, Moore completed seven of 12 passes for 79 yards and certainly didn’t do anything to “lose” his spot atop the now two-man QB race. As of this Monday’s depth chart (which, to be fair, is more of a rough draft than anything else), he was listed as the top guy.

The case for Ryan Tannehill…

…Coaches and fans really want to see the rookie first round pick with the rest of the starting offense and perhaps more importantly, against the opposition’s first team defense. Joe Philbin has said that he’d ideally like to know his Week 1 starter by the third preseason game and so if that’s still the case, we need to see Tannehill early in this game so that a fair evaluation can be made prior to next Friday night’s game against Atlanta.


We have to keep in mind that above all else, the preseason is an evaluation period and the coaching staff’s top priority is figuring out which guys are going to make the final 53-man roster and what roles those guys will play.

Quarterback is no different and we should expect to see plenty of both Moore and Tannehill in this game. I’d be careful with this, too: tomorrow night’s starter is not necessarily “the starter.” This evaluation period still has some time left and I don’t think that Philbin will know who he plans on having under center Week 1 until AFTER this game, at the very earliest.

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14 Responses to “Friday Nights Starting QB Will Be…”

  1. DolphanPaul says:

    I hope Ryan Tannehill gets the start but I beleive Moore will start and play the 1st qt. Ryan plays the 2nd and most of the 3rd.

  2. BleedDolphinOrange says:

    Matt Moore has shown he has the ability to make be successful. He should start and be afforded the opportunity to lose the job, but that can only come after starting and screwing up. Of course, Ryan Tannehill could start and show his ability while Moore still has the inside track to starting for the upcoming year. This is a strange situation but a good one to have, at least in some respects. I just don’t believe that Tannehill has the experience to successfully lead an NFL team. It will take him a number of years to adjust to the speed and pressure of this level of play. Either way I am excited to see what the outcome is. I do not believe they will be 3-13 as some have prognosticated. GO FINS

    • vafinfan says:

      mat moore has shown nothing except his job as a back up QB he went 6and 6 never came from behind , never beat a team with a winning recrd, fumbled the ball over 14 times cant get second or third read, all he did was beat a few teams with losing records and our team finaly came trough to hold our minor leads , hes a good back up not a starter that why carolina let him go so they could up grade and that what we did by drafting tannihill move on he deserves what he earns this year and from what I saw was a back up QB job

  3. mapeye24 says:

    i agree with both opinion’s, i think eitherway we are looking good, feels good,go dolphin’s

  4. systemfade says:

    I’d like to see Tannehill start to see how he does against a 1st team defense. I’m not doubting Moore’s abilities. I just want to see what the rookie can do. I really like what I’ve seen from Tannehill so far, but personally, I would need to see how he performs against a starting defense before I could make any true judgements. As it stands, I see Moore being the starter going into the season. Either way, I like what Philbin is doing so far. It should be interesting.

  5. footballknowhow says:

    Would anyone agree that Tannehill has a real ZIP on the ball. His release is just like some of the best pitchers in baseball. I have personally hear the ball ZIIIIPPPP right out of his hand. I believe that the quickness in that release will benefit the Dolphins for many years to come. It’s a fast business in more ways than one.

    Just to throw it there for you fans… Why wait two years and see him as a starter then? We know we are not going to the SB any time soon, so why not put him out there now? Heck, at least we will know if he has the goods, win and or loose. Look at the best (except Marino that did it right out of the box) they have taken the good and the bad, on the bench or on the field… I just day GET HIM on the field and let’s role the dice!

  6. footballknowhow says:

    One last thing,
    Moore did very great things last year, but in the NFL you have to have a level of consistency that is unprecedented in most jobs. It’s a matter of seconds, it’s a matter of forgetting what you did wrong and it’s a matter of commitment.

    Look at Brady, Rodgers, Brees, Montana, Marino and all the greats… they have won with consistency and applying all of the above. Mat Ryan, Rivers, Flacco, etc they are brilliant QB’s but they lack at least one of the above mentioned parts of the job… so imagine if we want to see as fans only “a bit of this and a bit of that”. I believe that once you pass through that threshold of the tough guardians at the gate of the NFL, let the good times role and show your goods every single day!!!
    Let Tannehill, went through those tough doors and now he is into the field… let him play football!!!!! let him make mistakes, just like all the greats… but let him play.
    Look at Detroit, now there is a tough cooky in Stafford… he has brought excitement back to that team that for so many years was nothing to bet on.

  7. rayzanna says:

    Tannehill looks like a tightened trying to play QB

    go to SCOUT.COM

    Tannehill national QB rank was #58
    Moore was ranked #11
    Devlin was ranked #4

    • footballknowhow says:

      What do these ranking mean?

      #4 Devlin… what does it mean if the NFL is just too much for you?
      #11 Moore… what does it mean if the first team that had you rejected you?
      #58 Tannehill… what does it mean if there are 57 other guys above you and only 32 start?

      Performance is the key to everything. Performance for those few seconds a play that you have to advance the ball. Look at Roethlisberger, his ranking numbers are a joke, but two SB rings and making those few seconds count make him a better QB than most.

  8. South Bergen Phin Phan says:

    Tannehill is starting tonight. Let’s see what the kid has.

  9. footballknowhow says:

    And just to throw it out there… If Gerrard was healthy, would we still want Tannehill start, not only tonight but for the season?

    Do we really have any vets and rookies that shine at this moment to beat New England, now the Broncos and several other teams with allot of pep?

    We have the right to judge our players. We have the right to stop going to the games. We have the right to be upset and happy. Would you buy stock in a company that is constantly on the red even thought they have great advertising and a good product?

    Look at Dallas, Jones created Romo, he is stuck with Romo… does this mean that Romo is out soon? Let’s face it, Dallas (as a team) makes a boat load of money, especially with the Romo figure at the forefront. There are ways to make money even if winning is not one of them. Biut as Fin Fans, do we want to gravitate to players cause they are cool and celebrities or do we want to celebrate a few SB wins and then some?

    • South Bergen Phin Phan says:

      I just want to see what Tannehill can do. I am tired of the QB Shuffle that we have been doing since Dan Marino retired. Let’s find someone that will be around for awhile. It would have been nice if we had a QB that Tannehill could learn from but we don’t so I say let’s see what he has. The Dolphin’s will get this right eventually and we will once again rise to the top, maybe Ryan Tannehill will be the answer at quarterback. I’m not going to get my hopes up, I didn’t like the idea of taking him 8th, but I am going to give him a chance.

  10. rayzanna says:

    ya Tanny will start tonight a lot of very high percentage passes and a few deep ones. they don’t what to make him look to bad.

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