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Dolphins CEO Dee Discusses Potential Logo Changes
By on July 13, 2012 at 9:23 pm

Earlier in the offseason, Dolphins management, including owner Steve Ross, hinted that the franchise could potentially alter the team’s logo and uniforms.

On Friday, Dolphins CEO Mike Dee joined The Finsiders to give fans an update on the process.

Dee said the Dolphins have, in fact, been in contact with the NFL for the past six months, entering in what is essentially an information-gathering stage. Any potential modifications that have been discussed, however, are from final.

“If we strike that great balance between history and what might be our future image, and fans embrace it and ownership embraces it, there’s a possibility we could make a change,” Dee said. “But no decision has been made.”

Recently, through several forums–focus groups, town hall meetings, etc.–Dolphins fans have voiced concerns about the team’s logo. The current Dolphins logo, which was introduced in 1997, Jimmy Johnson’s second season as head coach, is quite similar to its predecessor, adding navy blue and accentuating some of the dolphin’s physical features.

Dee asserted that any changes will be “subtle,” attempting to put a contemporary spin on a classic look.

“We’re going to have one eye on the history and the tradition,” Dee said. “This is not going to be a change from the Tampa Bay orange to the pewter gray that they did. This is going to be, if we do it, much more subtle than that. I think you’ll see our color scheme stay the same. I think you’ll see the basic elements of the logo, with the sunburst and the dolphin, remain the same.”

If the Dolphins do decide to update their logo, they will need to officially inform the league by November, though Dee said a decision will likely be made by September.

“We’re probably in the seventh inning of that process,” Dee said. “The last couple of innings are going to be about sitting down with some fans and talking to them, getting their feedback. Certainly Steve Ross has seen what we’ve done to this point and will continue to be part of the process.”

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62 Responses to “Dolphins CEO Dee Discusses Potential Logo Changes”

  1. zechary3 says:

    I am excited to be able to get the chance to be part of this milestone in DOLPHIN history. Once my artworks are completed where do I submit them too?

  2. NYDolfan28 says:

    I am strongly AGAINST a significant change to the uniforms, particularly anything is as drastic as the Broncos, Patriots or Seahawks changes over the years.

    Let’s put this simply: Are you a CLASSIC NFL franchise? Do you want to be like the Packers or Steelers? Teams that win consistently, have a rich heritage and dress with class? Or do you want to be some fad-ish, clownish team that changes its uniforms every couple of years as the market demands?

    I have been a fan for 40 years. I’ve put up with a lot…good and bad. I take deep, deep pride in this team’s history. If we go the clown-shoes route, I’m pretty much done with this team. I’ll stop watching football and cancel Sunday Ticket.

  3. yankslayer says:

    i have always been a dolphin fan and i do not want to see the logo changed

  4. Rhino says:

    Using modern graphic design technology to update the 1966 logo with better color, sharper contrasts, etc. The 1997 looks too much like a caricature. Also, get rid of the helmet on the dolphin with the big M on the side. This would make it look ‘fresh’.

    • thebullrcm says:

      That would be a joke, the Miami Dolphins is know all around the world not just in the states. The logo srtands for something just ask fomer players, coaches. I have been a loyal Dolphins fan for fourtyone years and damn proud of that logo, we are a football team white helmet with a proud orange M. This would be huge mistake to alter that EVER!!! Show some pride and tradition for those who came before you.

  5. sragsd0416 says:

    I basically agree with NYDolfan28. However if you do decide to make a change it would be great to give the fans a yes or no vote on the proposed design or a comparrison of the 2. That way the fans will have a say and ownership that they deserve which helps sells seats for the game.

  6. Donatello says:

    The current logo is the best. The old logos with the real dolphin looks dated. I’ve seen many posts about how the Packers and the Steelers represent tradition and the Dolphins should follow their example by going back to the original logo. That philosophy is lame. Those teams are boring and resist change like some old man complaining about how things “used” to be. The Bronkos, Seahawks, and college teams like Oregon and Maryland are really cool. I love the alternate colored helmets and variations of the uniforms. I like the current Dolphin logo and colors but everything else needs a change. The stripes, numbers and how the colors are used needs to be updated. Nike will push for lots of change and will win eventually. More and more teams will be doing this. Miami should be a leader and not a follower. Take a chance. Be bold. Life changes and we must roll with it!

    • thebullrcm says:

      No your philosophy is lame, next time you have a family reunion tell the rest of your blood line that the family crest looks dated and lame and demand a change and see what happens.

  7. Debbwade says:

    Leave the logo as is. Why does this new management team feel the need to come in and change all that is part of Dolphin history and tradition? The logo, the “Fins Song”, etc. Making improvements is one thing but that should be on things such as stadium and fan experience but leave the colors, logo, and song as they are!

  8. Jesse Agler says:

    i said this on the show yesterday…it’s one of those issues where EVERBODY has an opinion and NONE are wrong. there are people who want the current mid-90’s logo to stay forever, people who want to go back to the original logo, people who want an update on the original, people who want a total overhaul. just understand that there are a million opinions out there and everyone’s entitled to one…

  9. Zombie says:

    I don’t want to see a Logo change. Look at what happened to the Marlins and that logo looks fruity. Leave it as is and worry more about putting a winning team on the field then messing with something that is NOT broken.

  10. Adam says:

    I have an idea…why not release their concept for the new logo and let fans vote???

    • thebullrcm says:

      Because it is not in the Ross and Lorie plan. Look at the new logo concept it is out there and look at the new Marlins logo just about the same, totaly unaccepable.

  11. Adam says:

    If they release it and have fans vote on the website (one per email or something) it will also drum up traffic to the site, always a good thing.

  12. dolfan2352 says:

    subtle changes to the logo would be ok, i would rather do away with the orange uniforms, go to blue, go fins

  13. Dfan87 says:

    I’ve was born in 1987 and have been a fan since I was 5. I was to see some more orange, maybe orange pants. There’s the all aqua uniform, why not an all orange uniform?

  14. benweck says:

    Don’t change the logo!!!

  15. fsugrad87 says:

    Seriously?! Our logo and the white uniforms are our identity. I have been a Dolphin fan all my life and believe in sticking with tradition. The orange jerseys made me crazy but this would send me over the edge. There have been too many changes made in recent years and a circus-like atmosphere created around the franchise. Maybe I am sentimental and miss the old days of white hankies waving at the Orange Bowl. This is a team that has had many rough years. Tradition and history keep loyal fans hanging on. Football isn’t flashy! Don’t mess with our uniforms or our logo. Looking like the great teams of the 70’s is a good thing. Let’s worry about getting back to winning like them!

  16. cweb2cu says:

    I want in!!!!! Change is good. In fact, its inevitable. It may even be what this team needs to change things around. I agree, it shouldn’t be a drastic change, but a change nonetheless. All I need to know is where do I submit my design. Can someone help me with that? Please…

    • thebullrcm says:

      Realy??? and what about oh let’s see the Packers, Cowboys, Steelers, Raiders, Colts, Vikings, Chiefs, Bears, Browns. and lets not forget the teams who went back to old logos, 49ers, Jets, Giants, Chargers. Your commet is lame.

  17. nikequick7 says:

    i really dont want the logo change to take place at all- or jerseys for that matter. just a few things i DONT want to change:
    1) white helmets
    2) team colors
    3) sun on helmet

    note: please nothing drastic!

  18. petepuma says:

    This is the website to go to for a real good look at the direction Miami needs to take.

    Artist’s name is Julie Oakes and her studio is in Florida

  19. FinFinatic says:

    Bottom line….it’s a money grab, a new logo to energize product sales — which will be short -lived if they continue to put up losing seasons. It’s an unnessary change.

    I’m not a financial expert, but I would guess the teams with winning records last year had more ticket and product sales?

  20. NYDolfan28 says:

    Let me provide a case study and also some additional thoughts on this whole scenario:

    With all due respect to Mr. Ross, you bought the team, it’s yours. But really, your business is your fans. We have a deep emotional attachment to this organization and that is what you must play upon. It requires more than just saying that you have respect for the brand and the history.

    Most Dolphins fans I speak with are concerned that the leadership of this organization is not genuine or strong. The losing years have piled up. We have seen an organizational track record in the past few years marked with some decisions that have been broadly panned by NFL experts and a few that have backfired spectacularly.

    We seek comfort. We want to feel as though our ownership is not out of touch or tone deaf or hell-bent on doing whatever they feel like (which is their right according to the laws of possession).

    But the simplest way to comfort us is reach back to the past, not a hell-bent drive into some crazy, experimental uniform. Teams with class and pedigree don’t do that. They get a uniform that works and they make it iconic by winning. Be the Packers, the Montreal Canadiens, the New York Yankees. Not the Seattle Seahawks or the Florida Panthers or the San Diego Padres.

    Here’s a living case study…there are many parallels. The Dolphins and the NY Islanders enjoyed Hall of Fame, record setting coaches in Don Shula and Al Arbour. The Dolphins three-year Super Bowl run was much like the Islanders four-year Cup dynasty. And then ownership issues cast both clubs into a future that brought mixed results.

    Midway through the 90’s a new Islanders ownership group wanted to put their own stamp on the franchise and rolled out their famous “Fisherman” logo and uniforms. To say that these were the biggest failure in sports uniform history is an understatement.

    Consider that case study. Consider a “comfort” factor that tells the fans: We ARE going back to our roots. We ARE going to be good again. It starts with the uniforms now. It will lead to the torch being tossed to Tannehill. Think about THAT from a PR point of view.

  21. Antonio says:

    I think the uniforms are cursed,the team needs a change.I feel the helmit should just have the word miami on the sides.A new look would be good.

    • thebullrcm says:

      Antonio your not a real Dolphins fan, throwing away your logo dosen’t change how the team dose, drafting tallent is. I wish someone would ask Don Shula and Dan Marino what they think about a logo change.

  22. Aquaman says:

    Ross has to go.

    Football is about tradition. Ross is about making money and not interested in football. Because he can’t fill a stadium because the team is below 500 every year lets change the logo to make up for the fact we can’t sell tickets.

    Ross if you truly are a Miami Dolphins fan leave the logo alone and sell the team to a real football owner one that knows its about getting a better product on the field and not off it

    Without even trying below are a couple of quotes from Ross.

    1. 2010 Predicts Dolphins make super bowl

    2. said Henne has the potential to be the greatest quarterback in franchise history

    • thebullrcm says:

      I agree let someone who truly loves the Dolphins and the City buy this team and Ross go back to New York and run your own business into the ground. By the way when is the last time you changed your companies logo or your family coat of arms.

  23. NYDolfan28 says:

    If there was a way to keep the current logo and find a way to merge it with the 1970’s look…something clean and traditional looking That would be cool. I don’t need all kinds of swooshes and stripes. I never liked what the Broncos did. They ruined an awesome look.

    And BTW, I’ve always hated the aqua pants. Nothing is more wrong than running around in the snow in Buffalo in aqua pants. Aqua pants are just not tough-looking enough for football….ALL-aqua uniforms are even worse.

  24. Shay says:

    change the product on the field if your so bent on change…. that’s whats going to impress your fan base

  25. NYDolfan28 says:

    The Bills did a very good job of going “retro-modern” last year. That is a great example of where this can go.

  26. 49erFan says:

    What about taking the silly helmet off the Dolphin and tuck a football under his right fin? So you could keep the same jumping pose, and its also like he’s taking a football over the goalline. Just a thought. But Im sure Dolphin ownership will screw up the logo like they screwed up the team. Sorry Dolphins fans lol.

  27. Naples Fan says:

    Lose the helmet on the dolphin. It looks dorky. The whole thing could be more stylized. There is no need for an anatomically correct mammal. Something connoting speed, power, and grace. The stadium logo from the 70s would be good.

  28. ds11 says:

    Well guys, I for one am, like, just toootally thrilled that my team’s ownership and management are spending the time efforting to tinker with the logo. I’m just suprised they can find that time, actually, since they usually spend so much of it trying to unearth America’s most annoying celebrities to buy fractions of the team and then subjecting Dolfans everywhere to their images in the ”owners’ box” and blaring their bad, bad music at JRS.

    Maybe we can replace the classic logo of the helmet with a glaring Serena Williams on one side, complemented on the other by a zombied-out image of the Latino Skeletor, aka Marc Anthony. And we could then pray ownership can innovate a new safety standard soon to be adopted by the entire league, inspired by J-LO, XXXL ass pads!

    In all sincerity, if there is a god of reason sitting on Ross’ shoulder, please let him nix this horrible idea. The 1997 tweak was perfect. It changed a lifeless looking fuselage of a 2-D logo into an angry dolphin. There is no need to tweak it again now — subtle or not.

    The NFL, by the way, needs to stop OKaying the radical uniform changes. Every single time a team introduces a new, modern and contemporary uniform, NFL teams look more and more like toss-ups between arena football unis or some generic ‘pro football’ team from a bad movie or tv show. But, then again, with dome stadiums taking over the NFL, so too is the sport looking like a cheap arena act. All the more reason why NCAA football is a better product, I suppose.

    Dolphins owners and management, energy, effort, time and resources are to be focused on the field, not on image – logo or celebrity. Image will only improve with winning. If you go cheesy on the unis and hand us another NFL-arena-league appearance, I’ll rid my season tickets and just root for the Patriots from my living room on DirecTV.

  29. 49ROADZOMBIE says:

    I think the logo should be changed!!!! Every time I see the current logo it reminds me of Jimmy Johnson.He added that navy blue color that he brought along from the shit kickers (Cowboys).Get rid of that BLUE!!!!! I want my aqua green,orange and white back!!!! Stay traditional and let the fans vote!!! Afterall,we are going to be the ones buying and wearing our teams colors.We are the ones that wear our teams colors and show how great and full of tradition this team means to us the fans.

  30. Dversiga says:

    Stephen Ross, PLEASE, Either leave the logo alone, or change it back to the 1972 version, when they went undefeated. You really ought to worry more about getting this team back in the positive category, stop selling micro parts of the team to these idiot loon celebrities, than changing the logo. I didnt like the last change, but i’m willing to bet it is better than what you are about to do to it. either go back to the winning era, traditional logo, or let it be, PLEASE, dont try and fix what aint broken. Not everything has to change with time. You mess this up, and I for one, will end up an EX Dolphin fan.

    David Versiga

  31. FB_100000334177282 says:


  32. thebullrcm says:

    I have been a Miami Dolphins fan all my life watching every game for fourtyone years, and a season ticket holder for ten of those years. No one asked my opion but Mr. Ross if your reading any of these post your going to get mine. I think it is a joke to alter or logo. It is reconized around the world, it is pride and tradtion, it is about all the players, coaches and owners who came before you (Joe Robby) God rest his soul who created it. The best NFL teams don’t throw away thier traditions or logos they embrace them, such as Greenbay, Chiago, Oaklandand Pittsburgh. Teams who changed there logos to help sell tickets because of poor on the field performance found that it didn’t help and many have changed back i.e. New York Jets and Giants. Some teams citys have sued to keep thier colors and logos, i.e. Clevland Browns. and other team have moved and still held on to thier identy i.e. Baltimore / Indy Colts. I wear the Dolphins logo with pride be it be from 1966, 1973, 1997 . However the logo change I have seen is not small and I think you Mr. Ross have been dining with the Marlins owner way too much Lories Marlins logo is BAD, and if you will do some simple research it is the all time lowest selling merchendise in MLB history for a fresh updated look. If you want people to buy tickets and go to games put your focus on football talent not schems and scams. I have great memories of the Miami Dolphins I want more, however head my WARNING if you change the logo to some old Dolphins Stadium logo which is not new by the way I will walk away sell all my foutyone years of memorbila and you will have two more empty season ticket seats in your stadium. I have talked with other season ticket holders I am not alone in my stance. If you change the teams tradtion and logo in 2013 I will be changing mine to and here is what mine will look like

    R. Montgomery

  33. MIAMIDOLPHINS13 says:

    As a Miami Dolphins fan i truly like the logo and the team colors…. and as a loyal Dolphins fan i would like to say and i dont mean this in a bad way…. i really like the logo but i think we should spend more time on the team!! i like the logo the way it is and i dont know how other Dolphins fans came up with the idea of altering the logo…… the logo of any team isnt just about the looks its about pride,the players, coaches,owners and most of all THE FANS!!! i have no control over this and you will be the one to make the final desision…. i am sure Joe Robby would want to keep the logo so keep that in mind too.

  34. mapeye24 says:

    my comment is me blowing strawberrys outa my mouth, please win games, and it will not matter what’s on the helmet, or jersey, or stadium, just win>>ok just win kikk patriots ars, jets ars, bills ars, get it,>>>JUST WIN.

  35. mapeye24 says:

    just incase you missed my last comment>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>WIN!

  36. thebullrcm says:

    The USA Today has a poll on if the logo should be changed and overwheling responce is NO.

  37. 70s dolphin fan says:

    I have an idea,if the upper management are so worried about changing things just to make more money for the team,but doesn’t seem to want to make the right moves to make a better winning team,they should have got Tebow down here.At least he would have got more fans to show up and make money for the team and the higher ups.But oh well,another disappointing season in store for us loyal fans.When will it end.Like all the other long time is getting harder and harder to be loyal to this team.But yes I will keep saying,GO FINS,,,,,UNTIL,MMMM

  38. mapeye24 says:

    well said^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^70’s dolfin fan..

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