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2012 Mock Draft Roundup 1.0
By on April 2, 2012 at 11:17 am

Unsurprisingly, this guy is very popular at #8 in mock drafts.

April is here and that means one thing in the NFL: Draft time. With the first round getting underway on the 26th, I figured today was a good day to do our first “Mock Draft Roundup” of 2012. Below are several experts’ opinions on what will happen when the Dolphins make the eighth overall selection–some you’ll like and others you won’t–but it’s a nice cross-section of what is being said about the Fins and the number-eight spot around the league:

Todd McShay, ESPN: Ryan Tannehill, QB, Texas A&M

Tannehill is still somewhat raw as a quarterback — just 19 starts after beginning his career as a wide receiver — but his athleticism and upside are impressive. He also makes better decisions than some give him credit for and he didn’t get much help in his senior year, when he was coached by new Dolphins offensive coordinator Mike Sherman.

Charley Casserly, NFL Network: Ryan Tannehill, QB, Texas A&M

Dolphins need the QB, but don’t think they have to take him here and might explore trading down and still taking Tannehill.

Omark Kelly, South Florida Sun-Sentinel: Ryan Tannehill, QB, Texas A&M

Miami hasn’t used a first round pick on a quarterback since taking Dan Marino in 1983. Texas A&M’s Ryan Tannehill has the arm strength and athleticism to make the west coast offense work.

Bucky Brooks, Melvin Ingram, DE, South Carolina

The Dolphins have obvious offensive needs at wide receiver and offensive tackle, but the opportunity to nab one of the draft’s top pass rushers will invigorate their defense. Ingram provides the unit with an energetic rusher with outstanding athleticism and burst, making his potential pairing with Cameron Wake a problematic combination for opponents.

Rob Rang, Ryan Tannehill, QB, Texas A&M

By essentially trading the relatively young Chad Henne (26) for David Garrard (34) as the main competition for the gritty but limited Matt Moore, the Dolphins might have announced to the league that they’re planning on taking a quarterback early in the 2012 draft. New Dolphins’ offensive coordinator Mike Sherman was Tannehill’s head coach with the Aggies. He knows better than anyone that Tannehill has all of the physical traits needed to become a franchise quarterback — but might need a year operating behind a veteran (or two) to develop after starting just 19 games at quarterback in college.

Michael Lombardi, NFL Network: Ryan Tannehill, QB, Texas A&M

Tannehill would be instantly reunited with former Texas A&M coach Mike Sherman, who’s now the Dolphins’ offensive coordinator. Miami doesn’t get Peyton Manning, but Tannehill’s an athletic QB who fits the offense well.

Chad Reuter, NFL Network: Michael Floyd, WR, Notre Dame

If the Dolphins can’t get Tannehill, they’ll seek a solid, physical receiver to replace Brandon Marshall. Floyd’s sub-4.5 combine 40 at nearly 6-foot-3 and 220 pounds eliminated concerns about his speed.

Mel Kiper, Jr., ESPN: Riley Reiff, OT, Iowa (not updated since 3/7)

The Dolphins will be adding a quarterback — Manning is obviously in play — and Reiff puts the finishing touches on an improved offensive line. Reiff was exceptional this past season, and given how complete he is right now, stepping in immediately on the right side shouldn’t be a problem. I’ve said that outside linebacker would make sense here, but Miami knows offensive line play will be a big part of their success in 2012, regardless of who takes the snaps. They went O-line in Round 1 last year with good results, and doubling down wouldn’t hurt them.

So there you have our first Mock Draft Roundup of 2012; be sure to check back soon for another installment with some updated projections from the world’s draft gurus.

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23 Responses to “2012 Mock Draft Roundup 1.0”

  1. markeyh says:

    What happned to Coples? I still have him as an option….it’s a need.

  2. drkell says:

    I’m a lurker of the mob and sometimes poster so I was worried when no one showed up this am. Hope to see the continuation of some informative debate.

  3. Naples Fan says:

    Trade our two thirds and a 4th for Cincy’s first and take Tanny at 8 and Perry at Cincy’s spot.

    Then the best OG or OT that is available at our high 2nd round spot.

    If Philbin or his DC prefer Irvin or Curry, then take one of those at the second round one pick.

  4. markeyh says:

    My point has been as will always be Miami do not need to reach for a QB because we have good teachers on staff who will take a 7th round pick and turn him into a marketable QB (See Matt Flynn) so no need to reach IMO.

    • Justin says:

      SO what happens if miami passes on tannehill and he winds up being the next tom brady? Matt Flynn hasnt proven ANYTHING YET and on top of that u need a talented enough individual to be teached, philbin cant teach talent. Its time this team reached for a qb(tannehill) in the draft and took a risk. I for one am tired of seeing mediocre qb play because the FO doesnt ”reach” for a qb and take a chance instead they fill other needs which will get this team nowhere without a qb. Instead they play it safe by drafting lineman in the first and running backs in the 2nd and where has that gotten us fans absolutely nowhere. Since Marino left this team has went thru a trillion rebuilds and none of those rebuilds has taken this team back to dominance or even competitiveness because their is no qb. This team wants to regularly win the division again and be in the playoffs they need a franchise qb whether its tannehill, or Matt moore has a breakout year and becomes our franchise qb either way u have to take a chance on a qb and i need that qb to lead u to wins. Something u will never get from a mediocre qb

      • markeyh says:

        Not sure why you value Tannehill over any other Rookie QB that can be drafted. The fact is we have coaches who are teachers and IMO these teachers can teach any QB who fits the skill set they are looking for. So just because Tannehill’s stock has risen due to limited QB prospects I for one do not want Miami to reach for him. If he is there in the 3rd take him if not take whoever is there….

        • ugh1994 says:

          Markeyh, I agree with you, this staff is made up of great football minds. I would think Osweiler in the 2nd round makes more sense than Tannehill at #8 and either trade the 8 pick and grab a couple of more 2nd or 3rd round picks and get some WR’s or take Floyd at #8 and go big with a WR.

  5. Naples Fan says:

    Do experts think that Cousins could be an NFL starting QB in the West Coast Offense?

    • Justin says:

      he could be he just needs to get drafted by the right team and put in the right system. But I could definitely see him having success with a west coast offense, but he is one of those players that u would need to have Patience with while he develops the first couple years. Also he might need a little bit of a supporting cast which most qb’s do

    • Segovia_34 says:

      I like Cousins and Weeden, more so than Tannehill. I feel that Cousins or Weeden can be a bit like Dalton and I must say he did pretty damn well last year. I don’t think we should waste our first rounder on Tannehill who only has 19 collegiate starts.

  6. Sanarski says:

    Well, I did NOT want Manning… trust me, There is NO way Denver will get 2 years out of him. Two problems with Manning… Bad neck and as mobile as a statue.. that is a BAD combination. What irritated me was allowing Alex Smith to escape from Miami without even putting a contract in front of him.

    That being said, I think Matt Moore will be a servicable QB. No need to use a first rounder on Tannehill… if he is still there in the second round… grab him. I am liking Ingram from South Carolina. The defense was not very good last year. When your safety is your leading tackler, there is a problem up front.

    I am really glad that the Dolphins did not go after RG3. Sure I’l LOVE to have him… but I’m not fond of being ass-raped by the Rams. Poor Washington… no 1st rounders the next three years. Someone needs to call the cops… What St. Louis did to Washington has to be a crime.

  7. ruggerlad56 says:

    Please don’t draft Gabbert I mean Ponder, I mean Locker, I mean Tannehill at 8. Trade back and add a 2nd rounder!
    Russell Wilson is better in every way but height. He can be drafted in the 3rd or 4th and wll be a better player. Wilson is the 3rd best QB on the draft and we cab get him later and draft players for value.

  8. ruggerlad56 says:

    Trade down mid to late 1st and add a 2nd rounder
    1 TE Fleener (new rules help big targets)
    2 FS/SS Harrison Smith (new rules require big guys who cover)
    2 DE Merciless (1yr wonder? he is talented and creates turnovers)
    3 DE/OLB pass rusher Bruce Irvin (raw but talented, cannot have too many pass rushers)
    3 WR Nick Toon (fits the WCO and we add his college QB next)
    4 QB Russell Wilson (the steal of this draft)

  9. markeyh says:

    I am opposed to any trade down. Take the BPA regardless of position. We have enough young solid players we now need more talent to be coached up. Talent is one thing you can’t teach.

  10. markeyh says:

    When you honestly look at the top rated players and what this teams needs are I can not see in my mind how they can pass up Coples if he is there…draft him and have JT be his mentor…and let our coaches develop that young man with all that talent. Is he the next Peppers? JT? Ware?

  11. markeyh says:

    *Andrew Luck
    *Robert Griffin III
    *Matt Kalil
    *Morris Claiborne
    *Justin Blackmon
    *Trent Richardson
    Quinton Coples
    *Riley Reiff
    Melvin Ingram
    *Luke Kuechly

    Top 10 ranked players according to CBS, This team needs to stand pat and take one of them IMO…

  12. Justin says:

    Id just like to say that most of the comments on here for which ppl to be drafted are full of a bunch of nobodies that really arent elite talent for example: ruggerlad56 says:
    2 FS/SS Harrison Smith (new rules require big guys who cover)
    3 DE/OLB pass rusher Bruce Irvin (raw but talented, cannot have too many pass rushers)
    3 WR Nick Toon (fits the WCO and we add his college QB next)
    4 QB Russell Wilson (the steal of this draft)

    Ok seriously I cant believe as many terrible qb’s as miami fans have seen that anyone is actually suggesting russel wilson he only had 2 games where he threw over 20 passing attempts, 8 games where he didnt break 250 yards, and he only broke 300 yards in 2 games. Alot of those yards also depend on his ability to run which he wont have in the nfl due his size he’ll get squished like a bug. How many 5’11 guys u see succeeding at qb in the nfl? Im just appalled u think tannehill is so terrible but want russel wilson instead an absolute terrible fit for the west coast. Ive seen nothing from wilson that tells me anything other than he is a VERY late round pick and wont be much more than a backup if he even makes it past the practice squad. Nick Toon is sub par at best only having two 100 yard games the entire season and not even breaking the 1,00 yard mark, I like his size but he is another late round pick at best. Harrison Smith- no INT’s, forced fumbles, or interceptions this season not exactly the turnover monsters philbin is looking for we dont need another tackling safety thatll get miami nowhere. Mercilus as its actually spelled actually looks like a good prospect. Bruce Irvin is alright but their are better out there and they really dont need to add 2 pass rushers. The FO should be more focused on offense at the wide receiver spot( i like alshon jeffry he is wildly underrated), quarterback(tannehill), a 2nd receiver if possible and maybe a tight end. im not meaning to be a A hole to ruggerlad or anything but other than like 2 of the names he posted fleener and mercilus the rest just arent very good picks. Their are alot more knocks on russel wilson then just his size and besides that he is NOT a franchise qb and does really have a very high ceiling on his ptential

  13. FinFanInSATX says:

    I’ll give a two scenarios for the Fins’ #1 pick:
    1) Trade the #1 (8 overall), two of the #3 picks for2012, and #1 pick for 2013 to New Orleans for QB Drew Brees since they won’t treat him right with a franchise tag (definitely a move in response to his leadership during the lockout), and draft Ryan Tannehill in the 2nd round. Since I don’t see the Fins’ GM (Jeff Ireland) having enough sense to do this, we’ll look at option 2

    2) #1-DTs Dontari Poe, Memphis/Fletcher Cox, MS State
    #2-(Draft move of giving up 2 #3 picks) WR Malcolm Floyd, Notre Dame/Dwight Jones, UNC
    #2-QB Ryan Tannehill, Texas A&M
    #3-WR Mohamed Sanu, Rutgers
    DTs now must collapse the pocket…this pick will keep Paul Soliai motivated and solidify the defense until the offense comes around. I totally agree with the experts…should they go after Tannehill the Fins should trade down. Watched him ball in Texas and he wasn’t that great since he only played QB in the Big 12 for 1 1/2 years. The Fins must address WR since the GM, again, made a stupid move and traded away Miami’s Pro Bowler, Brandon Marshall! Malcolm Floyd from Notre Dame would be nice, however WR Dwight Jones has a legit resume’ and could help solidify the WR position. Tommy Streeter from the U has potential, however, I don’t think he’s a first-day pick (perhaps 4th round) and WR Mohamed Sanu would be a better option at this position.

  14. Segovia_34 says:

    Eh, I think we should use our first pick to solidify our defense or O-line. I think taking Tannehill at #8 is a pretty big reach. We could probably take him in the second, if he’s gone then we should just pick up Weeden or Cousins. I have a pretty good feeling about those guys. Osweiler isn’t too bad either, I’ve seen him play and that kid has good arm strength and accuracy. I think he could probably be like Josh Freeman, sure he had a rough season last year when he does play good, he’s pretty great.

  15. ugh1994 says:

    Having the #8 pick is tricky. It’s not high enough to get the standout player but not low enough to make it an easy decision. All of us want a franchise QB. However, are we reaching on Tannehill? I think he has a lot of potential, but I don’t think he is going to be there. I really think Cleveland is going to take him. If that is the case, I would go either Floyd or Coples. These two are studs and will both help the team right away. From a QB standpoint, I would say Cousins or Osweiller. I like the kid from ASU because of his size.

    I would lean towards Coples at #8 over Floyd as this is a very heavy WR class. I like Sanu out of Rutgers along with Streeter from the U. Those two would plus Coples would give a good balance to the draft. Add in a QB in late rounds Osweiller or Foles and call it a day.

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