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John Congemi: Chad Henne and Missed Opportunities
By on December 6, 2010 at 1:45 pm

There are obviously plenty of things to discuss when it comes to the Dolphins 13-10 loss to the Browns. For most folks, though, it all boils down to the play of the quarterback. Yesterday, the Dolphins QB, Chad Henne, threw three interceptions, including a semi-flukey one that lead to the Browns’ game-winning field goal. Our own QB, John Congemi, breaks down what he saw from Henne yesterday and gives us a glimpse of what could have been…

Guest Blog, by John Congemi:

As Cleveland and Miami traded punts and mistakes, it was the Dolphins that found a way to lose with a last minute turnover that gave the Browns the victory. Chad Henne will take most of the blame in this loss and that comes with the position he plays.

His numbers were very pedestrian (16/32 174 yards, 1 touchdown and 3 interceptions) but it’s the turnovers and the plays that he didn’t execute that left the Dolphins offense looking limited. We can look at yesterday’s game and say that Henne didn’t make enough plays to win. The underthrow to Brian Hartline was an easy touchdown because he had clearly beaten CB Joe Haden by five yards on the route. He also missed a man coverage opportunity to Davone Bess down the middle of the field because he led his receiver up the field instead of throwing the football out in front of him. Those are just two plays, but they are game-changing, scoring chances that teams count on for points!

Let’s face the fact that the running game is not what it should be, and this offensive line has been very average with all of their injuries. I was looking for Chad Henne to come out vs Cleveland and take advantage of the momentum he built against Oakland. That didn’t happen and the Dolphins lost a game that they desperately needed to win. Henne had some good moments yesterday, like letting it rip to Anthony Fasano on the-11 yard touchdown throw, but overall it was still the lack of big plays in a game where all you needed to do was connect on one to change the outcome!

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6 Responses to “John Congemi: Chad Henne and Missed Opportunities”

  1. ravisramjit says:

    There are no ups to this guy. If you get someone who has a strong arm that throws a good ball thats all Chad Henne is. That last play was caused by him locking on to his receiver as he always does. This kid has no vision and really should not be a NFL quarterback playing at the level he is. He is pathetic at going through the progressions. Even if you can read the defense and determine what receiver will be the most open because of the coverage, you should still not be staring down receivers. DB’s in the NFL are just too good and they will continue to eat him alive. I personally would like to see a QB that will have some pump fakes every once in a while, maybe stare down the receiver thats covered and get the ball to the open guy. The problem with Chad’s lack of vision is that his precision needs to be so much better because defenses know where he is going with the ball. This is something you could get away with in college but definitely not in the pros. I would love for him to get better by working at these things but first he has to take ownership of his mistakes. Don’t call it “unfortunate” the ball was tipped. As of now he needs to be benched unless he can make these changes. Also someone needs to start questioning the qb coach David Lee.

  2. victorbarney says:

    I don’t know why, but Chad Henne seems to lack self-confidence to become a winner! While he has ALL the tools to become a perenrial winner, without self-confidence consistent winning behavior can not happen! Unfortuneately, you can’t teach self-confidence; it only can come from within! Winners have it and losers don’t! Unless Chad can reach deep down and really convince himself that he is unbeatable, he’ll be a loser! Believe in your innate Tools NOW, Chad Henne!

    • cudlow says:

      victor – It is hard to build self-confidence when your inept coach benches you for the weakest QB in the history of the NFL. Henne has plenty of 300 yard games. He is good and can get better. However, with the bonehead head coach and worst offensive coordinator in the NFL, we will continue to struggle. Henne can throw for 250 + yards every week. But with Ronnie and Ricky in the backfield, this team should average well over 150 yards a game on the ground. But Henning and Soprano are too inept to get that. With the rushing game pounding the opposition, things would really open up for Henne and he will put up super number every week. It’s time to clean out the coaching staff, except for defense.

  3. juanjodg says:

    This guy had his chance and it is clear he could not with the package. To be a winning team it is not enough to have just a few good moments, it is necessary to be consistent. Henne has not grown across two seasons as starter QB and I doubt he does it. Unfortunately Henne is not and will not the franchise player who leads the team to championship. IT IS TIME TO BEGIN TO LOOKING FOR ANOTHER QB (AGAIN) IN FREE AGENCY AND A GOOD COLLEGE PROSPECTUS, MAYBE KEVIN KOLB IF HE WILL BE AVAILABLE NEXT SEASON… And to think we had the chance to take Drew Brees… If Dan Marino had had this balanced team???!!!

  4. TNdolfan says:

    Henne is not the future for the Dolphins. He was not a great QB at Michigan, and will not be a good QB in the NFL. The Dolphins should lose him and look elsewhere.

  5. Gatlin T says:

    I route for every player in a Dolphins Jersey and that includes Henne. A real fan would. We currently have no-one better and anything else is just speculation. I see alot of things that I like wth this guy but he still needs to improve greatly. Protect him from the pass rush and he will do just fine. All you nay-sayers keep watching your crystal balls and looking to the future but I am gonna hope for 10-6.

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