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The Fintern’s “I Have No Power” Rankings, Week 3
By on September 20, 2011 at 2:32 pm

The Fintern hard at work thinking about his rankings

28. Eagles (1-1): Better knockout of the weekend, Floyd Mayweather’s 1-2 combination or Todd Herremans left shoulder?

29. Broncos (1-1): I always figured Jesus could run a decent slant pattern.

30. Colts (0-2): If Kerry can string together 6-8 wins, Miss FIU will have a new favorite “salt and pepper” player.

31. Panthers (0-2): Everyone STOP this ridiculous conversation. Cam Newton is like that glazed donut you bite in to only to find out there is a cherry filling in the middle which ruins the whole experience.

32. Chiefs (0-2): 89 points given up in two games. Brian Daboll should be salivating for that Week 9 matchup.

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12 Responses to “The Fintern’s “I Have No Power” Rankings, Week 3”

  1. fins67 says:

    are you an idiot? I mean i understand that you are paid by the team and work for them and I am searching everywhere for your rankings of the teams 10-27 but am still scratching my head at the title”dolphins loss to texans keeps them out of the top 10″…seriously…are you on crack? You have got two 1/1 teams at pos. 28/29 and we have lost TWO HOME games and we are somehow in front of those teams???? Listen man, I don’t know who you are and what fantasy world you live in but my beloved fins are stenching asbad as anyone in the league…your rankings suck don;t be such a homer or learn something about this game.

  2. fins67 says:

    I am looking to find an article that asks the following question; how is a positional coach (Offensive Line) who becomes a head coach (Sporano) and has 4 years of draft and free agency to strengthen the ONE area he possesses expertise in, and given the best left tackle in the game (25% of the mission handed to you) unable to build a decent O-line that sticks given a free pass in this town?

  3. fins67 says:

    “cam Newton is a glazed donut you bite into and find a cherry filling that ruins the whole experience”…..really? seriously?? did you watch him play? as a rookie?? you think there is a GM in this league that would take Henne over him? or 2/3rds of the QB’s in this league for that matter? as an already fed up season ticket holder I came on to this site to see if people were expressing any interesting thoughts and what I find is so typical of our franchise and where it lies (literally and figuratively)…This messed up front office sees fit to allow a complete idiot like yourself to spew hallucinations disguised as sports journalism and football knowledge….How pathetic.

  4. 72Phinfan says:

    What?? As ESPN puts it …. “C’mon Man!” fins67, you are absolutely right. If I may, I would like to add that this team has a lot of proven talent. Jake Long, Karlos Dansby, Devonne Bess, Brandon Marshall, Sean Smith, Vontae Davis, Reggie Bush (In certain situations .. maybe we should look at some Saints game film to utilize him correctly..), Paul Solaia (his paycheck should prove that..), Brian Hartline (Wes Welker Jr.), Jason Taylor, Mike Pouncey (with the exception of a few bad snaps..). I just don’t understand why we can’t make the best of what we have. Instead of trying to transform everyone into what you want them to be, why not try accepting them for what they are best at and changing the way YOU prepare for games. It’s not that hard, look at how we get beat all the time. The opponents check our weaknesses, recognize their strengths, and then set up their gameplan the way they know the PLAYERS will perform their best. I will never quit being a Dolphin fan, I just don’t want to be a disappointed Dolphin fan anymore.

    • fins67 says:

      @72phinfan. I agree with you this team is underachieving so far and there is a fundamental problem with losing 11 out of your last 12 at home. It’s coaching but its also that disgrace of a GM we have. Firstly I like Hartline but way less than camarillo and even Cams was questioned as a legit #2 WR…we passed on dez, we didn’t even look at Plaxico, and the ONLY thing this GM knows how to do is sign ex-Cowboys?!? I mean you’re napping when you don;t see the need for a first rate TE (altho fasano was great game 1 he won;t give you that week in/week out that’s a fact) and you watch Carolina sign Olsen for a THIRD round pick??? Ireland is a cancer and Sporano doesn’t have this team and the team has no identity….but we do have an orange carpet, several B list minority partners, a nightclub in the stadium, and a stupid after score theme song that involves us mimicking a fish fin like ridiculous tools…… good job Ross. maybe you should also hire a CEO that comes from football and not baseball while you’re at it.

  5. Finfanforever says:

    Off topic and I apologize if people hammered on this last week but…..Why in the h*ll were our players getting cramps, dehydrated etc, etc and not the dam Pats from up North? That is a coaching/conditioning issue. That was embarrassing–the heat is supposed to play in our favor just as the cold works in the opponents favor in the late season. I like Sparano as a person, but this just aint cuttin it. As 72 Phinfan said above, I will always be a huge Dolphin fan, i am just sick of them being doormats and not taken seriously. What happened to this great organization????

  6. fins67 says:

    @finfanforever; i truly feel like this organization seriously does not care what we die hard fans think and feel. There are so many examples of how out of touch they are with our tradition of winning. Ross is so concerned with “providing the entertainment experience” and immerse himself with celebs..Until we bring in a REAL FOOTBALL guy to take the reins and get rid of this front office and head coach this team is doomed. as per your points about the cramping you are dead on. This is because the Pats are a winning organization from the ground up and a comparison of our dismally woeful and pathetic franchise next to theirs makes you ask how we could have eroded from what we were to what we now are…..

  7. fins67 says:

    PS- I keep hearing comments of “i like sporano as a person….”, well, I like my sons 4th grade homeroom teacher as a person as well as my landscaper but neither of those people should coach this team..when sporano gives answers like “i have no answers” or to USA today “Reggie Bushs’ position is whatever his position is” demonstrate a frustrated and confused man who is torn between no longer wanting to deal with this and the pride of trying to deal with this and that’s just not a place for a head coach… nice a guy as he is according to all of you who keep saying that.

  8. 72Phinfan says:

    Thank you fins67, I got carried away with what I wanted to say and didn’t give the other players their recognition. I apologize for that. Finfanforever, you are absolutely correct also. Our players should never be suffering from cramps, dehydration, or any other heat related condition. For pete’s sake, it’s MIAMI!! I can’t speak for everybody else, but I will gladly trade in all of the “flare” that apparantly the front office seems to think we need, for an AFC Title.. I take that back, for a home record above 50%. You know what … I will take just one game, we could even lose, where I sit back and say that they were the better team today. We exhausted every option we had, every opportunity that came along, and not (in Sparano fashion) clap our hands and say “it’s o.k., good job” after a 3 and out and not adapt to the tempo of the game. Hey Ross, I hope you have some killer halftime shows planned. Maybe you could reinact the Paula Abdul halftime peep show so us TRUE fans can look to either side of us and not see a string of empty seats. I will always be a supporter Mr. Ross, but for the fans sake, PLEASE show us you care about our team the way we do.

  9. 72Phinfan says:

    To clarify my last sentence, I will always be a supporter of the Dolphins. I will not be a supporter of someone who has no idea what the game of football means, but instead is concerned with how much money is collected.

  10. 72Phinfan says:

    I understand that financial factors have to be incorporated into running a football organization. I understand that you have to make decisions that must satisfy the player’s salaries as well as the front office interests. I even understand if SOMETIMES you have to make a call that will make you look bad in the fan’s eyes in order to keep your job. But.. Do you have to turn our stadium into a stage that may in time rival Barnum & Bailey??? As a true fan, WE DON’T NEED IT!! I hope you learn soon enough that whatever grand “entertainment experience” you have planned at the home games to come will eventually be attended only by TOURISTS… hmmm, is that a desperation move or just your monetary way of thinking??

  11. fins67 says:

    @72phinfan..right on the money. I don’t mind an owner trying to “complete” the experience but as a season ticket holder (go figure) the only experience I care about is WINNING! Since I moved into these seats, our team has played 40 home games (plus one playoff loss). My 9 year old and I have left the stadium as winners 11 times!!!!! in 5 seasons???? that is abysmal. That is INEXCUSABLE….You think leaving there 30 times out of 40 as a loser I care about an orange carpet and who T-F is on it??? It’s shameful. BTW, have you LOOKED closely at the stadium when you enter??? It’s got lovely pink and black polka dotted footballs and yellow and lots of fun neon colors…..Yes, it scares the bejesus out of those wimpy Steeler fans…Classic intimidation…when visiting fans come to our house they KNOW they are in for it…why don;t we just play Liza Manelli showtunes to really put the fear of G-d in them???

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