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John Congemi: Dolphins Passing Woes Not All on Henne
By on December 15, 2010 at 12:48 pm

Chad Henne is not the only reason the Dolphins' offense has struggled.

When things are going badly for a football team, people look at the coach and the quarterback. This may or may not be fair, but the fact of the matter is that these are the  guys who are most often criticized when a team struggles and most praised when a team does well. To make things even more specific, when things in the passing game are not going well, it is almost always looked at as the quarterback’s fault.

Well, our QB, John Congemi, is here to tell you that that’s an oversimplification. That just because the Dolphins pass offense is struggling and just because Chad Henne completed only five passes for 55 yards agains the Jets on Sunday, that there is plenty of blame to go around–these struggles are not just about #7…

Guest Blog, by John Congemi

Everyone always looks at Chad Henne when the Dolphins offense gets stagnant and doesn’t move the football, but the way this offense is built, all the parts must play a role!

The passing game can be successful and productive on it’s own, but that doesn’t always equal victory. Henne threw for 363 yards against the Jets early in the season, as well as 305 verses New England, but both in losing causes! He’s been more efficient in games where his attempts are modest (19-28 for 240 vs. Tennessee and 17-30 for 307 vs. Oakland), and when the running game accompanied his production. That sort of overall team effort allows Miami to possess the football and control the tempo of the game.

There’s no denying in the next three games the absence of Brian Hartline will be big, but a healthier Brandon Marshall down the stretch should help the overall passing game. Henne must continue to make good decisions, but the people around him must also elevate their level of play to win out and have a chance to get to meaningful games in Janurary!

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16 Responses to “John Congemi: Dolphins Passing Woes Not All on Henne”

  1. padre35 says:

    3 losses:

    Ravens..3 int’s
    Patriots..3 int’s
    Browns..3 int’s

    Chad Henne has not improved, even adding Marshall has not helped, at what point is Henne not the answer to the Qb question in Miami?

    • smoove25love says:

      ok guys here is the thing only thing i can blame chad henne for is making a bad decision when he make a good play im happy, henne is good true he has growing to do some delvelope quik some take time longer than others, i would say that the OC has been horibble this year i htink they should have let henne develope under the run game we have 2 backs that can easily get a 1,000 yards each. i think that with the acqisition of Marshall the OC got pass happy and he call tomany pass plays for henne he should have not been throwing that much 30 and 40 plus attemps no way, first off we are a running team look at the games we won we ran more and threw less we need to ware down deffenses by pounding the ball and only let henn throw on like 3rds and a few 2nds and maybe on first and 10s to get a D off guard then henne would have been ok be cause thats his comfort zone i feel coach Sparano could have been changed things but he let it go on a little to late they put Henne in a bad situation so you now have fans mad at Henne and its not his fault he will get better if they switch OC and run the ball 40 plus, we even have another big brusing back in Lex Hlliard we dont use him at all we hardly use cobs like we did before he got hurt see when we had Chad P in 08 he was already a polished off QB so he could spread the ball everywhere being needed but you take a young QB and force him to try to be a payton or brady or briese you will ruin him before he gets started. we have more talent on offense just as well as anyone if not better youve seen what Marshall can do we know what Bess can do Ronnie , Ricky Jake Long shall i go on its to much only isue is the way they forced chad henne into a bad situation now if we had a Payton Manning will be a free agent at the end of the season and i think that for the Dolphins this will be it because we only have Marshall for 5 years and Dansby 4 years Bess 2 we need to win a superbowl now we haveto much talent to be waitin i would love to see Henne develope and he could have if they did him right but now we are in a situation again in need of a franchise QB if we miss the playoffs miami will go after Manning,Vick or Young Manning 1st becuase fans are growing impatient and the window will close on these good players trying to wait every year for some on to develope look at every team that have won a superbowl all have had very skilled vets that got the job done so at this time now if we come across These QBs get one of them keep Henne as Back up and let him learn more but dont keep feeding him to the wolves we have to feed the wolves as a team lol

      • cudlow says:

        I agree smoove. Henne is a good young QB. He was very good in college. Our problems this year ALL boil down to horrible coaching. We got rid of the worst special teams coach in the league after the New England embarrassment. Henning should have been fired then too – if not earlier. With Ronnie and Ricky, not to mention Lex Hilliard, this team should be leading the league in rush yarrds. But instead, we are lucky to average 100 yards a game. And Soprano starting the weakest QB in NFL history instead of Henne in mid-season was just plain stupid. Get rid of Henning right now. Soprano too. Cowher and Gruden are still out there – and they both know how to win – unlike Soprano. Defense has been a very bright spot. It’s a shame that effort is wasted by a horrible special teams and offensive coordinator.

    • biggylos says:

      I’ll give you the Ravens and Browns but not the Pats. The Pats belong to our special teams. A blocked punt, blocked field goal, and kick return for a touchdown. Henne had no chance in that game because of that.

    • biggylos says:

      I’ll give you the Ravens and Browns but not the Pats. The Pats belong to our special teams. A blocked punt, blocked field goal, and kick return for a touchdown. Henne had no chance in that game because of that.

  2. Mustang82 says:

    So because he had 3 interceptions in those three game the enitre loss gets put on him? Even more important what QB doesn’t have some 3 interception games? First realize who they were playing. The Ravens and Patriots pride themselve on defense and are not gonna let you trot through them. The Browns of today are not the Browns of yesterday and realistically Henne only had 2 int’s in that game to me. What can you do about having a ball tipped? What about Manning’s 3 game streak with 11 interceptions? Are the Colts starting to think that Manning isn’t the answer now either?

    • Williams34Greatness says:

      @Mustang. All of ur comments are mind boggling awful.

      1st. I cant believe u just said the Patriots pride themselves on Defense when they have the worst defense in the league. Get ur facts straight.

      2nd. The browns should of been a victory. Stop denying it, its pathetic. Ill give you that he only had 2 INTs. So ur backing him up for have “only” 2 INTs? Please…

      3rd. Manning has had a bad couple of games, and has thrown a lot of picks. But lets look at his Past shall we? Does he have a ring? What records has he brought the colts the past 4 years? Playoffs? How many yards does he have this season? How many Td’s? And you must of forgot that Manning IS getting the blame for the losses. Just like Henne SHOULD get the blame for his bad games. To his credit, Henning isnt helping.

      Ill give henne more time, i think he kindof deserves it. But if he doesnt show me anything in these last games. Ill be done with him

  3. Gary says:

    Yes, the interceptions are problematic, however, to be fair, Peyton Manning has had his share of troubles this year too…

    I fully supported C.H. and have been giving him the time to grow, and in the meantime watch the traits he is developing, and to be honest with you, every time he throws a pick, he gets the deer in the headlights look and it takes too long for him to shake it off!

    He’s not looking off (though he hasn’t had much time lately) but by now you expect to see something that lets you know its going to be alright, and I haven’t seen that from Chad. I want to, but its not there! Coach knows this too, though he’s not going to throw him under the bus.

    Its time to start shopping for more groceries 🙂

  4. Mustang82 says:

    Mind-boggling aweful? No need to bash anyone personally Willaims34Greatness. First off, the Patriot’s defense has been quite good these past few games. Can you not say that it hasn’t been? Second, I never denied the loss to the Browns but simply it wasn’t entirely Chad’s fault. The Browns are not the walk over team they used to be. Third, so because Manning has 1 ring and posts big numbers it makes it entirely ok for him to go out and have these kind of games? I live in Indy so I have seen everything he has done since 98 record wise. Fact is everyone is way too damn hard on Henne. just support the damn guy until someone either takes his spot or they drop him, plain and simple. This nit-picky crap get really old really fast…

  5. Williams34Greatness says:

    Fair enough. But The offense lost the game for us, and the QB is the captain of that side. Our D did its job and held them to 13, but unfortunately, it wasn’t enough.

    Im not saying #7 is 100% the problem with this team. But, he is the main antagonist in this novel…

  6. Carlos says:

    It’s sad to say because of my love of the Dolphins. But I think everything is bad, and TBH, I think that would make it Sparano’s fault. The running game is terrible and he is still calling us a Running team. The pass game is lackluster to say the least and he has done nothing to point any blame on our OC. The game plan’s put together by our OC are disgraceful. Chad Henne would be in a much better spot and liked a whole lot more if our OC didn’t put Henne in the situations he’s been put in.

    This offseason should be spent looking at our Run game, our OC, our Safety spot, O line, and special teams.

  7. Mad Hatter says:

    I am glade you haters arent running the Dolphins this team would worst than the panthers!

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