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Game Recap: Browns 17, Dolphins 16
By on September 25, 2011 at 4:54 pm

The Dolphins fell to 0-3 on the season today, as Colt McCoy and the Browns came from behind in the fourth quarter to beat the Dolphins 17-16.

McCoy’s 14-yard touchdown pass to Mohamed Massaquoi with 43 seconds left proved to be the game winner. The Dolphins got the ball back in Cleveland territory with 36 seconds left, but went four and out with three straight incompletions and a pick as they suffered a third consecutive loss to open the season.

Dolphins QB Chad Henne finished the day 19-of-29, with 255 yards, a touchdown pass to Daniel Thomas, and an interception on the final offensive play of the day. The issue, though, again, was the red zone–after the first quarter touchdown, the Dolphins continued to settle for field goals, which allowed Cleveland to stay in the game.

Next up: another tough road test, as the Dolphins must travel cross-country to take on the Chargers in San Diego.

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25 Responses to “Game Recap: Browns 17, Dolphins 16”

  1. Adam says:

    Ugh, I really don’t care that much anymore. I hope they sweep the Jets and get a win over the Patriots, and that’s pretty much it. 3-13 could get us Andrew Luck.

    I’m ready for the draft and ready to see who might be our next coaching staff.

  2. ramartinjr says:

    after we go 0-4 next week, it will be time to “suck for luck”

  3. Todd says:

    i hope we go 0-16 , looks like re-build time again, for the 80th time …. defense is horrible. offense can only score 16 pointa oe less ….. need i say more , where is Bill Cowher

  4. obiwankanobe says:

    Stephen Ross needs to start addressing these concerns for us fans, or his business with the Dolphins will be affected by the FANCONOMY that generates him his money. We needs a new coaching staff no doubt, and definitely a damn new GM. Only good move Ireland ever made was Brandon Marshall bout it. We constantly have rebuilding years……

  5. TANROL says:

    Dear Coach T.Sparano, like Andrea Bocelli sings is “Time to Say Goodbay”. Thanks for your and your staff effort.

  6. rocky1943 says:

    Why do the Dolphins keep trying to run Reggy Bush inside the tackles? You would think that after two games of no yards they would give him the ball out in space instead.

  7. hydema01 says:

    Please I have been a dolphins fan for 30 years. Please Mr Ross make some changes now_- We have very good talent on this team– But the coaches just are now calling the right plays and it goes back to the head coach– please make a change now before we end up 0-16– The play calling in the red zone is a hugh problem and it starts with the head coach. When the head coach says ” I dont know what the problem is as to why we are 0-2″ He needs to be fired now– he must be accountable and does not know hat we are r 0-2??? Now we are 0-3 and need a change NOW Please listen to your fans NOW–

  8. glink90 says:

    Same old Dolphins, just another long year of being the easy team to beat. Coaching sucks, players don’t act like they want to be there, and fans don’t show up to the games as was evident by last weeks near empty house. This has been the longest drought for us. I should have known when we hired Clevelands Offensive Coordinator that we were gonna suck this year. Well heres to the new coach next season, probably be another reject, and another new draft class, most likely will take some hack and let the number one pick slip through our fingers. Hey maybe Ryan Leaf needs a job.

  9. Adam says:

    Never hope for 0-16, you don’t want to join that club…but 3-13 I’m fine with, especially if the Dolphins beat the Jets. It’s better than going 7-9 again.

    We need to try and get Andrew Luck…he could be a Bust, but if not you might have yourself an elite QB for 15-20 years. you have to TRY.

  10. says:

    What has happened to the great Miami Dolphins? Probably the most exciting team in the NFL all time weather they won or lost on the last play of the game since I have been a fan since 1969. The teams of the 70’s and the Dan Marino era left it all on the field every play, but I just cant take watching them lose all the time. Other teams reorganize and build the winning spirit back, but for now at the age of 65, I don’t have any hope in ever seeing my team regain it’s once great dynasty. I really don’t think there is any excuse for it other than the ownership and coaches are so PC that they don’t care about their fan base. I think the whole thing is disgusting. Miami can’t win on their own home field, can’t win on the road… plain and simple is all they can do is lose. What is wrong with that picture owner and coaches??????

  11. bigwolve says:

    Enough is Enough Time to Clean the House I am sick of watching these guys drop game after game Sprano should know what the hell is going on and should have taken care of it ,we have pro’s on the field that know how to play ball and coaches that should know how to get the W’s and can’t accomplish that,it’s a shame, We have the guys and should have the GM and Head Coach to help us get it done,but apparently it’s a friggin mess from the O-line to the Defense and We the Fans are Sick and tired of watching our team get shot down and go down in flames week after week changes have to happen NOW Not next week NOW,I have Been a Loyal Fan since 1969 and don’t even wanna watch another game it’s a shame and Sprano should Man up and be ashamed of himself for letting this happen for this amount of time so if Ross want’s to sell ticket’s he need’s to MAN UP!!!! and step down.

  12. TSHater says:

    The bottom line of all of this is the coaching staff. You have these guys tring to run a team and they have falled time to clean house.

  13. NYPD DOLFAN says:

    Its time to tell Tony GET LOST. 3-13 is good welcome to the mess Andrew.

  14. Gregg says:

    Non tackling bobblehead defense. Sickening!!

  15. sbunney says:

    I agree with most of what is said above. Above all the one instant change we can make is at quarterback. Hennes numbers may look good on paper but look at yesterdays second half. A number of under thrown and over thrown balls that could have won the game. Poor time management. Also with the last few minutes of the game it looked like last year all over again Lets go ahead by one point and depend on our defense to win the game. And just like last year another loss in the books. Now today we’ll hear Sporano again. “I think Chad played well””I think we didn’t advantage of some of the breaks we got” “I think over all the defense played well” blah blah blah I’m so tired of rooting for a bunch of loosers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Ross get off you a??? and do something. Fire Ireland, Fire Sporano, Change the quaterback. Just do something!!! Anything!!!!!!

  16. longtimeFINFAN says:

    “I think Chad played well””I think we didn’t take advantage of some of the breaks we got” “I think over all the defense played well” blah blah blah

    I bet Jet fans are laughing at this saying this sounds a lot like Rich Kotite!! Sorry Tony but “off with the head”!!!

  17. dolphinsfan204 says:

    Please just get us a new coach. Please please he has show he can not coach good players. We have a better team then 0&3. Just needs to be coached better. Get him out of Miami please.

  18. sbunney says:

    For anyone that thinks “hey Hennes numbers look pretty good” Just look at Penningtons numbers they look great to throughout his career. But how many championships did he take the Jets to. It take more than statistics. It takes leadership. You have to be able to come up big when its needed. I think we better just call Dan Marino back. Bet you even at his age he’s better than most. At least he would be exciting to whatch.

  19. marchcool says:

    Enough talk concerning how good are the Dolphins on the road, bla, bla, bla. People managing the comments of these blogs try to manipulate the fans. Yet, the reality they see is just fog in their heads. Now, I’m waiting to see another kind of theory that explains how the dolphins will end up in the play offs.
    The true solution is to recognize that the staff (mainly Ireland and Sparano) and the previous ones (notably since JJ left the ream) have been catastrophic. They don’t have the talent to select good players. They don’t have the talent to suck the best of average to talented players (if any).
    How can we have a good team if the draft selections and free agency stinks (with some notable exceptions).
    This staff is a disgrace. It really brakes my dolphan heart.
    Bring Luck, bring good DB, bring some good advisors (alumni) that really care the team, not only business men, crackpots, etc.

  20. 14thedolfan says:

    Im a fan from California, Ive been a fan since 87 im am 30yrs of age and its sad to say I wear my jersey proud even in tough times, but come on guys enough with all the excuses already and just win we have great players they just need to play to their ability week in and week out, mistackles come on you guys your in the NFL, Sparano if you cant handle the task just step down, I’m not pointing fingers, enough of this yardage, field possession, time of possession bullcrap, you win games with TD’s and a strong defensive presence. I’m not sure if its the wrong defensive calls or just poor play by the defensive backs. You guys need to unite and get on the same page put in them extra hours that other teams are doing to win, just win you guys enough bullshit

  21. Malbe says:

    Another typical Dolphin year! Either no talent or miss-manged talent topped off with bad coaching. Go back to the first game when every player was out of breath, mostly from running on and off the field in complete confusion…this will be the norm throughout the season. Spend some money and get a coach, get a few key players or the Dolphins are the Browns of the south. Sad day.

  22. InStitchs says:

    I can’t believe its not butter finger Chad. We need to have a QB that will take risks and have the ability to pass the ball with good judgement. You have teammates that are willing to take a hit for you. Now time to make a pass that hits for points. I don’t blame the coach you have all the tools from training now use them. If not give another guy a chance and let them take the team to a win. Dan was a great check some of his videos use some down time run plays that came from grade school make a drill session that gets the team to pull fully and sometimes just take a risk. Browns we lost to the browns Ditka at his old age would of had a flame thrower on the sideline coming from his head for the lack of teamwork. Sparano get these guys out there working the line and hitting some tackle dummies to get them to pull the right defense and get the ball in play. I am a die hard fin till the end. Game up next lets see this be a change for us fins out here!

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