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First TD Similarities for Tannehill and Marino
By on September 17, 2012 at 7:21 pm

Let me start here: I’m not saying Ryan Tannehill is the next Dan Marino.

What I am saying is that there was a pretty fun coincidence between Tannehill’s first career touchdown throw and Marino’s, which took place on September 19th, 1983.

Against the Raiders yesterday, Tannehill did a great job finding his tight end, #80, Anthony Fasano:



Marino, meanwhile, famously hooked up with his tight end, #80, Joe Rose, also against the Raiders for his first career passing TD:



It’s a fun little note in Dolphins history–two of the three quarterbacks selected in the first round both throwing their first career touchdowns to tight ends wearing #80 in games against the Raiders.

And if you’re wondering about the “other” first round QB in Dolphins history, Hall-of-Famer Bob Griese…his first career TD pass came against the Broncos and was caught by running back Sammy Price.

Let’s hope we can continue to make more comparisons through the years.

*UPDATE: I failed to mention QB Rick Norton, taken second overall by the Dolphins in the 1966 AFL Draft and who also threw his first career TD against the Raiders, in the first-ever Dolphins game. The pass was caught by RB Rick Casares.

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12 Responses to “First TD Similarities for Tannehill and Marino”

  1. rayh71 says:

    I know you said he is not Dan but please lets drop he pressure, let him be Matt and lets see where he goes from there.

    • William Wallace says:

      @rayh71…I pretty sure his name is Ryan…Matt’s the other guy, remember? Nobody said he WAS Dan Marino… that would be a physical impossibility. You obviously don’t understand what Jesse was saying about the odd coincidence between Marino and Tannehill’s first touchdown as well as not even knowing the starting QB’s first name. That’s pretty lame, dude. Might wanna lay of the pipe for a while.

  2. flabanker says:

    If you actually compare the two passes you can see there is no comparison. You immediately recognize Marino’s greatness even in his first TD pass. He is unflinchingly facing an oncoming blitzing safety who levels him immediately after his release. The pass then artfully arcs over both an unintended Dolphin receiver and his defender. Then with laser like precision the ball somehow evades the primary defender who makes a fantastic leaping attempt to deflect the pass which ultimately lands on the very finger tips of a completely outstretched diving receiver (Joe Rose?). Complete poetry in motion. I watched the darn thing ten times in amazement. While the Tannehill pass is just a little 5 yard dump off pass to a wide open Fasano who does a good job avoiding a huge closing LB. Fasano then makes a great speed move towards the goal line where he gives up his body to dive into the end zone while taking on a big hit from a torpedo like safety. Good job Fasano! Now Tannehill may have future success, but there is only one Marino. Please, no more comparisons!

  3. Jonathan says:

    -_____- did you not read what Jesse wrote…? He wasn’t comparing Ryan Tannehill to Dan Marino, simply just stating a small coincidence that both players threw their first touchdown to their TE who both happen to wear the number 80…oh were you just in a mood to add your irrelevant notion..?

    • William Wallace says:

      He’s a Dan Man…Dan was/is GOD to these dolts. I almost got into a bad fistfight at work many years ago with this kind of blind lunatic…and that was when Marino was still playing. You can’t mention any other QB name is the presence of the mighty Marino…laughable.

  4. William Wallace says:

    Hey, flabanker…stick to counting money, processing REO’s, and milking the government bailout teet. You missed the point completely just like Homie-dontcha-know-me, rayh71. I got some advice for you: Buy all the dan marino footage you can get your grubby paws on and lock yourself in your room on Sundays and relive the old glory of the great Dan Marino. Those of us who live in the here and now will continue to enjoy the new Miami Dolphins. We acknowledge and are grateful to Dan for the memories…but it’s been awhile and frankly, we really don’t care anymore. This is Ryan Tannehill’s time…you don’t have to watch…you could relive the old glory forever, amen. Good luck with that.

    • flabanker says:

      Hey there WW. It is a shame you are certainly no Braveheart. All you do is name call and act all tough online. You do not even realize how bad your spiteful, terse comments make you look. What a fool. But I refuse to be dragged down into the gutter world in which you live. What kinda dimwit even nearly gets into a fight, much less at his workplace, much less over something so ridiculous as a discussion of Dan Marino. What a loon. Pitiful. LOL I can just imagine you losing your job and getting tossed into jail with a felony charge over a discussion of an NFL QB. Now that is comedy. Unfortunately, at your own expense and all brought upon yourself. Sounds like you have some anger management issues to resolve. Oh, and lets read below your in depth analysis and commentary. …”.interesting stat…kinda eery, brochacho!” Now that is thought provoking stuff. Better finish your eighteenth beer of the evening, rinse out that pit stained t-shirt, call your parole officer and stop beating your girlfriend all throughout the trailer. See, now I am down here with you. My apologies. I am sure you are a stand up guy.

  5. William Wallace says:

    @Jesse Agler…interesting stat…kinda eerie, brochacho! Keep up the great work on Phinsiders.

  6. William Wallace says:

    I mean, Finsiders…sorry.

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