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Dolphins Release First Depth Chart of 2012
By on August 6, 2012 at 11:46 am

David Garrard is listed as the starting QB on the Dolphins' first depth chart of 2012.

Two days after the team’s first scrimmage of training camp 2012, coach Joe Philbin released his first depth chart of the season.

While there are obviously many things that will change between now and Week 1 at Houston, this piece of paper certainly gives us a decent idea of where the coaching staff’s heads are at.

Starting where most fans are most interested, David Garrard is listed as the starting quarterback. The veteran looked good at Saturday’s scrimmage and has throughout all of camp. He is followed by Matt Moore, rookie Ryan Tannehill and second-year player Pat Devlin.

Other positions of note…


  • Legedu Naannee, Davone Bess and Chad Johnson are listed as the starting WRs.
  • Brian Hartline, despite not participating in camp so far because of injury, is behind Johnson but in front of Marlon Moore and Roberto Wallace.
  • At TE, Anthony Fasano and Charles Clay are predictably the top two, and Jeron Mastrud is listed third, ahead of rookies Michael Egnew and Les Brown.
  • The starting offensive line on the depth chart (Jake Long, Richie Incognito, Mike Pouncey, Artis Hicks and Jonathan Martin) has worked together all camp as the first unit. Great to see consistency on the OL.
  • Sean Smith and Richard Marshall are listed as the starting CBs, with Vontae Davis behind Marshall.
  • The starting defensive line from left-to-right is Jared Odrick, Randy Starks, Paul Soliai and Cameron Wake.
  • Chris Clemons and Reshad Jones are the starting safeties
  • Marcus Thigpen is listed as the starting kick returner, ahead of Lamar Miller, Steve Slaton and Clyde Gates.
  • At punt returner, Davone Bess is listed as the starter.

The coaches surely met after Saturday’s scrimmage to discuss what they have and have not liked since the start of camp and many of those opinions helped to shape this document. Philbin said today that everything that has happened since April 10th has gone into this depth chart, though of course things are fluid and subject to change, even before Friday night’s preseason opener vs. Tampa Bay.

Click here to see the complete depth chart.

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16 Responses to “Dolphins Release First Depth Chart of 2012”

  1. mapeye24 says:

    >>>>here we go again<<<<,i thought with a new system, new h.c, we were going to have a fresh start, build a dolphins system, not something that has been tried with another team, and did not work, if garrard were really good, jacksonville would not have let him go. sooooo here we go again with another wahed up Q.B.thats comming to miami to revive his career,that never really developed in jacksonville, otherwise, like marino after the injured year, jacksonville would not have let him go. we are rebuilding let the future build with it,matt moore,ryan tannehill. i am tired of being the last stop for most washed up Q.B.'s. please miami coaching staff, make me wrong.

    • djr1175 says:

      mapeye24 you obviously dont follow alot of football or you would of known that the reason they released Garrard is cause he was due to make 8 million dollars the year he was released also he knew he needed surgery to repair a disc in his back, I am sure you were on of the same guys that cried cause we didnt get manning. If you knew a little about Garrard you would know that he made the pro bowl in the same conference at the same position as the likes of tom brady peyton manning ben rothlisberger phillip rivers. So to say washed up qb at 34 yrs old you forget that most of the best qb in the nfl history the best years they had were in there early to mid 30s how about giving the guy a chance. I for one have faith that the knowledge of the front office is far superior then anything you can give me as knowledge to the skills it takes for a qb to perform in the game plan setup by the coaches. Like I tell all the other fair weather fans if you dont like what you see you can change teams and go else where dont forget to take your negative attitude with you and take care.

    • DolphanPaul says:

      I agree with mapeye24!! I get the Jacksonville games sometimes in Daytona and watched Garrard many years and agreed with Jacksonville He sucked!! How can the Fins say he #1 now? If so we have a long year ahead for suffering. I too hope I’m wrong!!! I do know he was inconsistent in Jacksonville

  2. Raul says:

    so you want Matt Moore instead of garrard who is clearly better in this system than moore..hell id put Tannehill ahead of moore just for his knowledge of this system…jmo

    • finfan13 says:

      I think Mapeye24 comment is right. May not apply to Garrard, but in general, that seems to be what we have been doing since pretty much Marino. Who knows, maybe Garrard will rise, but he is right about Jacksonville letting them go (not to mention the way they did it). Something just doesn’t feel right. Although, it could have been something personal with Del Rio (who I never really liked) and might be one of the reason’s Del Rio is no longer in Jacksonville. Grarrard was pretty good at Jacksonville, but I don’t think he was an elite QB (or ever will be one). Miami needs an elite QB at the helm. I like Moore, but he isn’t in that category and I doubt Delvin will make the team (no offense Pat). So that leaves us with Tannehill, the great unknown (and is how most elite QBs are discovered). I would love to believe everything I’ve read/heard about Ryan, but I’ve been through far too many hopeful preseasons to bite on this hype. I know it is still way too early in the season to say anyone is definite.

      • djr1175 says:

        finfan13 I understand your assessment that Garrard is not a elite qb. Although I am sure the qbs yoiu classify as elite are Brady Manning Brees Rodgers. Well if you watch the Jacksonville Jaguars the offense they ran was nothing at all like the offense these 4 quarterbacks run. So to say he wasnt elite is a matter of opinion. I feel that he was elite for the system he was asked to run in Jacksonville. The team was run oriented. I could be wrong but I see the new offense that Miami is going to run not so much a balanced offense or even a 60-40 run first I see it more of a 60-40 pass offense. I just wish most of the fans would wait till about mid season to pass judgement on a player. I would rather we stand behind them and give them positive feedback. All I have seen that last 6 years is fans whining how bad our Quarterbacks were going to be without giving them a chance. Positive reinforcement is alot more helpful to such a demanding position in football. If he is not in the top 10 in quarterbacks at mid season then I can understand the doubt. Till then lets stand behind who we have and hope the Coaching staff is making the right decision. I personally think Garrard is head and shoulders above any of the previous quarterbacks we had since Marino. Pennington was good. Although Garrard can move. I think he will have a respectable year if our defense can preform like they did the last 9 games the whole season. I honestly believe we have a chance not only to make the playoffs, but also win the division. It will be a up hill fight I think we have better talent on both sides of the ball then Jacksonville did while Garrard was there. Yet he was still able to make the playoffs and probowl. If you look back at the Jaguars you can name maybe 3 wr that played for them while Garrard was there. Sims-Walker, Matt Jones, and Mike Thomas. Now since Garrard isnt the quarterback for these 3 wrs do you hear or read there names. Maybe he is better then we want to give him credit for and with the increased talent at all positions cept maybe tailback mjd is damn good. I think Garrard will be a surprise to the fans and the league as a whole.

      • wicasale says:

        People please. DG was a pro bowl QB in 2010. He was released for the same reason one Payton manning was released. It was a business decision. That’s all , he doesn’t Suck. Can we please give the man a few games before we bash him ,,

  3. mapeye24 says:

    >>djr1175<69>my team<

  4. mapeye24 says:

    djr1175 you are attacking your fellow fans, we all have our feelings and opinon’s about our team, no need to get personall like you do, what my last statement shoulda read, was that i have been a fan since 1969<< fair weather fan does not even play into my attitude, i have never liked any other team, and have stayed with the dolphins, through all the moronic yrs, i just hope it is comming to an end,and you take care and see if what i say is true if your boy garrard starts havent you as a fan had enough. i want team pride back in my miami dolphin's,we used to be among the elits.dont you want that back. take care.

  5. mapeye24 says:

    oh and one lat thing 8 million is nothing for an elite QB to be paid by a team >if< they are worth it. think about that knowitall.

  6. paulh says:

    we are in for a long season; 6-10 would be a success but 4-12 is more likely!!

  7. wicasale says:

    8 million is ok for an elite QB providing they have other players. They Didn’t. We do !
    We also have a weak schedule. Call me crazy 9-7 even 10-6 is possible

  8. JailylD says:

    Mapeye.. How is he attacking anyone? He’s stating his point of view. Since when is that a crime? I for one happen to agree with him in principle. At this point I don’t care who starts as long as they give us a chance to win. If right now, that’s Garrard, all the better. I’m completely with him in the aspect of giving the players a chance to prove themselves on the field WITHOUT being prejudged prematurely. Not even one down has been played in exhibition and people are willing to write our beloved Dolphins off. To me.. that is just downright insane. You speak of pride. Yes, the Fin’s have not been successful of late. But you want pride back.. and I quote

    “i want team pride back in my miami dolphin’s,we used to be among the elits.dont you want that back.”

    To me that tells me you have pride in your team only when they do well. True fans take pride in supporting their team period.. Supporting the players and product they currently have. I understand frustration.. I’ve been frustrated too. But it’s a new year, a new season.. support what the team puts out. People need to quit nitpicking about what this player or that has done in the past and let them prove themselves on the field. If they flop.. sure scream and complain about it all you want.. It’s justified. But to do it BEFORE a official down has been played and they are given a chance to prove themselves? That makes no sense to me. And hate to say it, pride in a team that only does well and knocking them when they’re not doing so well, is the exact definition of “fair weather” IMO. I’m looking forward to the season and hoping beyond hope that they just have a good season. Playoffs or division title would just be icing on the cake. And one more think for you accusing him of attacking.. where’s the name calling in his posts? He expresses his opinion and you call him a “knowitall” I think you need look in the mirror before you hurl comments around. Have a nice day now.

    As for Djr1175. Carry on good sir.

  9. AndyK says:

    Guys, the one thing we should all have in common is wanting our team to be successful. So please respect one another! Nearly every comment above has some truth in it – more or less. I’ve been supporting the Dolphins for more than 20 years now. Yet I have a problem with the term “fan”. That’s just because FANS for the most part are expected to ALWAYS be positive and NEVER lose faith. Well, I will always love this franchise and even just reaching the playoffs would be GREAT! I’ve enjoyed all the years when the playoffs had almost been given and I DO believe we’ll be good again in the not so distant future.
    But for now I can also understand the sceptics just because the current Ireland regime has failed to produce the results we all want so much. As for the QB matter: Elite ones are elite because they don’t come in chunks. Even Pennington wasn’t elite but he fit the system and protected the ball well. And what a great season that was! I just think our current QBs should be judged by fair and not so lofty measures! Let’s wait for the season who can help us win and let the coaches determine who has the best chances to do so. They see the players every day. We don’t.

  10. mapeye24 says:

    JAILYlD<<<<<<<<<<<<<,read<<>>>>>is not new<<<> Garard has shown me from his play in the past, ill bet you liked fedler, yeah he showed good play some time but not consistant, and allway’s bew it when under pressure im not looking for jesus to QB the team and my point is >>>now pay attention lets try new blood again, im tired of player’s other teams let go and come to us, i did not want payton manning either and i am not saying he is washed up, but again i dont want >>my team your team to go that route any more, just my opinion, and realize that i am not telling you how you are this and that, i am just stating my opinion,and if i am wrong i will be happy that i am,ok so back off and if not ill still sleep tonite, just like at the end of every season when i watch other team’s in the playoff’s would just like to sleep with a smile, thats all fellow fan. i like fighting with jets fans patriots fans bill’s fans ok respect opinion’s.
    and i dont care if its micky mouse playing that possision QB. i would just like to see this team do the right thing. go dolphin’s

  11. wicasale says:

    This is a bandaid boys & girls. Let’s not bicker over if it was a good idea. They don’t let us make the decisions. DG & MM. Both in last year of contracts. Tannehill is our future. Let’s move on tot new topic.
    WR. Thoughts on year Chad will put together ?

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